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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

Should you wish more information on a licensee, click on their license number at the right. This will take you directly to their detailed profile page.

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License Status Changes: 06/03/2015 - 09/01/2015 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Charles Allen Moss, M.D.Expired08/31/2015La Jolla, CA7629
Priscilla Dinh Hoang, M.D.Expired08/31/2015 44293
Stephany Kay Moore, M.D.Expired08/30/2015 30176
David Scott Kaba, M.D.Expired08/30/2015 33734
James Ikemefuna Okoh, M.D.Expired08/29/2015 34467
Bruce Eugene Klosterhoff, M.D.Expired08/29/2015 43308
Myrna Tumarao Palasi, M.D.Cancelled08/28/2015 43144
Donald Earl Engen, M.D.Cancelled08/28/2015Rochester, MN18492
Philip Charles Garrod, M.D.Inactive08/28/2015 19759
Robert Henry Rimmer, M.D.Inactive08/28/2015 23422
Joseph Martin Eble, M.D.Cancelled08/27/2015 47725
Srinivas Stalin Ganji, M.D.Cancelled08/27/2015Covington, LA17965
Richard Lyndon Zobell, M.D.Cancelled08/27/2015 48143
Devshi Arjan Modhwadia, M.D.Cancelled08/27/2015 26888
Nitin Nanda, M.D.Cancelled08/27/2015 44285
Kurt Ragnar Eeg, M.D.Cancelled08/27/2015 47074
Frank J. Daniels, M.D.Cancelled08/27/2015Salt Lake City, UT18629
Mark Andrew Brown, M.D.Cancelled08/27/2015 38004
James Furniss Hood, M.D.Expired08/27/2015 47653
Richard Allan Houser, M.D.Expired08/27/2015 47288
Joseph Pius Shen, M.D.Expired08/27/2015Camas, WA34071
Muralikrishna Kabbinahitlu Bhat, M.D.Expired08/27/2015 31112
Timothy Ellis Walker, M.D.Inactive08/27/2015 11843
Edgar Truman Clark, M.D.Inactive08/27/2015 7408
Joy Linice Greenway, M.D.Inactive08/27/2015Tucson, AZ13328
Anne Elisa Kristensen, M.D.Expired08/26/2015Las Vegas, NV21939
Paul Stephen Strait, M.D.Expired08/26/2015 34581
Christopher Weston Davis, M.D.Expired08/26/2015 46767
Anupama Pathak, M.D.Expired08/26/2015 32514
Eric Roland Holzer, M.D.Expired08/26/2015 45613
George Hiram Darwin, M.D.Inactive08/26/2015 7068
John Wright Cortner, M.D.Expired08/25/2015 2621
Sreekanth Koneru, M.D.Cancelled08/24/2015 46413
Stephen Bruce Goldberg, M.D.Cancelled08/24/2015 48755
Mark Makumbi Kayanja, M.D.Cancelled08/24/2015 47202
Jamila Melanie Benn-Brison, M.D.Cancelled08/24/2015 33498
Eileen Josephine Lorenz, M.D.Cancelled08/24/2015 47657
Emily Jo Albelda, M.D.Expired08/24/2015 34568
Arthur Henry Newberg, M.D.Expired08/23/2015 34022
David Christian Sonne, M.D.Expired08/22/2015 34911
Michael Dimler, M.D.Expired08/22/2015Phoenix, AZ15831
Mahmoud Ziaee, M.D.Expired08/22/2015Sikeston, MO26239
Anthony Steele Perry, M.D.Expired08/22/2015 44264
Jeffrey David Caldwell, M.D.Expired08/22/2015 49312
Sue Ann Leuschke, M.D.Cancelled08/20/2015 46625
Tomekia Lynn Strickland, M.D.Expired08/20/2015 41979
William Richard Poller, M.D.Expired08/20/2015 35751
Rohit Budhiraja, M.D.Expired08/20/2015Tucson, AZ36427
Mark Kent Moore, M.D.Inactive08/20/2015 8097
Robert Alan Conway, M.D.Inactive08/20/2015 40776
Michael Everett Rich, M.D.Expired08/19/2015 48596
Karl Robert Hamson, M.D.Expired08/19/2015 26883
Harold Nels Rosengren, M.D.Expired08/18/2015 7234
Ammar Saifo, M.D.Expired08/18/2015 41295
Douglas Dean Child, M.D.Expired08/17/2015 12172
Samuel Watt Gehring, M.D.Suspended E08/17/2015 14691
David Jay Seidenwurm, M.D.Expired08/16/2015 43942
Catherine Elizabeth Kenny, M.D.Expired08/16/2015 46025
John Curtis Bjelland, M.D.Expired08/16/2015 9677
Steven Robert Schuster, M.D.Expired08/15/2015 40601
Janet Patricia Jenkins, M.D.Expired08/14/2015 42156
Christopher Raymond Hanosh, M.D.Expired08/14/2015 42258
David Hirsch Fram, M.D.Expired08/14/2015Washington, DC36098
Karen Lynn Leber, M.D.Expired08/14/2015 23106
Roland Sebastian Talanow, M.D.Expired08/14/2015 46472
Tonja Terrelle Johnson, M.D.Expired08/14/2015 34400
Clarence A. Peckler, M.D.Expired08/12/2015 10321
Michael John Lepeska, M.D.Expired08/12/2015 47119
Thomas Wayne Waddington, M.D.Cancelled08/11/2015 35658
Masoud Seyed Taleghani, M.D.Cancelled08/11/2015 47165
Ernesto Yap Lee, M.D.Expired08/11/2015Mesa, AZ8761
Christine Chang, M.D.Expired08/11/2015 30761
Tae-Uk Cho, M.D.Expired08/11/2015 14080
John W. Martin, M.D.Expired08/10/2015 20499
Oren William Lamm, M.D.Expired08/10/2015Sierra Vista, AZ8879
Arthur Ford, M.D.Expired08/10/2015 11461
Harold Allison Bradfield, M.D.Expired08/10/2015 46265
Michael Andrew Lawson, M.D.Expired08/07/2015 8069
John Louis Schorsch, M.D.Expired08/07/2015 8136
Peter Craig Kowalski, M.D.Expired08/07/2015Fort Worth, TX16966
Jennifer Saquing Gopeng, M.D.Expired08/07/2015 45316
Benjamin Oliver Burt, M.D.Expired08/07/2015 45599
John Kipp Charlton, M.D.Deceased08/06/2015 6025
Robert Ward Ackerman, M.D.Deceased08/06/2015 4475
Aaron Philip Caplan, M.D.Deceased08/06/2015Rye Brook, NY38070
Nasreen Qazi, M.D.Expired08/06/2015Melbourne, FL22193
Robert Willard Preston, M.D.Expired08/06/2015Prescott, AZ31134
Bruce Allan Lenes, M.D.Expired08/05/2015 47062
Kevin Cletus Fleming, M.D.Expired08/04/2015 45903
Kenneth Robert Diddie, M.D.Expired08/04/2015 14375
Kelly Suzanne Schmidt, M.D.Expired08/03/2015 42596
Nichole Mahnert, M.D.Expired08/03/2015 46580
David William Templin, M.D.Expired08/02/2015 5142
Maheen Fallah, M.D.Expired08/02/2015 42289
Samantha Ann DeLiere, M.D.Expired08/02/2015 47780
Steven David Needell, M.D.Expired08/01/2015 36099
Sandra Kramer Geli, M.D.Expired08/01/2015 23946
Margaret Bradley Clarke, M.D.Expired08/01/2015 44780
Michael Vincent Smith, M.D.Expired07/31/2015 46380
David Cobourn Mulligan, M.D.Expired07/31/2015Phoenix, AZ26494
Seth Leonard Adams, M.D.Cancelled07/30/2015 47203
Elena J. Holak, M.D.Expired07/30/2015 35868
Brian Craig Kitamura, M.D.Expired07/30/2015 46138
James Anthony Suit, M.D.Expired07/30/2015 49153
Charla Marie Blacker-Eggleston, M.D.Expired07/30/2015 47098
Gerard Hugh Sager, M.D.Expired07/30/2015 47590
Beth Macgregor Sandman, M.D.Expired07/29/2015Tukwila, WA30804
Linda Lorelei Restifo, M.D.Expired07/29/2015 21336
Guy David Gober, M.D.Expired07/29/2015 48575
Barbara Lynn Strawn, M.D.Expired07/29/2015 16293
Kaidong Wang, M.D.Expired07/28/2015 29142
Shaneeta M. Johnson, M.D.Expired07/28/2015 46206
Lois Lynn Estok, M.D.Deceased07/27/2015 29318
Richard Steven Mc Vay, M.D.Expired07/27/2015 34200
Nina Andrea Rita Mayr, M.D.Expired07/27/2015 24711
Janet Young Russell, M.D.Expired07/27/2015 25180
Amber Marie Noon, M.D.Expired07/27/2015 42370
Thomas James Losasso, M.D.Expired07/27/2015 20587
Stephen George Brown, M.D.Expired07/27/2015 10857
Mary Grace Warner-Dunlop, M.D.Expired07/27/2015 13927
Ronald Edward Gabel, M.D.Expired07/27/2015Palm Springs, CA14689
Bruce Hamblin Brown, M.D.Expired07/26/2015 34054
Caroline Carrion-Zaragoza, M.D.Expired07/26/2015 36626
Gerald Steven Weinstein, M.D.Expired07/25/2015Watertown, NY32158
Robert Triplett Estes, M.D.Expired07/25/2015 4257
Liam Patrick O'Sullivan, M.D.Expired07/24/2015 49704
Bradley James Davis, M.D.Expired07/23/2015 43733
Rodney Raymond Rodriguez, M.D.Expired07/23/2015 46868
David Neil Calkins, M.D.Expired07/23/2015 32176
Soheil Najibi, M.D.Expired07/22/2015 33241
Omid Hajiseyedjavadi, M.D.Expired07/22/2015 35210
Daniel Peter Kohen, M.D.Expired07/22/2015 9244
Gayle Debra Horvitz, M.D.Expired07/22/2015 40359
Victor Orlando Bonilla, M.D.Expired07/21/2015Roseville, CA9744
Sonia Marie Matthews, M.D.Expired07/21/2015 36348
Bharat L. Agrawal, M.D.Expired07/21/2015 37867
Paula Jean Schomberg, M.D.Expired07/20/2015 18418
Victoria Zafra Acharya, M.D.Expired07/18/2015 32738
Andrew Kwangson Lee, M.D.Expired07/18/2015 36631
James Leslie Austin, M.D.Expired07/18/2015 19306
Jonathan Bromberg, M.D.Expired07/18/2015 41178
Peter Neil Waxman, M.D.Expired07/18/2015 42155
Sridevi Radhakrishna Davalath, M.D.Expired07/17/2015 43762
Joel Traut, M.D.Expired07/17/2015 44961
Matthias Carl Kurth, M.D.Expired07/17/2015 21565
Mark G. Haslett, M.D.Expired07/17/2015Parsons, KS27351
Steven Dean Rowley, M.D.Expired07/17/2015 29736
Christopher Alden Jackson, M.D.Expired07/17/2015 40199
Jonathan Joseph Russin, M.D.Expired07/17/2015 47263
Farrukh Ahmed Khan, M.D.Expired07/16/2015 37771
Harkiran Kaur Singh, M.D.Expired07/16/2015Chico, CA37279
Rajshree Surendranath Gaitonde, M.D.Expired07/16/2015 11079
Anthony Rickert Mork, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015 41636
Carolyn Jane Brown, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015 46019
Veeraramesh Devarakonda Rao, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015 42257
Keith Austin Marill, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015 22297
Carol Ann Swanson, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015Tucson, AZ20031
Mark David Wetzel, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015 44427
Gregory Herring, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015Phoenix, AZ9388
Barry David Chandler, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015 44595
Craig Caustin Childs, M.D.Cancelled07/15/2015 47092
Patrick James Peller, M.D.Expired07/15/2015 47634
Gregory Lee Cohen, M.D.Expired07/15/2015Reno, NV24403
Steven Richard Jensen, M.D.Expired07/15/2015North Oaks, MN34076
Jessica D Janzen, M.D.Expired07/15/2015 42586
Peter Julius Whitney, M.D.Inactive07/15/2015Elgin, AZ3630
David Benjamin Cauble, M.D.Inactive07/15/2015 3728
Garrett Alan Taylor, M.D.Cancelled07/14/2015 47845
Amila Husic, M.D.Cancelled07/14/2015 48208
Thomas A. Webster, M.D.Cancelled07/14/2015 6412
Vance Andrew Masci, M.D.Cancelled07/14/2015 42033
Benjamin Sergei Rudnitsky, M.D.Expired07/14/2015 42964
Marilyn Sue Webster, M.D.Expired07/14/2015 47083
John Ruzick Hadorn, M.D.Expired07/14/2015 20521
Peter Francis White, M.D.Expired07/13/2015 41669
Lawrence Blumen, M.D.Expired07/13/2015 24204
Raza Murtaza Shah, M.D.Expired07/13/2015 47350
Ihn Pyo Lee, M.D.Expired07/12/2015 25859
Deborah Sue Golob, M.D.Expired07/12/2015 31682
David Andrew Mong, M.D.Expired07/12/2015 36883
Thomas Dag Charles Horn, M.D.Expired07/12/2015 40039
Elisabeth Ann Jannicky, M.D.Expired07/12/2015 46203
Jeffrey Kramer, M.D.Expired07/11/2015 27452
Hun-Seng Chao, M.D.Expired07/09/2015Oro Valley, AZ35310
Marcia Marie Rentz, M.D.Expired07/09/2015 21255
Richard Lee Smith, M.D.Expired07/09/2015 3360
Sandeep Singh, M.D.Expired07/09/2015 43793
Gail Kristin Crosby, M.D.Expired07/09/2015 45944
Courtney Ricardo Morgan, M.D.Expired07/09/2015 47728
David Brown Robinson, M.D.Inactive07/09/2015 19790
Andras Zoltan Nemeth, M.D.Cancelled07/08/2015 36822
William Lion Wolfson, M.D.Cancelled07/07/2015 45610
Donald Edward Doyle, M.D.Cancelled07/07/2015 22125
Rajasingam Jayasingam, M.D.Expired07/07/2015 40835
Aditya Sundnagunta Prasad, M.D.Expired07/06/2015 48210
Mary Elaine Miller, M.D.Expired07/06/2015 48033
Earle Winston Moore, M.D.Suspended E07/06/2015 47940
Shawn Bodell Ostler, M.D.Expired07/05/2015 49149
Donald William Groot, M.D.Expired07/05/2015Edmonton, AB17197
Richard Lino Gomez, M.D.Expired07/05/2015 25188
Henry Costa Costa, M.D.Expired07/05/2015 27403
Hilliard E. Slavick, M.D.Expired07/05/2015Chicago, IL27852
Richard Edward Sturm, M.D.Expired07/05/2015Oshkosh, WI32233
J. Robert West, M.D.Expired07/03/2015 5503
Jasvir Singh Sandhu, M.D.Expired07/02/2015Pomona, CA33913
Bobbi Lynn Hoppe, M.D.Expired07/02/2015Bullhead City, AZ36481
Anne Kyong Un Lee, M.D.Expired07/02/2015 42691
Thomas Shull Lemire, M.D.Expired06/29/2015 43718
Charles Michael Johnson, M.D.Expired06/29/2015Rochester, MN18130
Zarmen Israelian-Konaraki, M.D.Expired06/29/2015Glendale, CA30740
Justin J Gisel, M.D.Expired06/29/2015 47105
Mayukh Chodavarupa Babu, M.D.Expired06/29/2015 48295
Jeffrey Lee Rosengarten, M.D.Expired06/28/2015 43681
Allen Neil Tesser, M.D.Expired06/28/2015 14222
Jerome Paul Yatskowitz, M.D.Expired06/28/2015Albuquerque, NM26085
Bruce Linton Dean, M.D.Deceased06/26/2015Phoenix, AZ20131
Puja Gupta, M.D.Expired06/26/2015 43363
Richard Paul Gibralter, M.D.Expired06/26/2015New York, NY37038
Grace Ifeyinwa Onimoe, M.D.Expired06/25/2015 45058
Ben Jackson Tittle, M.D.Expired06/25/2015 46771
Sheldon Regenbaum, M.D.Expired06/25/2015West Palm Beach, FL22270
Emily Signe Mika, M.D.Cancelled06/24/2015 48682
Edward James Conley, M.D.Deceased06/24/2015 4557
Claudia Jean Foster-Olson, M.D.Cancelled06/23/2015 47880
Ivonne Elizabeth De La Rosa, M.D.Cancelled06/23/2015 46626
Christopher Warren Colling, M.D.Cancelled06/23/2015 45704
Elizabeth Ann Simoneau, M.D.Expired06/23/2015 23693
James Franklin Martin, M.D.Expired06/23/2015Yuma, AZ4950
Joseph Anthony Di Pasquale, M.D.Expired06/23/2015 9304
Timothy Edward Paterick, M.D.Expired06/23/2015 41115
Ashley Salomon, M.D.Expired06/23/2015 48481
Hubert Ross Estes, M.D.Expired06/22/2015 2887
Edwin Michael Marks, M.D.Expired06/22/2015 22109
Brian Thomas Larkin, M.D.Expired06/22/2015 22691
Andrew Campbell Johnston, M.D.Expired06/22/2015 25495
Pareed Kochu Mohamed, M.D.Expired06/21/2015 24830
Keith Harold Carlson, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 21152
Sanjay Agarwal, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 34899
Steven Howard Brick, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 36864
William Frederick Zeman, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 42018
Rebecca Elaine Whiddon, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 44809
David Patrick McCraney, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 47081
Anthony Robert Morice, M.D.Expired06/18/2015 23030
Mansour M. Tafazoli, M.D.Expired06/18/2015Torrance, CA24092
David Alan Raetz, M.D.Expired06/18/2015 28698
John Harold Lossing, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 46334
Kelle Rae Shutter, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 45888
Sachin Shrinivas Kamath, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 46711
Erick Rene Araneda, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 45908
Matthew Hall Rigby, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 47383
Heather Beth Mann Rigby, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 47211
James Neal Long, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 46105
Jerrell Levert Ingalls, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 45495
Jason Michael Johnson, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 46069
Eric Theodore Gross, M.D.Expired06/17/2015 34036
Steven Paul Ross, M.D.Expired06/17/2015Denver, CO25804
Malini Anand Desai, M.D.Expired06/17/2015 44659
Nancy Rae Cohen, M.D.Expired06/17/2015 22566
Nereida Romero, M.D.Expired06/17/2015 42973
Jae Ho Choi, M.D.Cancelled06/16/2015 29854
Robert Frederick Marschke, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 31487
Robert Dale Christensen, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 23899
Ravi Chikkalingaiah, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 42309
Sandra Jean Carolina Deegan, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 20333
Jacek Tomasz Pliszczynski, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 49373
Jennifer M. Tkach, M.D.Cancelled06/15/2015 46835
Joseph-Vincent Valentino Blas, M.D.Expired06/15/2015 43321
Eric Sauvageau, M.D.Expired06/15/2015 36365
Josephine Nguyen, M.D.Expired06/15/2015 46829
Howard Bert Wernick, M.D.Expired06/15/2015Phoenix, AZ9710
Noy Soti, M.D.Expired06/14/2015 30059
Nima G Patel, M.D.Expired06/14/2015 47734
Joanne Halbrecht, M.D.Expired06/13/2015Boulder, CO22899
David Jean Bernard, M.D.Expired06/13/2015 24398
Ann Aiko Terai, M.D.Expired06/13/2015 32856
Ron Chatterjee, M.D.Expired06/13/2015 46755
Alexander Mehran Majidian, M.D.Expired06/12/2015 44451
Matthew Theckummryil Abraham, M.D.Expired06/12/2015 30497
Jack Earl Cook, M.D.Deceased06/11/2015 2507
Matthew Joseph Stonestreet, M.D.Expired06/11/2015 46084
Richard Arthur Roberts, M.D.Expired06/11/2015 32935
Vijayalakshmi Sripathy, M.D.Expired06/11/2015 26062
Weina Chen, M.D.Expired06/11/2015 47087
Eric Harvey Prosnitz, M.D.Expired06/10/2015Tucson, AZ10901
Marc Alan Huntoon , M.D.Expired06/10/2015 42511
Chetanbabu Manubhai Patel, M.D.Expired06/09/2015 36907
Richard Abraham Zoumalan, M.D.Cancelled06/08/2015 45575
Patrick Brighton, M.D.Cancelled06/08/2015 30303
Ashwin Vinod George, M.D.Cancelled06/08/2015 44808
Kenneth George Schooff, M.D.Cancelled06/08/2015Chapel Hill, NC29824
Robert J Arceci, M.D.Deceased06/08/2015 47194
George John Koullias, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 38166
John Peter Badalamenti, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 30744
Barry Marcus, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 11338
George Harold Anderson, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 4081
Richard Alfred Hess, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 6815
William Davis Ryan, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 46100
Chad Thomas Porter, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 45846
Michael Scott Rosenberg, M.D.Expired06/07/2015 27011
Alan Dean Wilson, M.D.Expired06/07/2015Cottonwood, AZ32735
Dianne Quibell, M.D.Expired06/07/2015 42552
Howard Livingston Stroupe, M.D.Expired06/07/2015 47973
Rayvelle Antoinette Stallings, M.D.Expired06/07/2015 48010
Joydev Acharya, M.D.Expired06/05/2015Modesto, CA32910
Daniel Michael McNay, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 35081
James Edward Chalk, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 43434
Patrick Terence Glynn, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 46141
Ronald Morton Shafer, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 44064
Marc Alan Engel, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 44318
Robert Stanley Waldman, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 4748
Joselita Uy Chua, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 48066
William Charles Mankel, M.D.Expired06/04/2015 9212
Carey Ann Leeds, M.D.Expired06/04/2015 19977
Paul Anthony Salcido, M.D.Expired06/04/2015Dallas, TX21966
Mark Alan Hostetler, M.D.Surrendered06/04/2015 40971
Lawrence Cronin, M.D.Surrendered06/04/2015 18696
Manuel Abrante, M.D.Surrendered06/04/2015 22262
George Harges Yard, M.D.Surrendered06/04/2015 3387
Kee Bin No, M.D.Cancelled06/03/2015 29855
Donald Curry Preston, M.D.Expired06/03/2015Dededo Guam15459
Chin-Yang Li, M.D.Expired06/03/2015 18544

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