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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 04/27/2014 - 07/26/2014 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Oscar Melvin Phillips, M.D.Deceased07/25/2014 4028
Wyatt James O'Day, M.D.Expired07/25/2014 38167
John Douglas Fisk, M.D.Expired07/25/2014Dallas, TX40307
Joy Anitra Masseaux, M.D.Expired07/25/2014 41035
Satyendra Kumar Jain, M.D.Renewal Deficient07/25/2014Phoenix, AZ16809
Victor Tseng, M.D.Deceased07/24/2014 11655
Kay Kwok-Ching Yeung, M.D.Expired07/24/2014 42435
Dean James Limbert, M.D.Expired07/24/2014Boardman, OH34017
Martin Craig Hightower, M.D.Expired07/23/2014Sellersville, PA19432
Paul Gregory Lenzo, M.D.Expired07/23/2014 37606
Sharon Saheb Jamie, M.D.Expired07/23/2014 43812
Sean Michael Amos, M.D.Expired07/22/2014 44876
Jeffrey Carl Bickel, M.D.Expired07/22/2014 24782
Donald Paul Mersch, M.D.Expired07/22/2014Hibbing, MN13004
James Dales Alexander, M.D.Expired07/22/2014 35112
Steven Thomas Joyce, M.D.Expired07/21/2014Kansas City, MO31177
Benjamin Byung Chun, M.D.Expired07/21/2014 31377
Arvind Kaur Behl, M.D.Expired07/21/2014 45148
Ronald Lee Brociner, M.D.Expired07/20/2014 41448
Mark Edward Burnes, M.D.Expired07/19/2014Goodyear, AZ20515
Paul Robert Lichtenstein, M.D.Expired07/19/2014 8814
Nagaraju Sarabu, M.D.Expired07/19/2014 43098
Jeanine Caroline Spielberger, M.D.Expired07/19/2014 47115
Linda Jo Ilizaliturri, M.D.Deceased07/18/2014 17162
Louis Scott Angioletti, M.D.Expired07/18/2014 30599
Charlene Louise Larsen Andersen, M.D.Expired07/18/2014 17693
Naiel Ali Hafez, M.D.Expired07/18/2014 47903
William Henry Castro, M.D.Expired07/17/2014 18402
Sue Barden Johnson, M.D.Expired07/17/2014 24044
Nadeem Ahmad Khan, M.D.Expired07/17/2014 34528
Tracy Louise Allen, M.D.Expired07/16/2014 40852
Suneel Kumar, M.D.Expired07/16/2014 46330
Shil Kiritkumar Patel, M.D.Expired07/16/2014 43364
Yolanda Erika Fong, M.D.Expired07/16/2014 43970
Ralph Donald Hyden, M.D.Deceased07/15/2014Santa Barbara, CA12691
Kenneth John Gjeltema, M.D.Expired07/15/2014 42466
Michael Bruce Jones, M.D.Cancelled07/14/2014 20414
William Joseph Jenkins, M.D.Cancelled07/14/2014 45872
William Bradford Robey, M.D.Expired07/14/2014Phoenix, AZ3919
Manuel Ramon Velazquez-Torres, M.D.Inactive07/14/2014 14908
Lynne Ivy Portnoy, M.D.Inactive07/14/2014 47397
Pao Vang, M.D.Inactive07/14/2014 35674
Elizabeth S Gendy-Shaker, M.D.Expired07/13/2014 45113
Aruna Chelliah, M.D.Expired07/13/2014 42640
Terese Sue Harris, M.D.Expired07/12/2014 27085
William Duffy Moore, M.D.Expired07/12/2014 41150
Ross Andrew Sommers, M.D.Expired07/12/2014 44827
Catherine Marcelle Arvantely, M.D.Cancelled07/11/2014 45371
David Gordon Daehler, M.D.Cancelled07/11/2014 9014
Thomas James McNaughton, M.D.Cancelled07/11/2014 4408
Stephen Milliner, M.D.Deceased07/11/2014 14420
Michael George Uzmann, M.D.Expired07/11/2014 45876
George Raymond Weghorst, M.D.Inactive07/11/2014 29919
Jayant Gajanan Chivate, M.D.Inactive07/11/2014 45501
Allan Jerome Ebbin, M.D.Inactive07/11/2014 25055
Syed Asad Ali, M.D.Renewal Deficient07/11/2014 44355
Robert Warren Rosenbaum, M.D.Expired07/10/2014 27382
Keith Paul Blankenbuehler, M.D.Cancelled07/09/2014 14199
Mikhail Kruglyakov, M.D.Cancelled07/09/2014 35783
David Ross Allen, M.D.Expired07/09/2014 9200
Charles Andrew Calkins, M.D.Expired07/09/2014 9848
Matthew Ryan Grafenberg, M.D.Expired07/09/2014 46861
Jeffrey Todd Davis, M.D.Expired07/09/2014 30501
Gale Ann Dom, M.D.Inactive07/09/2014Kingman, AZ25235
Terence Kenneth Tuttle, M.D.Inactive07/09/2014Litchfield Park, AZ15873
Jennifer Grace Kull, M.D.Expired07/08/2014 44144
Howard David Maccabee, M.D.Expired07/07/2014 44938
Susan Theresa Williams, M.D.Expired07/06/2014 36136
James Peter Andrew Yhip, M.D.Expired07/06/2014 27523
Roy Richard Gettel, M.D.Expired07/06/2014 11015
Dale Andrew Bowen, M.D.Expired07/05/2014 14041
James Desmond Duffy, M.D.Expired07/05/2014 43482
Jennifer Lynn Gabbard, M.D.Expired07/05/2014 46555
Gregory Richard Applegate, M.D.Expired07/04/2014 46171
Thomas Dean Lampros, M.D.Expired07/04/2014 29552
Gary Michael Idelchik, M.D.Expired07/03/2014 41797
Meena Kumari Tanwar-Ahuja, M.D.Expired07/03/2014 46652
Anthony Charles Griffin, M.D.Expired07/02/2014 41894
Juhi Gupta, M.D.Expired07/02/2014 42770
Shahin Ara Siddika Choudhury, M.D.Expired07/02/2014 44240
Caridad Bravo-Fernandez, M.D.Expired06/29/2014 22180
Mohammad Tarek Nashawi, M.D.Expired06/29/2014 36902
Jaspreet Singh, M.D.Expired06/29/2014 44908
Hannah Yeonsoo Bae, M.D.Expired06/29/2014 46017
Paul Sorajja, M.D.Expired06/29/2014 46596
Sundar A Dhamotharan, M.D.Expired06/28/2014 45446
Eric Suren Schulze, M.D.Expired06/28/2014 35687
Rouba Garro, M.D.Expired06/28/2014 43073
Dennis Clark Westin, M.D.Expired06/28/2014Tucson, AZ6417
Edward Jack Sayegh, M.D.Emergency Suspension06/27/2014 40787
Vasundhara Tolia, M.D.Expired06/27/2014 47072
Werner Alfredo Andrade-Ortiz, M.D.Expired06/26/2014 43234
George Sidney LeMasters, M.D.Inactive06/26/2014 15017
Kenneth Boynton Reynard, M.D.Expired06/25/2014Denver, CO30901
Richard Howard Moore, M.D.Expired06/25/2014 36450
Heather Lee Hansen, M.D.Expired06/25/2014 43788
Robert Andrew Daniel, M.D.Expired06/24/2014 41190
Semina Hajra, M.D.Expired06/24/2014 37600
Joseph Anthony Proli, M.D.Expired06/24/2014 20126
Kenechukwu Obiajulu Enekebe, M.D.Expired06/24/2014 46639
Justin James Roesch, M.D.Expired06/23/2014 46309
Hisashi Wesley Kobayashi, M.D.Expired06/23/2014 44123
Gregory Arthur Franklin, M.D.Expired06/23/2014 44993
Sharan Abdul-Rahman, M.D.Expired06/23/2014 47606
Mark Sung-Kyoung Kim, M.D.Expired06/23/2014 46049
Eduardo Ibarguen-Secchia, M.D.Expired06/22/2014 18116
Aaron Daniel Martin, M.D.Expired06/22/2014 37554
Steven Louis Stephanides, M.D.Expired06/22/2014 45061
Robert Glenn Hasse, M.D.Expired06/22/2014 4701
Richard Coulter Head Bell, M.D.Expired06/21/2014Solvang, CA14197
Sigfrid Augustine Muller, M.D.Expired06/21/2014Las Vegas, NV17629
Bruno Karl Schabarum, M.D.Expired06/19/2014 3850
Tricia Kay Croake-Uleman, M.D.Expired06/19/2014 35485
Harman Preet Kaur, M.D.Expired06/19/2014 44920
Tuan Gregory Nguyen, M.D.Expired06/17/2014 42394
Erick Antoine Falconer, M.D.Suspended E06/17/2014 45505
Richard Joel Metzner, M.D.Expired06/16/2014 24964
Seema Nair, M.D.Expired06/16/2014 46733
William Thomas Bardsley, M.D.Expired06/15/2014 17973
Roy Marie Nambeesan Arogyasami, M.D.Expired06/15/2014 45627
Kimberly Rose Walton, M.D.Expired06/15/2014 46502
Thomas Edison Craig, M.D.Expired06/14/2014 47648
Tadeja Agee, M.D.Expired06/14/2014 47660
Ahmad Bassam Maarouf, M.D.Expired06/13/2014 46389
Edward Lincoln Krufky, M.D.Expired06/13/2014 19842
Ralph J. Katsman, M.D.Expired06/13/2014Tacoma, WA33817
Wisam Zaki Alfay, M.D.Expired06/13/2014 46230
Benjamin Andrew Brichler, M.D.Expired06/12/2014 40480
Paul Raymond Butzine, M.D.Inactive with Cause06/12/2014 8694
Jeanne May Kapenga, M.D.Surrendered06/12/2014 35939
Alexis Katherine Christie, M.D.Expired06/11/2014 44401
Mohammed Talat Nawas, M.D.Expired06/11/2014 45243
Julia Lynn Lee, M.D.Expired06/10/2014 36322
Amy Elyse Dahiya, M.D.Expired06/10/2014Woodbury, MN30078
Taneya C Lamb, M.D.Expired06/10/2014 47475
Kevin Edward Kelly, M.D.Expired06/09/2014 24684
Bradley Kent Pittman, M.D.Expired06/08/2014 45669
William Minor Gilkison, M.D.Expired06/08/2014 27508
Joseph Daniel Motto, M.D.Expired06/08/2014Scottsdale, AZ30981
Mari Lee Lamers, M.D.Expired06/08/2014Phoenix, AZ37271
Brian Douglas Steinke, M.D.Expired06/08/2014 40107
Warren Michael Fraser, M.D.Expired06/08/2014 45270
Merrill Kingman Shum, M.D.Expired06/07/2014 45454
Robert Lynn Taylor, M.D.Expired06/07/2014 46368
Sheldon Davidson, M.D.Expired06/06/2014 4279
Ricky Lee Reaves, M.D.Expired06/06/2014Edmond, OK38129
Syed Wasif Hussain, M.D.Expired06/05/2014 41934
Daniel David Rodriguez, M.D.Expired06/04/2014 35531
Mitchell Howard Sokoloff, M.D.Expired06/03/2014 40738
Frank Robert Arko, M.D.Expired06/03/2014 6017
Anthony James Giordano, M.D.Expired06/03/2014 7814
Michael Anthony Prater, M.D.Expired06/03/2014Las Vegas, NV31714
John Phillip Heileman, M.D.Expired06/03/2014 2944
Esther Ahyoung Kim, M.D.Expired06/02/2014 43203
John Francis Bubien, M.D.Expired06/02/2014 20748
Mark Chih-Ming Lee, M.D.Expired06/02/2014Rochester, MN24377
Charles Glenn Buckingham, M.D.Expired06/02/2014 42450
Muhammad Badruz Zaman, M.D.Expired06/02/2014Rye Brook, NY37855
William Peter Vellman, M.D.Expired05/31/2014 31687
David Charles King, M.D.Expired05/31/2014 45500
Demsas G Hawariat Abay, M.D.Expired05/30/2014 46567
Karen Ann Moriah, M.D.Inactive05/30/2014Sells, AZ21285
William George Sypult, M.D.Inactive05/30/2014 10976
Mary Jo Ghory, M.D.Inactive05/30/2014 18014
Robert Alan Schlamowitz, M.D.Inactive05/30/2014 37366
Otto Kausch, M.D.Expired05/29/2014 45651
Colleen Marie Charney, M.D.Expired05/29/2014 34030
Maheep Kumar Goyal, M.D.Expired05/29/2014 31357
Gordon Duff Jensen, M.D.Expired05/29/2014 28804
Steven Joseph Ashlock, M.D.Expired05/29/2014 37357
Christy Lynn Treadway, M.D.Expired05/29/2014 47041
Matthew Townes Murray, M.D.Expired05/28/2014Colorado Springs, CO30821
Linda Marie Gosselin Chase, M.D.Expired05/28/2014 40471
Kathy Ann Keller, M.D.Expired05/27/2014 43669
Nathan Davis Richardson, M.D.Expired05/26/2014 42715
Udaya Bhaskara Chintalapudi, M.D.Expired05/25/2014 43386
Mary Carolyn Wilson, M.D.Expired05/25/2014 42624
Jill Mary Zurawski, M.D.Expired05/25/2014Flagstaff, AZ34665
Chinasa Paul Anugwom, M.D.Expired05/25/2014 47893
Yong Sen Tan, M.D.Expired05/24/2014 43529
Pushpa Bisarya, M.D.Expired05/24/2014 43557
Kathleen Patricia O'Hara, M.D.Expired05/23/2014 42540
Kenneth Maurice Scarlett, M.D.Expired05/23/2014 13906
John Joseph McGroarty, M.D.Suspended E05/21/2014North Hollywood, CA6345
Ariel Jose Thomann, M.D.Expired05/19/2014 4988
Bilal Mustapha Hijazi, M.D.Expired05/19/2014 46443
Jessica Lorraine LeBlanc, M.D.Expired05/18/2014 43593
David Nelson Mayer, M.D.Expired05/17/2014 44187
Carol Lee Hulett, M.D.Expired05/17/2014 41131
Gabrielle Joy Melin, M.D.Expired05/17/2014 46810
Jeffrey Emery Sterling, M.D.Expired05/16/2014 46537
Viral Dilip Kothari, M.D.Expired05/16/2014 47325
Amit Srivastava, M.D.Expired05/14/2014 40247
Phillip Thomas Rajadas, M.D.Emergency Suspension05/13/2014 43411
Gordon Guan Wang, M.D.Expired05/13/2014 40050
Jeffrey Keith Levin-Scherz, M.D.Expired05/13/2014 47220
Justin David Harris, M.D.Expired05/13/2014 40608
Joshua David Rieke, M.D.Expired05/12/2014 44671
Wilson Huxley Coulter, M.D.Expired05/11/2014 19823
Andrew Czeslaw Zaleski, M.D.Expired05/10/2014 11141
Mutende Jacques Sikuyayenga, M.D.Expired05/10/2014 44465
Tal Baruch Delman, M.D.Expired05/10/2014 46791
Soo Shin Rhee, M.D.Expired05/09/2014 44402
Geoffrey Ian Criqui, M.D.Expired05/09/2014 34830
Dennis Lee Ashley, M.D.Expired05/08/2014Santa Barbara, CA8638
Douglas James Smith, M.D.Expired05/07/2014 30180
Fareen Shabana Nisha Rahman, M.D.Expired05/07/2014 43154
Loren Mason Cobb, M.D.Expired05/07/2014 41061
James Robert Walters, M.D.Expired05/07/2014 41374
Arnaldo Francesco Trabucco, M.D.Expired05/05/2014 42374
Edie Lillian Derian , M.D.Expired05/05/2014 42676
Jack J. Springer, M.D.Expired05/05/2014 35596
Milton John Gavlick, M.D.Expired05/05/2014 29212
Robert Keele Clendenin, M.D.Expired05/05/2014 14472
Lawrence Joseph Gaughan, M.D.Expired05/05/2014 15239
William Keith Carson, M.D.Expired05/05/2014 46098
Joshua Michael Sill, M.D.Expired05/04/2014 47008
George Lee Martin, M.D.Expired05/04/2014 37370
John Joseph Garvie, M.D.Expired05/04/2014 36701
Aleksander Tkach, M.D.Expired05/03/2014 45285
John Summerhays Carlson, M.D.Expired05/03/2014 2455
Sharon Jill Bransky, M.D.Expired05/02/2014 15161
Menaka Raju, M.D.Expired05/01/2014 37614
Soon John Park, M.D.Expired04/30/2014 45601
Crandall Bland Giddings, M.D.Expired04/29/2014 3531
Robert Takao Coles, M.D.Expired04/28/2014 45414
Eric Sarkis Jarandeh, M.D.Expired04/28/2014 43847
Jack Marvin McBride, M.D.Expired04/27/2014 38214
James Jong Lee, M.D.Expired04/27/2014 40242
Robert Stephen Pretto, M.D.Expired04/27/2014 31239

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