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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 02/28/2016 - 05/28/2016 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Albert James Cook, M.D.Expired05/28/2016 35123
Andrew Moreno, M.D.Expired05/28/2016 45092
Cyrus Kao, M.D.Expired05/26/2016 50664
Tanesh Ramesh Sadarangani, M.D.Expired05/25/2016 45388
Peter G Elsissy, M.D.Expired05/25/2016 43132
Roy George Farrell, M.D.Renewal Deficient05/25/2016 41690
Eric Robert Goldberg, M.D.Cancelled05/24/2016 46212
Ty Robert Witt, M.D.Expired05/24/2016 30147
Richard Bruce Rosen, M.D.Expired05/24/2016 16251
Anuj Bharat Sonawala, M.D.Expired05/24/2016 43249
Ziad Amil Haidar, M.D.Expired05/24/2016 50553
Kathryn Rose Slaine, M.D.Expired05/24/2016 15569
Jason Bradley Terrell, M.D.Cancelled05/23/2016 46272
Gary Allen Belaga, M.D.Expired05/23/2016 36979
Bradley Steven Walker, M.D.Expired05/23/2016 21216
Theodore Clyde Carner, M.D.Expired05/23/2016 20564
Delee Kim Har, M.D.Expired05/23/2016 49132
Craig Peter Eberle, M.D.Expired05/22/2016 28013
Ljudevit Louyo Andres, M.D.Expired05/22/2016 32009
Ronald Richard Roth, M.D.Expired05/22/2016 4474
Michael Hogan, M.D.Expired05/21/2016 18722
Todd Cameron Hartley, M.D.Expired05/20/2016 32984
Nikolay Dimov Dimov, M.D.Expired05/20/2016 45823
Gene Paul Fioretti, M.D.Expired05/20/2016 12617
Gail Marie Kelly, M.D.Expired05/19/2016 45485
Nicholas Nick Dzebolo, M.D.Cancelled05/18/2016Monterey Park, CA36426
Inayat Mir Ali-Khan, M.D.Deceased05/18/2016Tempe, AZ12985
W. Shelby Rutledge, M.D.Expired05/18/2016 19436
Elizabeth Ann Huntoon, M.D.Expired05/18/2016 42509
Otto Carlos Della Maddalena, M.D.Expired05/18/2016 8715
Alan Stanley Geller, M.D.Expired05/18/2016 24563
Patricia Ann Bennett, M.D.Deceased05/17/2016 10680
Thomas William Grahm, M.D.Renewal Deficient05/17/2016Tyler, TX14954
Hagop Poshoghlian, M.D.Expired05/15/2016 47431
Garry Reid Greene, M.D.Expired05/14/2016 16329
John Steven Davis, M.D.Expired05/14/2016 40463
Samer Rushdi Hafi, M.D.Expired05/14/2016 44651
Khuda Dad Khan, M.D.Expired05/14/2016 45207
James Patrick Sostak, M.D.Expired05/14/2016 47400
Matthew David Kay, M.D.Expired05/13/2016Kent, OH31869
Daniel Bryan Hawley, M.D.Cancelled05/12/2016 46283
Nancy Diana Lodge, M.D.Expired05/12/2016 31111
Francis Feng Song, M.D.Expired05/12/2016 37367
Rinly Ruiz Gecosala, M.D.Surrendered05/12/2016Tucson, AZ27229
Stephen Joseph Muehlenbein, M.D.Expired05/11/2016 43888
Sucharitha Gunasekera, M.D.Expired05/11/2016 36944
Supratik Kumar Moulik, M.D.Expired05/11/2016 45101
Richard Wallace Switzer, M.D.Expired05/11/2016 4429
Richard William Goodell, M.D.Deceased05/10/2016 6308
Jennifer Lynn Geyer, M.D.Deceased05/10/2016Phoenix, AZ28494
Tariq Mansoor Alam, M.D.Expired05/10/2016 44772
George Jerzy Pierozynski, M.D.Expired05/09/2016 9175
Daniel Aguila, M.D.Expired05/08/2016 16122
Henry Howard Holmes, M.D.Expired05/08/2016Albany, OR8936
Thien Toan Vo, M.D.Expired05/08/2016 44553
Natalya Valeriyevna Shneyder, M.D.Expired05/07/2016 42707
Sarah Ligon Buenviaje-Smith, M.D.Expired05/07/2016 37151
Lisa Marlene Roschko Wright, M.D.Expired05/07/2016 12671
Alan Schmerler, M.D.Cancelled05/06/2016 48578
Randal John Lewis, M.D.Surrendered05/06/2016 50616
Eric Peter Kaldjian, M.D.Expired05/05/2016 46816
John Andrew Odell, M.D.Expired05/05/2016 24888
Usha Madapura Gopal, M.D.Cancelled05/04/2016 33590
Margaret Mary Chilvers, M.D.Cancelled05/04/2016 31376
Mary Caroline Yager, M.D.Cancelled05/04/2016 46926
Dorit Daniella Adler, M.D.Cancelled05/04/2016 24606
Ekua Nkrumah Cobbina, M.D.Cancelled05/04/2016 36844
Vartan Michael Malian, M.D.Expired05/04/2016 44068
Randall Gaston Lorenz, M.D.Expired05/04/2016 34153
Faramarz Eghrari, M.D.Expired05/04/2016Melrose Park, IL10385
Thomas Patrick Miller, M.D.Expired05/04/2016 12126
Ann La Fond Young, M.D.Inactive05/04/2016 13062
John Harvey Mabry, M.D.Inactive05/04/2016 9510
Brian Behnam Onbirbak, M.D.Inactive05/04/2016 25730
Vinette Zabriskie, M.D.Expired05/03/2016 11930
Jeremy Brian Toms, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 48426
Henry John Abrams, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 11595
Peter Richard Stephen Thomas, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 5773
Joel Saul Blumberg, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 44261
Irene Waithira Cruite, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 49064
Vinita Mathur, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 48564
John Joseph Schmidt, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016Pueblo, CO14633
Vijay V. Kumar, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 24904
James Dwayne Pickett, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 13709
Paul Henry Fransen, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016Newton, KS16907
Jeffrey Lynn Payne, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 33481
Bruce Giles Wolff, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 17501
Jayson Scott Brower, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 36587
Burton Stewart Schwartz, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 26857
Stuart Barton, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 5013
Paul Allen Huhn, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016Fargo, ND19858
Jack Elliot Zigler, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016Plano, TX30662
Ronald Jay Tickman, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 45783
Gordon Thomas Campbell, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 14428
Andrew John Gulbis, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016 47027
Richard Don Guyer, M.D.Cancelled05/02/2016Plano, TX28939
Pacita Rubio Coss, M.D.Expired05/02/2016Hattiesburg, MS5754
Ricardo Andres Hernandez, M.D.Expired05/02/2016 41730
Eugene Yale Mar, M.D.Expired05/02/2016 22839
Mark Ira Brachfeld, M.D.Expired05/02/2016 12700
Joann B. Fineman, M.D.Expired05/02/2016 14513
Michael Jerome Pitt, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016Birmingham, AL6367
Ronald Sigmund David, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016 10065
Joy Carol Bunt, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016 23978
Barbara Ann Bruno, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016Prescott, AZ13164
Syed Mashooq Ahmad, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016Westland, MI16177
John Edwin Akers, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016 17397
Judith Eileen Tuck, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016 21698
Howard Stearns Young, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016 8727
David Lee Cherney, M.D.Inactive05/02/2016 13896
Nora Imad Bassiouni, M.D.Expired05/01/2016 47244
Nancy S Knudsen, M.D.Expired05/01/2016 50836
Erica Michelle Lindsey, M.D.Expired05/01/2016 46331
Robert Iles Sandifur, M.D.Expired05/01/2016 9758
Chaim Jacob Margolin, M.D.Expired05/01/2016 42204
Phillip James Fairbourn, M.D.Expired05/01/2016 46237
Louis Albelda, M.D.Expired05/01/2016 10377
Robert Mark Stroup, M.D.Expired05/01/2016 48647
Enrique Andres Suarez, M.D.Expired04/30/2016 8057
Jarin Kent Leavitt, M.D.Expired04/30/2016 48493
Newton Antonio Faria Sampaio, M.D.Expired04/29/2016Glendale, AZ10975
Stephen J Portz, M.D.Expired04/29/2016 27997
Edward Joseph James, M.D.Expired04/29/2016 38201
Lisa Ann White, M.D.Expired04/29/2016 49408
Lewis Benny Almaraz, M.D.Expired04/28/2016 38010
Juan Ignacio Litvan Altmann, M.D.Expired04/28/2016 48595
Charles Louis Raison, M.D.Expired04/27/2016 45842
Leon Miller, M.D.Expired04/27/2016Millersburg, OH16955
Florencia Georgina Que, M.D.Expired04/27/2016 24844
Frank Ojo Dania, M.D.Expired04/27/2016 41385
Benjamin Lewis Franc, M.D.Expired04/26/2016 43960
Marissa Ann Fiore, M.D.Expired04/26/2016 40497
Fariba Shah, M.D.Expired04/26/2016 48174
Heidi Purea Sarabia, M.D.Expired04/25/2016 45018
Wayne Keith Watson, M.D.Expired04/24/2016 43840
Rashad Aboul-Nasr, M.D.Expired04/24/2016 29148
Michael Ernst Rollemann Habicht, M.D.Expired04/23/2016 49406
Macario De Jesus Riveros, M.D.Deceased04/21/2016 8395
Ben J. Wilson, M.D.Deceased04/21/2016 15376
Alois Falkenstein, M.D.Deceased04/21/2016Mesa, AZ10925
Donald John Mc Farlane, M.D.Deceased04/21/2016Tucson, AZ7901
Stewart Robert Gorney, M.D.Deceased04/21/2016 10650
Martin Evan Glasser, M.D.Deceased04/21/2016 36186
Christopher John Roberts, M.D.Deceased04/21/2016 11292
Roger Tracy Wyatt, M.D.Expired04/21/2016 51052
Jonathan Ernest Clain, M.D.Expired04/21/2016 24288
Albert Russell Klekers, M.D.Expired04/21/2016 48483
Judith Shay, M.D.Expired04/21/2016 35011
Thomas Martin Boyle, M.D.Expired04/21/2016 44014
Benjamin Anthony Gonzalez, M.D.Expired04/20/2016 48155
Brian Peter Letts, M.D.Expired04/20/2016 16669
David Eaton Dines, M.D.Expired04/20/2016Paradise Valley, AZ14511
Paul Marchand, M.D.Renewal Deficient04/20/2016 46663
Marc Charles Brown, M.D.Expired04/19/2016Phoenix, AZ11258
Marcos Antonio Hernandez Roman, M.D.Expired04/19/2016 48799
Yusuf Hassan, M.D.Expired04/19/2016 44102
Nina Rosano, M.D.Expired04/18/2016 47136
Rose Quy Do, M.D.Expired04/18/2016 37155
John Patterson Kemph, M.D.Expired04/18/2016 26847
Jorge Alberto Ramirez, M.D.Expired04/18/2016 33884
Jeremy Nelson Hughes, M.D.Expired04/17/2016 43122
Otto Stronach Shill, M.D.Expired04/17/2016 4740
Culley K. Christensen, M.D.Expired04/17/2016Scottsdale, AZ8464
Elie Klam, M.D.Expired04/17/2016 37197
Amro Maher Stino, M.D.Expired04/17/2016 49159
Judy K. Munyon Parton, M.D.Expired04/16/2016Nevada, MO6965
Gerard Dean Grau, M.D.Expired04/16/2016 8697
Muhammad Fahad Khan, M.D.Expired04/15/2016 42767
Michael Mario Di Iorio, M.D.Expired04/14/2016 41751
Veronique Poulin, M.D.Expired04/14/2016 42250
Eva Lynne Zimmerman, M.D.Expired04/14/2016Salt Lake City, UT24124
Martin Christopher Sheehy, M.D.Expired04/13/2016Phoenix, AZ13717
Karen Anne Miller, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 27474
Merlin Stanley Puterbaugh, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 30316
Paul Clement Janicki, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 26090
Thomas Sutherland DaVee, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 6880
Dale Thomas Landry, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 48911
Karen Anne Reardon, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 21240
Jeffrey Mark Thompson, M.D.Expired04/13/2016Rochester, MN20033
Helen Marie Danahey, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 41045
Daniel Erwin Stobbe, M.D.Expired04/13/2016Fresno, CA32701
Arti J Amin, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 43232
Kellen Thomas Galster, M.D.Expired04/13/2016 49622
Laurilyn Dee Helmers, M.D.Deceased04/12/2016 24565
Mark Burnette Wall, M.D.Expired04/12/2016Santa Monica, CA40392
Suzanne Mae Hall, M.D.Expired04/12/2016 46801
Michael James Moore, M.D.Expired04/12/2016 10112
Weston Wayne Whittington, M.D.Expired04/12/2016 43106
Victor Manuel Mendoza-Fernandez, M.D.Expired04/11/2016Lakeside, CA27145
Steven Tzu-Ann Lin, M.D.Expired04/10/2016 34917
Kevin Kyle Raymer, M.D.Expired04/10/2016 44721
Richard Joseph Holecek, M.D.Expired04/10/2016 27449
Malcolm Irving Bull, M.D.Expired04/09/2016 31145
Alaaeldin Ahmed Babiker, M.D.Surrendered04/07/2016 28043
Mark Alan Wellek, M.D.Surrendered04/07/2016Phoenix, AZ6416
Maya Eladia Sanchez-Rotunno, M.D.Expired04/06/2016 50695
Crispino S Santos, M.D.Expired04/06/2016 44282
Epiphanes Kevork Balian, M.D.Expired04/06/2016 7062
Ann Steciw, M.D.Expired04/05/2016Chattanooga, TN33816
Pouya Mohajer, M.D.Expired04/05/2016 42513
Stephen David Landaker, M.D.Expired04/03/2016 20221
Joseph Allen Kovarik, M.D.Expired04/02/2016Rapid City, SD24620
Ara Jenevizian, M.D.Expired03/31/2016 48120
Eric Paul Hoffman, M.D.Expired03/31/2016 42244
Thomas Joshua Baker, M.D.Expired03/30/2016 47276
William Wing Elsaesser, M.D.Expired03/30/2016 45964
Luis Alfonso Coppelli, M.D.Expired03/30/2016 9535
Alan Arthur Schapker, M.D.Expired03/30/2016Phoenix, AZ8311
Andreia Moraes Acuna, M.D.Expired03/29/2016 43112
Sherif Fikry Amin Algendy, M.D.Expired03/29/2016 31754
Lars Thomas Conway, M.D.Cancelled03/28/2016 46899
Michael Monte Christie, M.D.Cancelled03/28/2016 14329
Thomas Edward Kennedy, M.D.Expired03/28/2016 45935
Oliver James Stanton, M.D.Expired03/26/2016 46070
Keith Allen Kerr, M.D.Expired03/26/2016 43433
David Arlo Russell, M.D.Expired03/26/2016 37380
Darien David Cohen, M.D.Expired03/26/2016 48454
Richard Lee Stowell, M.D.Expired03/25/2016 48801
Herbert Johnson Louis, M.D.Deceased03/24/2016 3277
Kenneth Barry Desser, M.D.Deceased03/24/2016 5799
Betty Jo Grajeda, M.D.Deceased03/24/2016 26549
Bruce Howard Shelton, M.D.Deceased03/24/2016Phoenix, AZ7101
Stewart William Van Hoosear, M.D.Deceased03/24/2016Tempe, AZ8987
Ida Washington, M.D.Expired03/24/2016 41772
Kenneth Michael Bailey, M.D.Expired03/24/2016 42566
Asim Rahman, M.D.Expired03/24/2016 45081
Irene Cristiya Vega Zarraga, M.D.Inactive03/24/2016 40930
Richard Herbert Wheeler, M.D.Inactive03/24/2016 23755
Mashallah Moshrefzadeh, M.D.Expired03/23/2016Sun City, AZ15724
Ronald Jerome Cavanagh, M.D.Cancelled03/22/2016 27402
Lee F. Fletcher, M.D.Cancelled03/22/2016 36683
Carmencita Japlit Coronel, M.D.Cancelled03/22/2016 22658
Don Thieu Tran, M.D.Cancelled03/22/2016 44432
Mai Theresa Russell, M.D.Cancelled03/22/2016 36949
David Jack Soffa, M.D.Cancelled03/22/2016Deerfield, IL35090
Mohammed Sami Saleh Alzoubaidi, M.D.Expired03/22/2016 45155
Saravanan Balamuthusamy, M.D.Expired03/22/2016 43632
Leonardo Rangel Castilla, M.D.Expired03/22/2016 47127
Dennis Christopher McIntosh, M.D.Expired03/22/2016 32389
David Henry Winston, M.D.Inactive03/22/2016 9061
Leonard Joel Kirschner, M.D.Inactive03/22/2016 15361
Debbra Jean Sirmans, M.D.Cancelled03/21/2016 27039
Andrew Josef Fink, M.D.Cancelled03/21/2016 45697
Carmelita Hernane Mapoy, M.D.Cancelled03/21/2016 47860
Shobha N. Patel, M.D.Cancelled03/21/2016 8025
Samuel Eduardo Rivera, M.D.Cancelled03/21/2016 29798
James Alan Delperdang, M.D.Cancelled03/21/2016Okoboji, IA11484
Christopher Foley Dowd, M.D.Cancelled03/21/2016 22633
Anne-Marie Warner, M.D.Cancelled03/21/2016 33298
Michael Paul Pash, M.D.Expired03/21/2016 18574
Michael John Glynn, M.D.Expired03/21/2016 19728
Chirag Chandulal Vyas, M.D.Expired03/21/2016 30540
Farhat Khan, M.D.Expired03/20/2016 38016
Cherie Jean Hayostek, M.D.Expired03/20/2016 20568
Karina Cymes, M.D.Expired03/18/2016 46929
Robert Cyril Laliberte, M.D.Expired03/18/2016 29462
Karen Jean Enockson, M.D.Expired03/18/2016 23650
Danny Stewart Downs, M.D.Deceased03/17/2016 25306
Dana Marie Lee, M.D.Expired03/17/2016Kamuela, HI20004
Otis Christopher Colvin, M.D.Expired03/17/2016 47215
Fredie Colon Diaz, M.D.Expired03/17/2016 46202
Harold Charles Seim, M.D.Deceased03/16/2016 26255
James Francis Sullivan, M.D.Deceased03/16/2016 3986
Nicholas Luke Kramolc, M.D.Expired03/16/2016 9553
Steve Lamont Meeks, M.D.Expired03/16/2016 50448
Evan Hirsch, M.D.Expired03/15/2016 43001
Patricia Eden Fernandez Millan, M.D.Expired03/14/2016 41622
Neal Irwin Gimbel, M.D.Expired03/14/2016 10350
Peter Y. Lee, M.D.Expired03/13/2016Peoria, AZ28340
Marco Antonio Sobrino, M.D.Expired03/12/2016 40371
Charles Martin Bunke, M.D.Expired03/12/2016 29639
Phillip Wayne Curtis, M.D.Expired03/11/2016 37096
Diljeet Kaur Singh, M.D.Expired03/11/2016 45806
Kevan Earl Ketterling, M.D.Expired03/11/2016 47379
Marie Angeli C. Adamczyk, M.D.Expired03/11/2016 23352
Susan Brindamour Fleming, M.D.Surrendered03/11/2016 14840
Jeanne Park Zenge, M.D.Suspended E03/11/2016 30448
Antonio Teodoro Planas, M.D.Expired03/10/2016Orlando, FL34613
Tarek Alhamad, M.D.Expired03/10/2016 47214
Phillip Emerson Fry, M.D.Expired03/10/2016Phoenix, AZ5325
Christine Marie Davis, M.D.Expired03/09/2016 27239
Daniel Joseph Dire, M.D.Expired03/09/2016 48463
Andrew Bruce Campbell, M.D.Expired03/09/2016 36129
Hoang Chau Thi Nguyen, M.D.Expired03/08/2016 44213
Eric John Lantz, M.D.Expired03/08/2016Rochester, MN25343
Deborah Helene Kramer, M.D.Inactive03/07/2016 21842
Andrew Lawrence Griffin, M.D.Expired03/06/2016 48023
Hong Thanh Dang, M.D.Expired03/06/2016 40005
Philip Turner Stoffel, M.D.Expired03/05/2016 44742
Verena Hug, M.D.Expired03/04/2016 44286
Fredric Arlen Stern, M.D.Expired03/04/2016Bellevue, WA37142
Rajan Kirit Patel, M.D.Expired03/04/2016 49623
Frank Anthony Yarussi, M.D.Expired03/03/2016 37730
Murray Michael Pollack, M.D.Expired03/02/2016 37327
Alan James Wright, M.D.Expired03/02/2016 18582
Harry Yee Kau Lum, M.D.Expired03/02/2016 9658
Ruth Gretchen Nelson, M.D.Inactive03/02/2016Tucson, AZ8303
Govind Mukundan, M.D.Expired03/01/2016 44003
John Thomas Collins, M.D.Expired03/01/2016 13528
Colleen Ann Landry, M.D.Expired03/01/2016 40938
George Malki Massoud, M.D.Expired03/01/2016Alamogordo, NM32038
Raul Jose Lopez, M.D.Expired03/01/2016 49008
Joseph King Hindman, M.D.Expired02/28/2016 16831
Robert Louis Trapasso, M.D.Expired02/28/2016 35467
Rebecca Therese Conrad, M.D.Expired02/28/2016 36962
Lee Steven Segal, M.D.Expired02/28/2016Phoenix, AZ37451
Mark Harold Enker, M.D.Expired02/28/2016 42205

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