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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 04/03/2015 - 07/02/2015 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Justin J Gisel, M.D.Expired06/29/2015 47105
Mayukh Chodavarupa Babu, M.D.Expired06/29/2015 48295
Charles Michael Johnson, M.D.Expired06/29/2015Rochester, MN18130
Zarmen Israelian-Konaraki, M.D.Expired06/29/2015Glendale, CA30740
Thomas Shull Lemire, M.D.Expired06/29/2015 43718
Jerome Paul Yatskowitz, M.D.Expired06/28/2015Albuquerque, NM26085
Allen Neil Tesser, M.D.Expired06/28/2015 14222
Jeffrey Lee Rosengarten, M.D.Expired06/28/2015 43681
Bruce Linton Dean, M.D.Deceased06/26/2015Phoenix, AZ20131
Richard Paul Gibralter, M.D.Expired06/26/2015New York, NY37038
Puja Gupta, M.D.Expired06/26/2015 43363
Grace Ifeyinwa Onimoe, M.D.Expired06/25/2015 45058
Ben Jackson Tittle, M.D.Expired06/25/2015 46771
Sheldon Regenbaum, M.D.Expired06/25/2015West Palm Beach, FL22270
Emily Signe Mika, M.D.Cancelled06/24/2015 48682
Edward James Conley, M.D.Deceased06/24/2015 4557
Reba Ray, M.D.Renewal Deficient06/24/2015 24165
Ivonne Elizabeth De La Rosa, M.D.Cancelled06/23/2015 46626
Claudia Jean Foster-Olson, M.D.Cancelled06/23/2015 47880
Christopher Warren Colling, M.D.Cancelled06/23/2015 45704
Timothy Edward Paterick, M.D.Expired06/23/2015 41115
Ashley Salomon, M.D.Expired06/23/2015 48481
James Franklin Martin, M.D.Expired06/23/2015Yuma, AZ4950
Joseph Anthony Di Pasquale, M.D.Expired06/23/2015 9304
Elizabeth Ann Simoneau, M.D.Expired06/23/2015 23693
Andrew Campbell Johnston, M.D.Expired06/22/2015 25495
Edwin Michael Marks, M.D.Expired06/22/2015 22109
Brian Thomas Larkin, M.D.Expired06/22/2015 22691
Hubert Ross Estes, M.D.Expired06/22/2015 2887
Pareed Kochu Mohamed, M.D.Expired06/21/2015 24830
David Patrick McCraney, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 47081
Keith Harold Carlson, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 21152
Sanjay Agarwal, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 34899
Steven Howard Brick, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 36864
William Frederick Zeman, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 42018
Rebecca Elaine Whiddon, M.D.Expired06/19/2015 44809
David Alan Raetz, M.D.Expired06/18/2015 28698
Anthony Robert Morice, M.D.Expired06/18/2015 23030
Mansour M. Tafazoli, M.D.Expired06/18/2015Torrance, CA24092
Sachin Shrinivas Kamath, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 46711
Heather Beth Mann Rigby, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 47211
Kelle Rae Shutter, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 45888
John Harold Lossing, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 46334
Matthew Hall Rigby, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 47383
Erick Rene Araneda, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 45908
James Neal Long, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 46105
Jerrell Levert Ingalls, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 45495
Jason Michael Johnson, M.D.Cancelled06/17/2015 46069
Steven Paul Ross, M.D.Expired06/17/2015Denver, CO25804
Eric Theodore Gross, M.D.Expired06/17/2015 34036
Malini Anand Desai, M.D.Expired06/17/2015 44659
Nancy Rae Cohen, M.D.Expired06/17/2015 22566
Nereida Romero, M.D.Expired06/17/2015 42973
Ravi Chikkalingaiah, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 42309
Jae Ho Choi, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 29854
Robert Frederick Marschke, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 31487
Robert Dale Christensen, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 23899
Jacek Tomasz Pliszczynski, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 49373
Sandra Jean Carolina Deegan, M.D.Expired06/16/2015 20333
Jennifer M. Tkach, M.D.Cancelled06/15/2015 46835
Joseph-Vincent Valentino Blas, M.D.Expired06/15/2015 43321
Eric Sauvageau, M.D.Expired06/15/2015 36365
Josephine Nguyen, M.D.Expired06/15/2015 46829
Howard Bert Wernick, M.D.Expired06/15/2015Phoenix, AZ9710
Noy Soti, M.D.Expired06/14/2015 30059
Nima G Patel, M.D.Expired06/14/2015 47734
Joanne Halbrecht, M.D.Expired06/13/2015Boulder, CO22899
David Jean Bernard, M.D.Expired06/13/2015 24398
Ann Aiko Terai, M.D.Expired06/13/2015 32856
Ron Chatterjee, M.D.Expired06/13/2015 46755
Matthew Theckummryil Abraham, M.D.Expired06/12/2015 30497
Alexander Mehran Majidian, M.D.Expired06/12/2015 44451
Jack Earl Cook, M.D.Deceased06/11/2015 2507
Matthew Joseph Stonestreet, M.D.Expired06/11/2015 46084
Richard Arthur Roberts, M.D.Expired06/11/2015 32935
Vijayalakshmi Sripathy, M.D.Expired06/11/2015 26062
Weina Chen, M.D.Expired06/11/2015 47087
Eric Harvey Prosnitz, M.D.Expired06/10/2015Tucson, AZ10901
Marc Alan Huntoon , M.D.Expired06/10/2015 42511
Chetanbabu Manubhai Patel, M.D.Expired06/09/2015 36907
Kenneth George Schooff, M.D.Cancelled06/08/2015Chapel Hill, NC29824
Ashwin Vinod George, M.D.Cancelled06/08/2015 44808
Richard Abraham Zoumalan, M.D.Cancelled06/08/2015 45575
Patrick Brighton, M.D.Cancelled06/08/2015 30303
Robert J Arceci, M.D.Deceased06/08/2015 47194
George John Koullias, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 38166
William Davis Ryan, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 46100
Chad Thomas Porter, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 45846
Barry Marcus, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 11338
John Peter Badalamenti, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 30744
George Harold Anderson, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 4081
Richard Alfred Hess, M.D.Expired06/08/2015 6815
Alan Dean Wilson, M.D.Expired06/07/2015Cottonwood, AZ32735
Michael Scott Rosenberg, M.D.Expired06/07/2015 27011
Dianne Quibell, M.D.Expired06/07/2015 42552
Rayvelle Antoinette Stallings, M.D.Expired06/07/2015 48010
Howard Livingston Stroupe, M.D.Expired06/07/2015 47973
Joselita Uy Chua, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 48066
Robert Stanley Waldman, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 4748
Joydev Acharya, M.D.Expired06/05/2015Modesto, CA32910
Daniel Michael McNay, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 35081
James Edward Chalk, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 43434
Patrick Terence Glynn, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 46141
Ronald Morton Shafer, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 44064
Marc Alan Engel, M.D.Expired06/05/2015 44318
William Charles Mankel, M.D.Expired06/04/2015 9212
Carey Ann Leeds, M.D.Expired06/04/2015 19977
Paul Anthony Salcido, M.D.Expired06/04/2015Dallas, TX21966
Lawrence Cronin, M.D.Surrendered06/04/2015 18696
Mark Alan Hostetler, M.D.Surrendered06/04/2015 40971
George Harges Yard, M.D.Surrendered06/04/2015 3387
Manuel Abrante, M.D.Surrendered06/04/2015 22262
Donald Curry Preston, M.D.Expired06/03/2015Dededo Guam15459
Chin-Yang Li, M.D.Expired06/03/2015 18544
Kee Bin No, M.D.Expired06/03/2015 29855
Jeffrey N. Weitzel, M.D.Expired06/02/2015 28784
Sofia Naz Zaman, M.D.Expired06/02/2015 40422
Joan Ellen Nagelkirk, M.D.Expired06/01/2015 42447
Keith Andrew Aqua, M.D.Expired06/01/2015Boynton Beach, FL31533
Nenad Antic, M.D.Expired05/31/2015 31592
Dennis Eric Rose, M.D.Expired05/31/2015 43085
Derinda Radjeski Charllis, M.D.Expired05/31/2015 29556
Jay Grossman, M.D.Expired05/31/2015 20520
Roy Hanu Hart, M.D.Expired05/31/2015 9903
Justin Charles Clark, M.D.Expired05/30/2015 42519
Cassandra Caprez Davis, M.D.Expired05/30/2015 42833
Barbara Kathryn Wich, M.D.Expired05/30/2015Prescott, AZ11788
Wesley Walker Hall, M.D.Expired05/30/2015Reno, NV28016
Robert Scott Richardson, M.D.Expired05/30/2015 29261
Cynthia Marie Niendorff, M.D.Expired05/29/2015 31942
Michael Bart Pesce, M.D.Expired05/29/2015 34672
Dale Rita Crawford, M.D.Expired05/29/2015Tempe, AZ18107
Thierry Joseph Dubois, M.D.Expired05/28/2015 48375
Jesus Alberto Gomez Abraham, M.D.Expired05/28/2015 47332
Paul Stanley Drinkwater, M.D.Deceased05/27/2015 10532
Elliott Michael Wolf, M.D.Expired05/27/2015Southfield, MI16072
Sean Patrick Murray, M.D.Expired05/27/2015Templeton, CA34052
Anitha Gaddam, M.D.Expired05/27/2015 44481
Lawrence William De Santo, M.D.Expired05/27/2015Scottsdale, AZ16695
William Austin Sibley, M.D.Expired05/26/2015Tucson, AZ4741
Larrian Darrel Sawchenko, M.D.Expired05/26/2015 11384
Heinz Roland Hoenecke, M.D.Expired05/26/2015 14821
John Miller Conn, M.D.Expired05/26/2015 32309
Ian David Baronofsky, M.D.Expired05/26/2015 33117
Dean Albert Holden, M.D.Expired05/26/2015 37583
Howard Morton Kravetz, M.D.Expired05/25/2015 3754
Samrina Rasheed Marshall, M.D.Expired05/24/2015 43783
Jeffrey Ira Miller, M.D.Expired05/24/2015 18856
Linda Darlene Abernathy, M.D.Expired05/24/2015 20543
Al Vincent Taira, M.D.Expired05/23/2015 46864
Orlando Mercado Francisco, M.D.Expired05/23/2015 8716
Julie Ann Scott, M.D.Expired05/22/2015 31985
Joel Edwund Kaye, M.D.Expired05/22/2015 33954
Mary Eugenia Theodore, M.D.Expired05/22/2015 41872
Luana Ionela Nedita, M.D.Expired05/22/2015 44134
Jameel Z Iqbal, M.D.Expired05/22/2015 46533
Stewart Alan Lonky, M.D.Expired05/21/2015Los Angeles, CA37086
Beverley Kupfert, M.D.Expired05/20/2015Toronto, ON12599
Nicholas Johns, M.D.Deceased05/19/2015 7898
Welland O. Short, M.D.Expired05/19/2015 17782
Heather Joy Ohrt, M.D.Expired05/19/2015 15170
Taghreed Almahmeed, M.D.Expired05/19/2015 42457
David Shannon Morse, M.D.Expired05/19/2015 49268
Vincent Gregory Lee, M.D.Expired05/18/2015 41306
Neena K Singh, M.D.Expired05/18/2015 47145
Donald Chad Simmons, M.D.Expired05/17/2015 42874
Harold Willis Kohl, M.D.Expired05/17/2015 3716
Lynn Bakeerah Hassan Jones, M.D.Expired05/17/2015 33559
Alvand Hassankhani, M.D.Expired05/17/2015 34234
Wendy Terryl Finch Harsha, M.D.Expired05/16/2015 35738
Jana Dawn Gunnell, M.D.Expired05/16/2015 19762
Michael John Trombello, M.D.Expired05/16/2015 20505
Ashfaque Saya, M.D.Expired05/16/2015 25872
Victor Wei-Teh Hsu, M.D.Expired05/16/2015 43451
Jeffery C Hellinger, M.D.Expired05/15/2015 43246
Kevork Bouldoukian, M.D.Expired05/15/2015Bakersfield, CA30047
Donald Alan Eckard, M.D.Expired05/15/2015 36145
Neil Mendoza, M.D.Cancelled05/14/2015 46037
Eric Christian Umstead, M.D.Cancelled05/14/2015 45988
Karim Rizkallah Nahra, M.D.Cancelled05/14/2015 46833
Wayne Evan Jacobs, M.D.Expired05/14/2015 42281
Jared D Peterson, M.D.Expired05/14/2015 47469
Orlando J Encarnacion, M.D.Cancelled05/13/2015 45307
Ani Maria Tejada-Lipten, M.D.Cancelled05/13/2015 46024
Rebekah Iris Grant, M.D.Cancelled05/13/2015 46995
Abbas Abu Bucker Rana, M.D.Cancelled05/13/2015 45990
Beth Ann Trevino, M.D.Cancelled05/13/2015 47066
Mary Kathleen Greene, M.D.Cancelled05/13/2015 46817
Donald Duane Graber, M.D.Cancelled05/13/2015 45560
Ernest George Bertha, M.D.Cancelled05/13/2015 47065
Oluwayemisi Emereuwaonu, M.D.Expired05/13/2015 45333
Carol Diana Barlage, M.D.Expired05/13/2015 33915
Margaret Crile Mc Kee, M.D.Expired05/13/2015 14275
Paola Cristina Marrero Gonzalez, M.D.Cancelled05/12/2015 47760
Rochelle Marie Cunningham, M.D.Cancelled05/12/2015 48058
Alexander Sasha Yevzlin, M.D.Cancelled05/12/2015 47125
Daniel Stephen Nemeth, M.D.Cancelled05/12/2015 47496
Dennis Patrick Kirby, M.D.Cancelled05/12/2015 47577
Ingy Iskander, M.D.Cancelled05/12/2015 48313
Derek James Leinenbach, M.D.Cancelled05/12/2015 48154
Guy Edmund Reyes, M.D.Expired05/12/2015 46211
Wende Nocton Gibbs, M.D.Expired05/12/2015 46681
Robert Francis Meyer, M.D.Expired05/12/2015Phoenix, AZ4954
Connie L. Topliff, M.D.Expired05/12/2015 28915
Miguel Estevez, M.D.Expired05/12/2015 41329
Sheryl Lynn Asplund, M.D.Expired05/12/2015 42579
Rana Fayez Ammoury, M.D.Expired05/11/2015 42900
Kristi Joy Grall, M.D.Expired05/10/2015 35503
Kiernan Hale Morrow, M.D.Expired05/10/2015Corrales, NM36527
Jerry Arthur Kotulla, M.D.Expired05/10/2015Arden, NC23999
Michael John O'Brien, M.D.Expired05/10/2015 26851
Christopher Papalexis Demas, M.D.Expired05/09/2015 17996
Charles Wayne Davis, M.D.Expired05/09/2015 7455
Tadeusz Dziadek, M.D.Expired05/09/2015Houston, TX15741
Frances Shawn Madden, M.D.Expired05/09/2015 40153
John Jun-Hao Pan, M.D.Expired05/09/2015 42588
Kenneth Kem Bartholomew, M.D.Expired05/08/2015 30268
Ilevba Uwaila Osarenkhoe, M.D.Expired05/08/2015 45814
Khaled Samih Zreik, M.D.Expired05/07/2015 45217
Stephen John Vara, M.D.Expired05/07/2015 45259
Michael Connor Cross, M.D.Expired05/07/2015 45750
Douglas William Rusnack, M.D.Expired05/07/2015 32676
Pratik B Shah, M.D.Expired05/07/2015 48100
Stephen Howard Hochschuler, M.D.Expired05/07/2015 25478
Nima L Shemirani, M.D.Expired05/06/2015 43839
Larry Herrera, M.D.Expired05/06/2015 44515
Jonathan Robert Oppenheimer, M.D.Expired05/06/2015Nashville, TN21713
John Earl Hildebrand, M.D.Expired05/06/2015Flagstaff, AZ4565
Brett A Christian, M.D.Expired05/05/2015 40921
Gregory Norman Brooks, M.D.Expired05/05/2015 34801
Robert Adrian Donovan, M.D.Expired05/05/2015 36108
Susan Lynn Elizondo, M.D.Expired05/05/2015 35521
Jason Wade Curd, M.D.Expired05/05/2015 36100
Rebecca Lee Hulett Bowling, M.D.Expired05/05/2015Eureka, MO19557
Donald Jeck, M.D.Expired05/05/2015 8682
Sidney Abram Spector, M.D.Expired05/05/2015 21747
Alan Rafael Sarabia, M.D.Expired05/04/2015 45106
Paul Morgan Aitchison, M.D.Cancelled05/03/2015 47208
Susan A Horowitz, M.D.Expired05/03/2015 42695
Caliste Iv Hsu, M.D.Expired05/03/2015 45175
Patrick Daniel Cichon, M.D.Expired05/03/2015 46510
Priya Bhikha Patel, M.D.Expired05/03/2015 46702
Marianna De Benedictis, M.D.Expired05/03/2015 48312
Hasan Ercan, M.D.Expired05/02/2015 48961
Gary Joseph Mihalik, M.D.Expired05/02/2015 17556
Neelam Yogen Patel, M.D.Expired05/02/2015 44949
Maria Ester Coelho Little, M.D.Suspended E05/02/2015 26818
Debra Rose Miller, M.D.Expired05/01/2015New London, CT25002
Cynthia L. Brenner, M.D.Expired05/01/2015Albuquerque, NM25923
Wendy Wootton, M.D.Expired05/01/2015Mesa, AZ17689
Cristina Marie Cabral Mandanas, M.D.Expired05/01/2015 47659
Tearani Joyce Williams, M.D.Expired05/01/2015 44989
Amit Sharma, M.D.Expired05/01/2015 45163
Nishath Abdul Quader, M.D.Expired05/01/2015 43083
John J. Standifer, M.D.Expired05/01/2015 3082
John Paul Hopkins, M.D.Expired05/01/2015 10259
Harry Robert Borovik, M.D.Expired05/01/2015 34640
Ahad Makarachi, M.D.Expired05/01/2015 33682
Christian Nicholas Theodosis, M.D.Cancelled04/30/2015 48825
Steven Jay Harmer, M.D.Cancelled04/30/2015 45241
Keith Owen Nachmanson, M.D.Expired04/30/2015 14742
Nitza Del C Figueroa Rivera, M.D.Expired04/30/2015 33867
Griselda Luz Renedo, M.D.Expired04/30/2015 42082
Carol Beth Hersh, M.D.Expired04/30/2015 44800
Moses Rodriguez, M.D.Expired04/30/2015Rochester, MN18576
Melinda Jane Wilcox, M.D.Inactive04/30/2015 12951
David Ellis Haynes, M.D.Deceased04/29/2015Yuma, AZ24725
Jose Carlos Aguirre, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 46086
Jyothsna R Amirneni, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 47515
Donald Mark Kirkpatrick, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 17311
Rakesh Dalsangbhai Chaudhari, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 46059
Rakesh Ishvarlal Patel, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 44071
Aman Kumar Dalal, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 47221
Sood Suchart, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 13097
Sanjay Prakash Bagaria, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 45592
John Gordon Dier, M.D.Expired04/29/2015Cooperstown, NY17652
Sheldon Irwin Finkelstein, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 4916
Qais Mahammad Barakat Abu Ali, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 40491
Pamela Glasinovic Villar, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 32524
Christopher Kevin Hoffman, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 46288
Brian Michael Edelstein, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 47156
Ian Martin Shivack, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 24360
Ellen Deborah Gilman, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 23926
Daniel Edward Stone, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 48545
Tamseela Tariq Awan, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 25841
Gerald Mark Klein, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 37205
Michael Zaghi, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 45754
Nilay R. Shah, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 46798
Jeanne Patricia Yetz, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 35974
Frederic Howard Mattes, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 37721
Michael Andrew Bruno, M.D.Expired04/29/2015Hershey, PA31272
James Walcott Justice, M.D.Expired04/29/2015 13829
Helen Louise Macey, M.D.Deceased04/28/2015 40643
Louis Richard Blas, M.D.Expired04/28/2015 32131
Robert Nelson Meili, M.D.Expired04/27/2015 43350
Howard Noel Kandell, M.D.Expired04/26/2015 4075
Joseph David Shrager, M.D.Expired04/25/2015 41219
Seneca Lawrence Erman, M.D.Expired04/25/2015 2886
Jon Paul Rubach, M.D.Deceased04/24/2015 9053
Frederick Nelson Meyer, M.D.Deceased04/24/2015Mobile, AL20192
Kaye Hatch Kilburn, M.D.Deceased04/24/2015Pasadena, CA24294
Mark Kenji Nomura, M.D.Expired04/24/2015 29585
Gerald Marvin Hickman, M.D.Expired04/24/2015Boulder, CO15758
Loren D Berenbom, M.D.Cancelled04/23/2015 45438
Ignatius Stanley Hneleski, M.D.Deceased04/23/2015West Chester, PA6537
John Frank Kahle, M.D.Deceased04/23/2015 2789
Donald Allison Jessen, M.D.Deceased04/23/2015 14345
Lawrence Kuo-Chi Li, M.D.Expired04/23/2015 17388
Jana Michelle Lee, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 27883
Rosemary Ellen Detweiler, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 21479
Hanna Tellem Sisley, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 14992
Elmer Murdock, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 45974
William George Manax, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 45792
Allan Howard Greenfield, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015Brookline, MA5816
Kitae Kevin Park, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 40318
Shehla Arain, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 41225
Courtnay Willcox Bloomer, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 46016
Basudeb Saha, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 46406
Christopher Kaimiolamauloa Wood, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 46943
Joseph Cali, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 6145
Dianna Marie Clyne, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 19910
Julia Brown Trice, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 46556
Whitney E Elliott, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 48119
Robert Nelson Beauchene, M.D.Cancelled04/22/2015 26243
Matthew Edward Norman, M.D.Expired04/22/2015 21957
Andrew Martin Welch, M.D.Expired04/22/2015 44381
Thomas Allen Kenyon, M.D.Expired04/22/2015 14955
Alan Isaiah Shapiro, M.D.Inactive04/22/2015Portsmouth, VA10129
Alan Anson Wanderer, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 13685
Lisa Rae Miller, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 46619
Lesta Dell Seger Whalen, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 48007
Susanj S. Patel, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 46398
Janice Eileen Eggert, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 20263
Tim Vu, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 45959
James Glenn Lenhart, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 46505
James Christopher Van Doren, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 29000
Samina Bhatti, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 47571
Jiajia Wu, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 48012
Fredrick Ikuo Akiya, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015Albuquerque, NM26505
Seymour Issac Huberfeld, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 45992
Peggy Shafaghi, M.D.Cancelled04/21/2015 42141
Joanne Prusiecki Blow, M.D.Expired04/21/2015 47309
Candace Peyton Engelhardt, M.D.Expired04/21/2015 45810
Sitamahalakshmi Nutakki, M.D.Inactive04/21/2015 14229
Robert Paul Yell, M.D.Inactive04/21/2015 19329
Laura Catherine Schuetz, M.D.Inactive04/21/2015 16797
Samuel Jacob Hessel, M.D.Inactive04/21/2015 11817
Miluse Vitkova, M.D.Cancelled04/20/2015 20176
Tarek Taha, M.D.Expired04/20/2015 45863
Konstantinos Dimitrios Vlachonassios, M.D.Expired04/20/2015 25543
Alexander Willem Van Amerongen, M.D.Expired04/20/2015 36407
Pedram Ghasri, M.D.Cancelled04/19/2015 48428
Christopher Mark Manus, M.D.Expired04/19/2015 37656
Kirk Samuel Vigil, M.D.Expired04/19/2015 46645
Matthew Fogarty Fleming, M.D.Expired04/19/2015 47101
Bashar Domit, M.D.Expired04/18/2015 44167
Ronald James Koch, M.D.Expired04/18/2015 41122
Carmelo Alfonzo Echeverria, M.D.Expired04/18/2015 34090
Rome Jutabha, M.D.Expired04/17/2015Los Angeles, CA35189
Mary Ann Shannon, M.D.Expired04/17/2015 46241
Stephen Joseph Wallach, M.D.Expired04/17/2015 43952
Noel Felisa So, M.D.Expired04/17/2015 47000
Samuel Goldberg, M.D.Expired04/17/2015 6306
Gary Alan Triebswetter, M.D.Expired04/16/2015 28601
Richard Wiley Williamson, M.D.Expired04/16/2015 47644
Uday Shankar, M.D.Expired04/16/2015 47148
John Elbert Phelps, M.D.Expired04/16/2015 10099
Hong-Kee Ong, M.D.Expired04/16/2015 10283
William Charles Brandes, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 48581
Timothy Michael Rowland, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 47118
Philip Dabbs Briggs, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 43931
Gavin Niall Jackson, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 47848
Zatchel Joaquin Soto, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 46999
Nirav Hasmukhlal Patel, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 44543
Rand Lee Schleusener, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 47035
Waheed A Bhatti, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 47570
Paul Nicholas Meyer, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 46190
Carolina Kato Smith, M.D.Cancelled04/15/2015 45229
Frank Gerald Tonrey, M.D.Expired04/15/2015 27871
Douglas Donggin Min, M.D.Expired04/15/2015 41557
Kenneth Wayne Blecher, M.D.Expired04/15/2015 16898
Cory Douglas Mahler, M.D.Expired04/15/2015Santa Monica, CA19898
Kenneth Marc Neigut, M.D.Cancelled04/14/2015 45681
Charles Dean Kartchner, M.D.Expired04/14/2015 3647
Peter Chukwuka Amene, M.D.Expired04/14/2015 28525
Sandeep Kour Reen, M.D.Expired04/14/2015 49115
Yvonne Jean Ahn, M.D.Cancelled04/13/2015 47811
River AmandaSue Bouska, M.D.Expired04/13/2015 48340
Thomas Walter Jensen, M.D.Expired04/13/2015 2807
Pavan Pinnamaneni, M.D.Expired04/13/2015 45629
Stuart Seth Kaplan, M.D.Expired04/13/2015 35574
Susan Elizabeth Kindel, M.D.Expired04/13/2015Cincinnati, OH33997
Lawrence Richard Sanders, M.D.Expired04/12/2015 35473
Dawn Victoria Obrecht, M.D.Expired04/12/2015 45933
Samson Gary Serbin, M.D.Expired04/12/2015 17526
Paul Charles Rousseau, M.D.Expired04/12/2015 18973
Norbert Luke Dugan, M.D.Expired04/11/2015Scottsdale, AZ9871
Ahmed Sheeraz Babar, M.D.Expired04/11/2015 34933
Kita D. Patel, M.D.Expired04/11/2015 28466
Jun Beom Kwon, M.D.Expired04/09/2015 46575
William Roy Webb, M.D.Expired04/09/2015 23451
Kathleen Mary Van Effen, M.D.Expired04/09/2015 14833
Brian Jared Cole, M.D.Expired04/08/2015 32572
Xavier J. Zielinski, M.D.Expired04/08/2015 36117
Robert Harold Ingham, M.D.Expired04/08/2015Las Vegas, NV37903
Michael John Kramer, M.D.Expired04/07/2015Pinedale, WY15323
Michael Ray Cathey, M.D.Expired04/07/2015 46723
David Fred Yankelevitz, M.D.Expired04/06/2015 42433
Floyd Michael Hindelang, M.D.Expired04/06/2015 42523
Julia Lipe Humphrey, M.D.Expired04/06/2015 47056
Wasiq Ali Zaidi, M.D.Expired04/05/2015 36988
Brendan P. Phibbs, M.D.Expired04/04/2015Tucson, AZ6457
Harry Allan Collier, M.D.Expired04/04/2015 3819
Walter James Lewis, M.D.Expired04/04/2015 40648
Natalie Nguyen Phuong Cac, M.D.Expired04/04/2015 48106
Carlos Enrique Justiniano, M.D.Expired04/03/2015 37846
Shelley Ann Cross, M.D.Expired04/03/2015Rochester, MN18938
Peter Clayton Witt, M.D.Expired04/03/2015 49164

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