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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 11/14/2015 - 02/12/2016 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Arthur Rabe Smolensky, M.D.Expired02/12/2016 40528
Robert Bajnrauh, M.D.Expired02/12/2016 46534
Glenn Eugene Sondag, M.D.Expired02/10/2016 7191
John Stephen V. Zil, M.D.Expired02/09/2016Sacramento, CA8499
Keith Earl McReynolds, M.D.Expired02/09/2016 9169
Daniel Joseph Sullivan, M.D.Expired02/09/2016 38140
Michael Herman Anikeev, M.D.Expired02/08/2016 45262
Byron Roderick Spencer, M.D.Expired02/08/2016Scottsdale, AZ34604
Hilda Silvia Amato, M.D.Expired02/08/2016 9285
William Mack Brown, M.D.Expired02/08/2016 12099
Mark Alden Warner, M.D.Expired02/08/2016Rochester, MN17444
Charles Harold Willingham, M.D.Expired02/08/2016 4265
Cheryl Tanigawa, M.D.Expired02/07/2016 31099
Carl Wayne Dasse, M.D.Expired02/06/2016 7963
Eliza Thomasson Holland, M.D.Expired02/06/2016 30141
Fayaz Ahmad Hakim, M.D.Expired02/06/2016 44223
Ahmad Ashfaq, M.D.Expired02/06/2016 44262
Irene Petrou Stafford, M.D.Expired02/05/2016 41277
Robert Satoshi Shibata, M.D.Expired02/05/2016 48865
Elizabeth Brooke Spencer, M.D.Expired02/04/2016 29457
Haroon Akhtar Aziz, M.D.Expired02/04/2016Columbus,, OH8400
Matthew David Holland, M.D.Expired02/03/2016 30119
Jonathan Levi Streeter, M.D.Expired02/03/2016 42007
Roy Abbott Springer, M.D.Deceased02/02/2016 28551
Ashraf Madany Mohammed, M.D.Expired02/02/2016 44304
Lanny Bernard Simcoff, M.D.Expired02/02/2016 37830
Lloyd Hammon Barlow, M.D.Expired01/31/2016 31408
Janet Carol Jacobson, M.D.Expired01/30/2016 47198
Lucas Restrepo, M.D.Expired01/29/2016 36293
Susan Carol Buyse Johnson, M.D.Expired01/29/2016 19628
Kimberly Hong Le, M.D.Approved Pending Payment01/28/2016 51662
Stephen James Traub, M.D.Renewal Deficient01/28/2016 42875
Philip Merle Schap, M.D.Deceased01/26/2016 15371
Jeffrey Scott Meints, M.D.Expired01/26/2016Albuquerque, NM35226
Joan Marie Odom, M.D.Expired01/26/2016 48894
Tsehaye Seare, M.D.Expired01/25/2016 31885
Seth Jacob Guterman, M.D.Expired01/25/2016 48410
Kristin Louise Anderson, M.D.Expired01/24/2016 47697
Renu Magu, M.D.Expired01/22/2016 41757
Thomas Philip Bravo, M.D.Expired01/22/2016 44612
Subodh Mukund Lele, M.D.Expired01/22/2016 48453
Kathleen Allen Rowlett, M.D.Expired01/22/2016Jacksonville, FL18078
John Peter O'Neal Sullivan, M.D.Expired01/22/2016 23828
Michael Benjamin Alexander Thompson, M.D.Expired01/21/2016 12585
John Edgar Elliff, M.D.Expired01/20/2016Sterling, CO6885
Bhupendra Modi, M.D.Expired01/20/2016 24544
Ronald Wayne Divine, M.D.Expired01/20/2016Oregon City, OR36719
Jeremy Herschel Newman, M.D.Expired01/20/2016 49096
Joseph Dang, M.D.Expired01/19/2016 36513
Stephen Aaron Gill, M.D.Expired01/19/2016 25957
Ali Doctor Forootan, M.D.Expired01/19/2016 35231
Susan Ailsworth Stuart, M.D.Expired01/19/2016 42711
Kelli Raynell Favata, M.D.Expired01/19/2016 45344
Mehran Mandegar, M.D.Expired01/18/2016 35995
Tae Yong Yang, M.D.Expired01/18/2016 49755
Nina Amrut Patel, M.D.Expired01/17/2016 42206
Franco M Lee, M.D.Expired01/17/2016 46379
Jordan Bingham Singleton, M.D.Expired01/15/2016 49180
Michael Mancuso, M.D.Expired01/15/2016 12580
Richard Buyer, M.D.Expired01/15/2016 22072
Charles Henry Baughman, M.D.Deceased01/14/2016 14681
James Vincent Felicetta, M.D.Deceased01/14/2016 18676
Abraham Goldstein, M.D.Deceased01/14/2016 10160
Naveed Ul Haq, M.D.Expired01/14/2016 50688
Kelly Brianne Mahaney, M.D.Expired01/14/2016 49032
Dianne Ruth Vertes, M.D.Expired01/14/2016 30860
Inocencio Bauzon Cabatbat, M.D.Expired01/13/2016Oro Valley, AZ15005
Robert Jeffrey Mondschein, M.D.Deceased01/12/2016 32344
Marcello Pietrantoni, M.D.Expired01/11/2016Louisville, KY31017
Martin Karlicek, M.D.Expired01/11/2016 48129
Robert Eric Linder, M.D.Expired01/10/2016Burlington, VT25566
Daniel Walker Nixon, M.D.Expired01/09/2016 41609
Sam Constantine Colachis, M.D.Expired01/09/2016 2975
Wesley Vaughn, M.D.Expired01/09/2016 28439
Siong-Chi Lin, M.D.Expired01/08/2016Jacksonville, FL20630
Michael Glen Venrick, M.D.Expired01/08/2016 43915
John M Tanner, M.D.Expired01/08/2016 47039
David Friel, M.D.Suspended E01/08/2016 46149
Herman Allen Dobbs, M.D.Expired01/07/2016 34742
Daniel Terence Robrecht, M.D.Expired01/07/2016 36561
Maheen Saleem Sheikh, M.D.Expired01/07/2016 48593
Mary Jo Drew, M.D.Expired01/06/2016 41057
Stephanie Davison Iannazzo, M.D.Expired01/06/2016 45349
Eric Henley, M.D.Expired01/06/2016 41576
Faisal Ali Shamshad, M.D.Expired01/06/2016 45420
Cynthia Haimes Goralnik, M.D.Deceased01/05/2016 24808
Rohit Dhall, M.D.Expired01/05/2016 41581
Charles William Mains, M.D.Expired01/04/2016 41390
Erin Christi Wisbey Martin, M.D.Expired01/04/2016 48739
Joyce Winifred Mobley, M.D.Expired01/03/2016 9772
Kimball Ralph Orton, M.D.Expired01/03/2016 17181
Kent Thomas Kamradt, M.D.Expired01/03/2016 33178
Paul Gregory Swartz, M.D.Expired01/02/2016 36115
Jian-Ping Cai, M.D.Expired01/02/2016 40112
Charley B Gates, M.D.Expired01/01/2016 44105
Narasimhachari Raghavan, M.D.Expired12/31/2015 43717
Mohammad Naseem, M.D.Expired12/31/2015 37405
Paul Hyunkye Yu, M.D.Expired12/31/2015 38141
Walid Ismail Zaza, M.D.Expired12/31/2015 40774
James Earl Cessna, M.D.Expired12/31/2015 10740
Stephen Christopher Mann, M.D.Expired12/31/2015 17118
Christina Michelle Abraham, M.D.Expired12/30/2015 35936
Michael Mahl, M.D.Emergency Suspension12/29/2015Chandler, AZ12868
Steven Alan Widmer, M.D.Expired12/29/2015 49094
Craig Anthony Parker, M.D.Expired12/29/2015 30208
Joseph Paul Zajchowski, M.D.Expired12/28/2015 42388
Robert Earl Windsor, M.D.Expired12/28/2015 44089
Ram Hari Belbase, M.D.Expired12/28/2015 44812
Jitesh A Patel, M.D.Expired12/28/2015 45206
Bejoy John, M.D.Expired12/28/2015 49081
Lars Christopher Hansen, M.D.Expired12/27/2015 36214
Samuel David Schwarz, M.D.Expired12/27/2015 42819
Amar Manoj Amin, M.D.Expired12/27/2015 44273
Charles Sylvin Arnold, M.D.Expired12/26/2015 44161
Frank Douglas Matthews, M.D.Expired12/26/2015Cottonwood, AZ20024
Enrique Gomez Morayta, M.D.Expired12/25/2015 44281
Thomas Linwood Fariss, M.D.Expired12/25/2015Roswell, GA27766
Harry Coleman White, M.D.Expired12/24/2015 21231
James Monroe Miner, M.D.Expired12/22/2015 21279
Jay Yuan, M.D.Expired12/22/2015 46339
James Greer Willcox, M.D.Expired12/22/2015 8906
Charles Frederick Koopmann, M.D.Expired12/22/2015Ann Arbor, MI10067
Neepa Rajnikant Shah, M.D.Expired12/22/2015 34040
Marissa Helene Fakaosita, M.D.Expired12/22/2015 48968
Bruce William Spurlock, M.D.Cancelled12/21/2015 31581
Wendy Tienhui Su, M.D.Expired12/21/2015 46458
Peter C. Kucharski, M.D.Expired12/21/2015 28942
Mark Joseph Meyer, M.D.Expired12/20/2015 48812
Bradley Jay Snyder, M.D.Expired12/20/2015 33320
Kathleen Marie Enstice, M.D.Expired12/20/2015 45898
Christopher Michael Wright, M.D.Expired12/19/2015 40423
Evan Seen Kwong Ong, M.D.Expired12/19/2015 40851
Tom Yee Woo, M.D.Expired12/19/2015 19210
Gregory Charles Meyer, M.D.Expired12/18/2015 7048
Hari Racherla Reddy, M.D.Expired12/18/2015 46174
Jonathan Harry Schatz, M.D.Expired12/18/2015 46396
Christopher John Friend, M.D.Expired12/18/2015 35040
Steven Wesley Fitts, M.D.Expired12/18/2015 37898
Jeffrey Thomas Lund, M.D.Expired12/18/2015Scottsdale, AZ26250
John Grabowski, M.D.Expired12/17/2015 48665
Sharron Lotes Thompson, M.D.Expired12/17/2015 48482
Jeanette Robles Suarez, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 48060
Mark Anthony Bittles, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 47788
Enrique Criado Pallares, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 48280
Andrea Lee Chen, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 46214
Karthik Chiranjeevi Kumar, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 47583
Andrew Llyod Holz, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 47327
Carl L Hanson, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 44795
Stephen Edward Livingston, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 10368
Theodoros Laddis, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 48134
Nishant Kamal Mehta, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2015 46030
William Donald Leighton, M.D.Deceased12/16/2015 12814
Jason Billings Wiesner, M.D.Expired12/16/2015Sacramento, CA34338
Eduardo Oyola Torres, M.D.Expired12/16/2015 42862
David Alan Petersen, M.D.Expired12/16/2015 43296
Fred Jeston Dawson, M.D.Expired12/16/2015 49126
Klaus Wolfgang Wagner, M.D.Expired12/16/2015 46752
Ramiro Garcia-Reyes, M.D.Inactive12/16/2015 11867
John Paul Haun, M.D.Inactive12/16/2015 32478
John Dale Howard, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 20051
Geraldine Cecelia Gannon, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 20335
John P. Romano, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 36285
Ronald Sol Pobiel, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 29495
David Matthew Beaman Smith, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 37797
Louis Lee Seng, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 19251
David Reed Lambert, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 20846
David Lowell Nash, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 19177
James W Cannon, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 28526
Jeffrey Stevens Nackos, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 45899
Paul Frederick Howard, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 8442
Douglas Alan Hansen, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 48316
Jason Duke Swink, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 47210
Philip Montgomery Rose, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 22888
Kazi Waqar Ahmad, M.D.Cancelled12/15/2015 34042
Kevin Scott Lewis, M.D.Emergency Suspension12/15/2015 17850
Edwin Samuel Roth, M.D.Expired12/15/2015Tucson, AZ6063
Nancy Plange Matteer, M.D.Expired12/15/2015 48656
Freda Eva Gardner, M.D.Expired12/15/2015 33450
Richard Keneth Cochran, M.D.Inactive12/15/2015 28181
Gerald Sterling Johnson, M.D.Inactive12/15/2015 8944
Thomas Koester Welty, M.D.Inactive12/15/2015McCall, ID25866
Donna Lynn Nelson, M.D.Inactive12/15/2015 20922
Luke Joseph Whitesell, M.D.Inactive12/15/2015 21988
Steven Dick Mehaffey, M.D.Cancelled12/14/2015Kenner, LA16281
Lawrence Ian Liebmann, M.D.Deceased12/14/2015 12410
Gino Tutera, M.D.Deceased12/14/2015 28759
Rita Balvant Patel, M.D.Expired12/14/2015 48176
Felipe Antonio Cecena, M.D.Expired12/13/2015 15243
Ashley Xuan An Tan Tran, M.D.Expired12/13/2015 50319
Enrique Caetano Scappatura, M.D.Cancelled12/11/2015Phoenix, AZ6717
Gregory Cyril Downing, M.D.Cancelled12/11/2015 31486
Dong Ho Kim, M.D.Cancelled12/11/2015 45488
Jeffrey Gaston Detweiler, M.D.Cancelled12/11/2015Fort Worth, TX21511
Christopher Eric Hamilton, M.D.Expired12/11/2015 49715
Thomas John Hegarty, M.D.Expired12/11/2015 46268
Gary Michael Dolan, M.D.Expired12/11/2015 46915
Vimal Vasant Abhyanker, M.D.Deceased12/10/2015Phoenix, AZ11921
Pooja Budhiraja, M.D.Expired12/10/2015 41689
Romas Vincent Stas, M.D.Expired12/10/2015Ajax, Ontario10478
James Lyndon Johnson, M.D.Cancelled12/09/2015 12106
Carlos Alberto Flores, M.D.Expired12/08/2015Tucson, AZ15052
Kenneth Michael Jones, M.D.Expired12/08/2015Wenatchee, WA29766
Saqib Armughan Siddiqui, M.D.Expired12/08/2015 42600
Halford Reid Price, M.D.Deceased12/07/2015 2983
John Franklin Hamilton, M.D.Expired12/07/2015Mesa, AZ24994
Marsha Ann Mason, M.D.Renewal Deficient12/07/2015 11953
Andrew D. Simmons, M.D.Expired12/06/2015 28972
Robert Mark Leder, M.D.Expired12/06/2015 30328
Okey Justin Oparanaku, M.D.Expired12/06/2015 44562
Alexandra Gruner Keogh, M.D.Expired12/06/2015 49143
Lee Alice Goscin, M.D.Expired12/05/2015 45236
Allan Charles Gay, M.D.Expired12/05/2015 11135
Ofelia Maralit Borlongan, M.D.Expired12/05/2015 13952
Bina Lilly Chaddha, M.D.Expired12/05/2015 47375
Candice Denise Fike, M.D.Expired12/03/2015 27839
Andrew Kenechukwu Odionu, M.D.Expired12/03/2015 40238
Amelia Joanne Breckenridge, M.D.Expired12/03/2015 42011
Jeffery David Hanrahan, M.D.Expired12/03/2015 43121
Clara Lee, M.D.Expired12/02/2015 45360
Jeffrey Alan Weiss, M.D.Expired12/01/2015 25167
Earl Allan Surwit, M.D.Expired12/01/2015 11111
Joan Liebenheim Webb, M.D.Expired11/30/2015Prescott, AZ24663
Frederick Mark Owsley, M.D.Expired11/30/2015 45037
Linda Marlene Bolling Davis, M.D.Expired11/30/2015 45067
Edward Ian Alper, M.D.Expired11/29/2015 8669
Thomas Martin Tank, M.D.Expired11/29/2015 21468
John August Carolan, M.D.Expired11/29/2015 22587
Stefanie Anne Feldman, M.D.Expired11/28/2015Woodland Hills, CA13553
Patrick Lee Knight, M.D.Expired11/28/2015 16047
Hank Meng-Han Lin, M.D.Expired11/28/2015 43961
Belinda Leigh Shirkey, M.D.Expired11/27/2015 46343
Swarna Byri, M.D.Expired11/27/2015 44818
Nathan Eric Simmons, M.D.Expired11/27/2015 48532
Robert Sasaki McClees, M.D.Expired11/27/2015 48860
George Dyck, M.D.Expired11/26/2015North Newton, KS33447
Adel Abas Abdalla, M.D.Expired11/26/2015 34886
Elizabeth Garcia McCoy, M.D.Expired11/26/2015Sagle, ID37481
Ellyn Minkyung Lee, M.D.Expired11/24/2015 40734
Aleli Favila Vidad, M.D.Expired11/24/2015 42385
James Bernard Frost, M.D.Expired11/24/2015 28626
Carole L Gordon, M.D.Expired11/24/2015 44896
Safia I Rubaii, M.D.Expired11/23/2015 49375
Melissa Sue Blount, M.D.Expired11/23/2015 42867
Ann Morris Michelson Hirschhorn, M.D.Expired11/23/2015 16754
Udaya Bhanu Swarna Prakash, M.D.Expired11/23/2015 33586
John Frederick Schaible, M.D.Expired11/22/2015 11652
Raquel Marie Collins, M.D.Expired11/22/2015 27213
A. L. Humphrey, M.D.Expired11/21/2015Arlington, TX10471
Richard Leo Collins, M.D.Expired11/21/2015Paradise Valley, AZ5016
Stephen Lawrence Adams, M.D.Expired11/20/2015Chicago, IL28094
Ada Cheung, M.D.Expired11/20/2015 29912
Patricia May Crellin, M.D.Expired11/20/2015 21731
Khushwinder Singh Garcha, M.D.Expired11/20/2015 44756
Cathy Ruifang Xu, M.D.Expired11/20/2015 47897
Amanjeet Kaur Kaleka, M.D.Expired11/19/2015 48146
Courtney Elizabeth De Jesso, M.D.Expired11/19/2015 49328
Bradford Stewart Burton, M.D.Expired11/19/2015Honolulu, HI40281
Michael Robert Trimble, M.D.Expired11/19/2015 33104
David Jonathan Sahn, M.D.Expired11/19/2015Portland, OR8100
Emily Wing-Yunn Wong, M.D.Expired11/17/2015 48922
Henry Chiu Wong, M.D.Expired11/16/2015 48760
Deborah Marie Reisen, M.D.Expired11/16/2015 32248
Earnest George Manjooran, M.D.Expired11/15/2015Tucson, AZ33822
Sabri Elshenawy Malek, M.D.Expired11/15/2015 42688
Michael Emeel Shenoda, M.D.Expired11/15/2015 46905
James Snowden Maddux, M.D.Expired11/15/2015 34707
Margaret Mc Allister Brock, M.D.Expired11/15/2015 12666
William Tung-Ching Yuh, M.D.Expired11/14/2015 18583
Franklin Mayer Preiser, M.D.Expired11/14/2015Mesa, AZ5848
Sabatino Di Censo, M.D.Expired11/14/2015 3235

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