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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 01/23/2014 - 04/23/2014 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Mark Roy Jenkins, M.D.Expired04/22/2014 17306
Richard Michael Hoffman, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2014 21009
Harold J. Wadley, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2014 32207
Joseph Theodore Young, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2014Boulder, CO36714
Lewis Starasoler, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2014Fort Lauderdale, FL33910
Douglas Winfield Woolard, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2014 33848
Anthony Francis Salvo, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2014 20200
Luis Gonzalez-Orozco, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2014Des Plaines, IL18678
Lydia Margarita Makapugay, M.D.Expired04/21/2014 35483
Scott Stewart Ferer, M.D.Expired04/21/2014 47437
William Woods Pretlow, M.D.Expired04/21/2014Phoenix, AZ6561
Charles Thomas Bonstelle, M.D.Inactive04/21/2014Phoenix, AZ14508
Stephen Carl Gale, M.D.Expired04/20/2014 40382
Jyotsna Sreenivas Ranga, M.D.Expired04/20/2014 43564
Richard Alan Rein, M.D.Expired04/20/2014 45554
Kenneth Scott Miller, M.D.Expired04/20/2014 46039
George Roy Phares, M.D.Expired04/19/2014 4114
Pamela Van Tassel, M.D.Expired04/19/2014 41245
Margaret Grant McKernan, M.D.Expired04/17/2014 33800
Faheem Ahmed, M.D.Expired04/17/2014 43151
Roopa Kollhapuri Rajgopal, M.D.Expired04/16/2014 41931
Eric William Nottmeier, M.D.Expired04/16/2014Jacksonville, FL28993
David Philip Shapiro, M.D.Expired04/16/2014 45474
Jeffrey John Narmi, M.D.Expired04/15/2014 23598
Kent Van Tuyl Carey, M.D.Expired04/15/2014 13998
Kenneth Russell Johnson, M.D.Expired04/15/2014Tucson, AZ8759
Angela Renate Merzenich, M.D.Expired04/14/2014Chandler, AZ29075
Michael Kenneth Gornet, M.D.Expired04/13/2014Glendale, AZ28820
Donald Eugene Mc Alpine, M.D.Expired04/13/2014Rochester, MN23093
Yvonne M. Rasko, M.D.Expired04/13/2014 45894
Mauricio Valencia, M.D.Expired04/11/2014 21725
Daniel Scott Buck, M.D.Expired04/11/2014 46781
Byron Rolf Hissom , M.D.Expired04/10/2014 42446
La Donya Reed Cassidy, M.D.Expired04/09/2014 35916
Rachel Nicole Lee, M.D.Expired04/08/2014 38115
Gerald Apolinar Piguing Floreza, M.D.Expired04/08/2014 47086
Jesus V Aquino, M.D.Expired04/07/2014 44791
Mohamed Bahaa Elmongy, M.D.Expired04/07/2014 46366
Constantino Gilberto Mendieta, M.D.Expired04/07/2014 20458
Harvey Allen Kahaner, M.D.Expired04/07/2014 45466
Cindy Nguyen Sirois, M.D.Expired04/06/2014 36064
Tracy Joseph Anderson, M.D.Expired04/06/2014 32547
Jason Luis Acevedo, M.D.Expired04/06/2014 45002
Ashish Raman Panchal, M.D.Expired04/05/2014 40367
Magdy Waguih Abdel Nour, M.D.Expired04/05/2014 45951
Manan Samir Mehta, M.D.Expired04/04/2014 45453
Gregory Arnold Voit, M.D.Deceased04/03/2014Somers Point, NJ26346
Joaquin Chargualaf Taitano, M.D.Deceased04/03/2014 31577
Maria Saveria Rose, M.D.Deceased04/03/2014 43435
John Phillip Nelson, M.D.Deceased04/03/2014 18054
James Min Kim, M.D.Expired04/03/2014 44563
Donald Jeffrey Boss, M.D.Expired04/03/2014El Segundo, CA32785
Randolph Alphonse Lopez, M.D.Expired04/03/2014 36488
Stephen Francis Lowney, M.D.Expired04/03/2014 41224
Musuvathy Sundararaman Jhansi, M.D.Expired04/02/2014 45019
Jerry Allen Ponitch, M.D.Deceased04/01/2014Tempe, AZ7979
Warren Lafayette Moody, M.D.Deceased04/01/2014 31152
Frederick Neal Davis, M.D.Expired03/31/2014 10641
Morris Levin, M.D.Inactive03/31/2014 6338
Jerome Henry Cripe, M.D.Expired03/30/2014 13177
Keith Alan Kelly, M.D.Expired03/30/2014 18027
Sonia Asis Ramirez Jacobs, M.D.Expired03/30/2014Warren, MI9657
Mahwash Hirmendi, M.D.Expired03/30/2014 43584
Jose Carlos Hernandez, M.D.Expired03/29/2014 41345
Frank Alexander Reiser, M.D.Expired03/28/2014 30152
Eugene Leibsohn, M.D.Deceased03/27/2014Phoenix, AZ3090
Dennis Michael O'Connell, M.D.Expired03/27/2014 31861
John Adelbert Stephenson, M.D.Expired03/26/2014 14013
Nadine Anne Clapp, M.D.Expired03/25/2014 14818
Charles Daniel Rice, M.D.Expired03/25/2014Lewiston, NY24847
Ivan Guillermo Olarte, M.D.Expired03/25/2014 45171
Elizabeth A. Kornfield, M.D.Expired03/24/2014 29024
Avneesh Gupta, M.D.Expired03/24/2014 41208
Thomas Richard Sanford, M.D.Expired03/23/2014Heber Springs, AR26758
Gerald Lee Looney, M.D.Expired03/23/2014 6341
Michael Lloyd Whitworth, M.D.Expired03/23/2014 42027
Alison Sharon Guest, M.D.Expired03/21/2014 46092
Jose L. Enriquez, M.D.Cancelled03/20/2014 46455
Thomas Johnstone Campen, M.D.Expired03/20/2014 37059
Daniel William Blue, M.D.Expired03/20/2014 19746
Roger Paul Lee, M.D.Expired03/18/2014 37333
Chong Young Parke, M.D.Expired03/18/2014 40531
Attie Bile Marilyne Nina Celia Hepie, M.D.Expired03/18/2014 46051
Jennifer Ann Moralez, M.D.Expired03/16/2014 45358
Brett Madison Young, M.D.Expired03/16/2014 45936
Alan S. Moak, M.D.Expired03/15/2014 41098
William Clark Turner, M.D.Expired03/14/2014 46114
Sharad D. Patel, M.D.Expired03/14/2014 43419
Michael Andrew Woo Ming, M.D.Expired03/13/2014 25879
Patricia Ann Waltman, M.D.Expired03/13/2014Greencastle, IN38145
John B. Sawyer, M.D.Expired03/12/2014 11568
Francisco Roberto Alvarez-Molina, M.D.Deceased03/11/2014 8693
Fred Doeleong Lee, M.D.Expired03/11/2014 14482
Peter Mark Freedman, M.D.Expired03/11/2014 15868
John Donald Bray-Morris, M.D.Suspended E03/11/2014 25694
Teizu Arlene Wolokolie, M.D.Expired03/09/2014 32195
Khwaja Sami Alim, M.D.Expired03/09/2014 37337
Roger Allen Coltvet, M.D.Expired03/08/2014 7731
Benjamin Dane Cahan, M.D.Expired03/07/2014 45767
Richard Thomas Knoebel, M.D.Expired03/07/2014 16213
Gary Francis Reichard, M.D.Expired03/07/2014Phoenix, AZ31705
Larry Charles Falk, M.D.Expired03/06/2014 41575
William Scott Ryan, M.D.Expired03/06/2014Lumberton, NC8593
Vivek Masson, M.D.Expired03/06/2014 45480
Lindsay Andre' Desmond Worrell, M.D.Cancelled03/05/2014 29460
Matthew Steven Martin, M.D.Cancelled03/05/2014 46177
Lindley Heath Wagner, M.D.Cancelled03/05/2014 8355
Ashutosh Chandel, M.D.Cancelled03/05/2014 20016
Robert Edmund O'Mara, M.D.Cancelled03/05/2014 6362
Douglas Scott Smith, M.D.Cancelled03/05/2014 44243
Jeffrey Paul Tan, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 47511
David John Taylor, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 9533
Kent George Zimmerman, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014Tempe, AZ14079
Jacqueline Teunissen-Myers, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 19290
Edwin Alexander Mc Donald, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 16786
Katrin Brendel McNerney, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 24824
Burton Lyle Speiser, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 11736
Julien Robert Caillet, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 9269
William Benton Elfeldt, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 14000
Robert Erb Gregory, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 8542
Cary Jay Stegman, M.D.Inactive03/05/2014 9280
Eva Riker, M.D.Expired03/04/2014 44233
Reena Eshwar, M.D.Expired03/03/2014 45102
Tony Kastoon, M.D.Expired03/03/2014 43077
Anna Regina Graham, M.D.Expired03/02/2014 9000
Alan Kyle Hagstrom, M.D.Expired03/01/2014 23903
Leora Lanzkowsky, M.D.Expired02/28/2014 44259
Rustin Blair Morse, M.D.Expired02/28/2014 29435
William Antonio Alvarez, M.D.Expired02/28/2014 7285
Robert Allen Foote, M.D.Expired02/28/2014 11210
Gregory Michael Nichols, M.D.Expired02/28/2014 33048
Christos George Hatjis, M.D.Expired02/28/2014 30862
Charles Hood Mathers, M.D.Expired02/28/2014 45706
Dipa Harish Patel, M.D.Expired02/28/2014 45533
Orlando A. Collado, M.D.Expired02/27/2014 46260
Armando Manong Sulit, M.D.Expired02/27/2014 11812
Mark Edward Kozminsky, M.D.Expired02/27/2014 13935
Brian David Gregory, M.D.Expired02/26/2014 30643
Gerardo David Camoriano Nolasco, M.D.Expired02/26/2014 45105
Preeya Govan, M.D.Expired02/26/2014 45909
Etoi Malika Davenport-Grant, M.D.Expired02/25/2014Phoenix, AZ38168
Abha Gupta, M.D.Expired02/25/2014 44253
Ronald Edward Barnes, M.D.Inactive02/25/2014 4544
Barry Vaughn Sandoval, M.D.Expired02/23/2014 31864
Ruth Sharon Kleier, M.D.Expired02/23/2014Cincinnati, OH34638
Matthew Charles Yates, M.D.Expired02/23/2014 34125
Mark J. Bolton, M.D.Expired02/23/2014 35989
Stephen Earl Wight, M.D.Expired02/23/2014 27971
Jonathan Bisram Ramharack, M.D.Expired02/23/2014 45862
Michael Anthony Sequeira, M.D.Expired02/22/2014Redlands, CA35388
Orly Cathy Korat, M.D.Expired02/22/2014 37671
Christopher Mark Salas, M.D.Expired02/22/2014 44000
Clyde Ray Redmond, M.D.Expired02/21/2014 30110
Mohammad Tarik Alobaidi, M.D.Expired02/21/2014 41728
Janet Lynn Otto, M.D.Expired02/20/2014 46598
Alfredo Carlos Ramirez, M.D.Deceased02/19/2014 12694
Lokesh Kumar Jha, M.D.Expired02/19/2014 40151
Meera Pravin Gandhy, M.D.Expired02/18/2014 32091
John Harold Harris, M.D.Expired02/17/2014 29529
Richard Barry Mendelssohn, M.D.Expired02/15/2014 46705
Stephanie Angela Crane, M.D.Expired02/15/2014 43155
Johnny Yi, M.D.Expired02/15/2014 44256
Robert James Mc Morine, M.D.Expired02/15/2014 21952
Tony Neil Hodges, M.D.Expired02/15/2014 35671
David Joseph Burkart, M.D.Expired02/14/2014 45799
Darius J Unwala, M.D.Expired02/14/2014 46601
Pablo Herscovici, M.D.Expired02/13/2014 47095
Kiran Marie Bambha, M.D.Expired02/13/2014 29857
Albert Chi, M.D.Expired02/13/2014 42493
Kristin Lynn Hanson, M.D.Expired02/13/2014 21926
Raul Edgardo Paraliticci, M.D.Expired02/12/2014 41039
John Robert Kuczynski, M.D.Expired02/12/2014 36932
Thomas Neel Spackman, M.D.Expired02/12/2014 17345
Sukhjinder Pal Singh, M.D.Expired02/11/2014 47339
Gerald Bruce Goldstein, M.D.Inactive02/11/2014 7108
Henry Horng-Yih Wu, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2014Los Alamitos, CA26959
Michael Anthony Arcuri, M.D.Expired02/10/2014 14649
Deepak Kumar, M.D.Expired02/09/2014 42837
Donna Mae Sassaman, M.D.Expired02/09/2014 44606
Annie Kalapparambath, M.D.Expired02/09/2014 41746
Yinggang Zheng, M.D.Expired02/09/2014 42159
Paul Ravinder Ponnaiya, M.D.Expired02/09/2014 32512
Gerald Omar Coats, M.D.Inactive02/09/2014 33718
Kishor Kantilal Desai, M.D.Expired02/07/2014 43552
Reena Neela Rupani, M.D.Expired02/07/2014 43555
Ritchie Neil Stevens, M.D.Expired02/07/2014 44558
William J Anderson, M.D.Expired02/06/2014 47228
Robert David Heros, M.D.Expired02/06/2014 46773
Gustave Albin Matson, M.D.Expired02/06/2014Peoria, AZ15992
Laurie Beth Weston, M.D.Expired02/05/2014 21811
Elisabeth Anne Rosenfeld, M.D.Expired02/05/2014 27309
Bruce Anthony Spero, M.D.Expired02/05/2014 45069
Horace Smith Kent, M.D.Deceased02/04/2014 3694
Ananthakrishna Chilukuri, M.D.Expired02/04/2014 37120
Nikkia Henderson Worrell, M.D.Expired02/03/2014 42473
Heather Susan Tick, M.D.Expired02/02/2014 36230
Jonathan Alan Disbury, M.D.Expired02/02/2014 47012
Dennis Michael Wilcox, M.D.Expired02/02/2014 30840
Stephen Jeffrey Swensen, M.D.Expired01/31/2014Rochester, MN17660
Gary Lewis Fuchs, M.D.Expired01/31/2014 25952
Siri Atma S. Khalsa, M.D.Cancelled01/30/2014 34871
Mary Margaret Poncel, M.D.Cancelled01/30/2014 9751
Lloyd Allan Wells, M.D.Cancelled01/30/2014 18504
Emmanuel Osaigbovo Ojomo, M.D.Cancelled01/30/2014 46186
Lesley Nan Fishelman, M.D.Cancelled01/30/2014 46766
Wendi S. Morfitt, M.D.Cancelled01/30/2014Phoenix, AZ24027
Arlin George Hatfield, M.D.Expired01/30/2014 32507
Muhammad Shahzad Hanif, M.D.Expired01/30/2014 38054
Jennifer Sue Knowles, M.D.Expired01/30/2014Fontana, CA19348
Eve Marie Betancourt, M.D.Expired01/29/2014 45035
Andrew Wai Ming Maeda, M.D.Expired01/28/2014 42187
Bonita Hazel Siegel, M.D.Expired01/28/2014 37543
Robert Emile Hunter, M.D.Expired01/28/2014 31203
Thomas Mack Dykes, M.D.Expired01/28/2014 45641
John Matthew Hardin, M.D.Expired01/27/2014 30658
Takenori Watanabe, M.D.Expired01/26/2014 37772
Murugan Athigaman, M.D.Expired01/26/2014 40067
Kerry King Ford, M.D.Expired01/25/2014 35698
Kimberley Louise Brown, M.D.Expired01/25/2014 18836
Emad Naem, M.D.Expired01/24/2014 33847
Marcello Maviglia, M.D.Expired01/24/2014 41674
Mehdi Ansarinia, M.D.Expired01/24/2014 42669
Paul David Michael Pettit, M.D.Expired01/24/2014Jacksonville, FL18461
Gregory Michael Galdino, M.D.Expired01/23/2014 46912
Jehad Sibai, M.D.Expired01/23/2014 40084
Charles Emmett Blair, M.D.Expired01/23/2014 36339
Robert Francis Dorsey, M.D.Expired01/23/2014Emporia, KS26162
Gustavo Miguel Banti, M.D.Expired01/23/2014 47007

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