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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 07/03/2016 - 10/01/2016 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Kelly Ray Will, M.D.Expired09/30/2016 48904
Pratish Ajay Shah, M.D.Expired09/30/2016 48101
Anne Kristin Beasley, M.D.Expired09/29/2016 43030
Denis Lee Beaudoing, M.D.Expired09/29/2016 27386
David Seaman Colville, M.D.Expired09/28/2016 19142
Ben Carter Robinson, M.D.Expired09/28/2016 32119
Robert Nadol, M.D.Expired09/27/2016 34350
Daniel James Threat, M.D.Expired09/27/2016 43776
Garrett Graham Ward, M.D.Expired09/27/2016 49253
Sara Lacaria, M.D.Expired09/26/2016 48917
Steve Sanghoon Chung, M.D.Expired09/26/2016 30517
Ambrish Keshavchandra Dalal, M.D.Expired09/26/2016 37962
Craig Robert Metzger, M.D.Expired09/26/2016Phoenix, AZ12777
David Blaine Munce, M.D.Expired09/26/2016Sioux Falls, SD25416
Kutaiba Tabbaa, M.D.Expired09/25/2016 30276
Amit Mukesh Patel, M.D.Expired09/25/2016 49835
Siamak Amir Rahimi, M.D.Expired09/23/2016 26033
Robert Gaines Wilson, M.D.Inactive09/23/2016Carefree, AZ33518
Sudheer Penupolu, M.D.Expired09/22/2016 45744
Steven Marc Back, M.D.Expired09/21/2016 30855
Edward Michael Kasun, M.D.Expired09/21/2016 11043
Guy Clifton Cary, M.D.Deceased09/20/2016Sierra Vista, AZ19818
Stephanie Anne Freeman, M.D.Expired09/20/2016 47186
Troy Ayrrom Dowers, M.D.Expired09/19/2016 40816
Som Kohanzadeh, M.D.Expired09/19/2016 49833
Lirio Sarmiento Polintan, M.D.Expired09/19/2016 13146
Arpana Gopal Tewari, M.D.Renewal Deficient09/19/2016 40232
Maryam Sally Hadiashar, M.D.Expired09/18/2016 41054
William Stephen Gross, M.D.Expired09/17/2016 40456
Lance Ira Ray, M.D.Expired09/16/2016 24076
Natalie Christine Rodden, M.D.Expired09/16/2016 49998
George Thomas Bolton, M.D.Expired09/15/2016 43980
George Martin Zawadowski, M.D.Expired09/15/2016 47389
Amy Scamman Smith, M.D.Expired09/14/2016 23128
Christopher Michael Mileto, M.D.Expired09/13/2016 50139
Jeremiah Lukas Jeffers, M.D.Expired09/12/2016 50327
Michael Edmond Reardon, M.D.Expired09/12/2016 45929
Yusuf Tumuti Mathai, M.D.Expired09/12/2016 46593
Tracy Bialy Evans, M.D.Expired09/12/2016 42328
Quan Zhao, M.D.Expired09/11/2016 44688
Jorge Fernando Robles, M.D.Expired09/11/2016El Centro, CA24423
Heather Elizabeth Smith, M.D.Expired09/11/2016Glendale, AZ30698
Christine Tsu Norred Gal, M.D.Expired09/11/2016 34897
William Stanley Buchanan, M.D.Expired09/11/2016Sterling, CO8142
Nicholas James Soldo, M.D.Expired09/10/2016 8166
Toby C. Yaltho, M.D.Expired09/09/2016 42621
Eric Ernest Prommer, M.D.Expired09/09/2016Phoenix, AZ36088
Sirpa Annette Tavakoli, M.D.Expired09/08/2016 43976
Laurel Jacqueline Barr, M.D.Expired09/08/2016 48343
Robert Carl Williams, M.D.Expired09/07/2016 31354
James Robert Smith, M.D.Expired09/06/2016 34999
Gregory George White, M.D.Expired09/06/2016 42774
Merlin Wayne Kampfer, M.D.Expired09/06/2016Santa Fe, NM3185
Bruce London Weinberger, M.D.Expired09/06/2016 8341
Thomas Kenneth Murray, M.D.Expired09/05/2016 47516
David George Rockwell Balch, M.D.Expired09/04/2016 38051
Rebecca Anastasia Hill, M.D.Expired09/04/2016 32220
Enrico Joseph Stazzone, M.D.Expired09/04/2016Saint Louis, MO31283
William Nicholas Maniatis, M.D.Expired09/04/2016 18039
William Richard Shapiro, M.D.Expired09/02/2016Phoenix, AZ18783
Roger Earl Johnsonbaugh, M.D.Expired09/02/2016 23605
Mohammad Annaba, M.D.Expired09/02/2016 36105
Tuan-Anh Thi Nguyen, M.D.Expired08/31/2016 43683
Arun Dasgupta Sherma, M.D.Expired08/31/2016 33509
Ritu Cheema, M.D.Expired08/30/2016 44569
Gladston Randall Hackett, M.D.Expired08/30/2016 51069
Kenneth Bradford Mathis, M.D.Expired08/30/2016 27891
Constantine Audeh, M.D.Deceased08/29/2016 20953
Terry Allan Blair, M.D.Expired08/29/2016 11411
Chirag H Modi, M.D.Expired08/29/2016 46940
Baishali Bhattacharya, M.D.Expired08/29/2016 41392
Timothy Patrick Hoskins, M.D.Expired08/29/2016 44323
Arturo Magsino Ylagan, M.D.Expired08/29/2016 13264
Fred Edward Brickman, M.D.Expired08/28/2016 9896
Nauman Hamid, M.D.Expired08/28/2016 45660
Lance Edward Leclere, M.D.Expired08/28/2016 49011
George Randolph Edmonson, M.D.Expired08/27/2016 40949
Ronald Wayne Thomason, M.D.Expired08/27/2016 37022
Ajmal Aziz Sultan, M.D.Suspended E08/27/2016 46001
Gordon Lee Woods, M.D.Expired08/26/2016 32063
Leland Jay Jackson, M.D.Expired08/26/2016Camillus, NY18795
Eric James Noel, M.D.Deceased08/25/2016 34708
Gary Steven Christensen, M.D.Renewal Deficient08/24/2016 14081
Philip John DiGiacomo, M.D.Expired08/23/2016 50735
Peter David Holt, M.D.Expired08/22/2016 33504
Ellen Hope Siepser, M.D.Expired08/22/2016 42168
Paul Lewis Enright, M.D.Expired08/22/2016 20860
Robert Steven Burnstein, M.D.Expired08/21/2016 8997
Casey Kenneth Collins, M.D.Expired08/21/2016 43500
Michaela Hyunjoo Tong, M.D.Expired08/21/2016 31497
Ira Wayne Freilich, M.D.Expired08/21/2016 49733
Daniel Joseph Sedillo, M.D.Expired08/20/2016 29069
Mehdi Seyed Emam, M.D.Expired08/20/2016 49519
Thomas Patrick Belson, M.D.Expired08/19/2016Waukesha, WI8806
Adil R. Mazhar, M.D.Expired08/19/2016 31333
Neal Chhitu Patel, M.D.Expired08/19/2016 44232
Manar Al-Asad, M.D.Expired08/19/2016 49905
David John Sacco, M.D.Expired08/18/2016 46901
Joseph Vincent Missett, M.D.Deceased08/17/2016 37879
Steven Mark Gitt, M.D.Deceased08/17/2016Phoenix, AZ17134
Conrad Wittram, M.D.Expired08/17/2016 37056
William Marcus Brann, M.D.Expired08/17/2016 42943
Danny Lee Keiller, M.D.Expired08/16/2016San Diego, CA10959
Daniel Wee, M.D.Expired08/16/2016 48811
Gary Alan Hafer, M.D.Expired08/16/2016 12690
Matthew James Thompson, M.D.Expired08/15/2016 49007
Michael Jeffrey Trynosky, M.D.Expired08/15/2016Amarillo, TX25864
Rafael Nadim Mendoza, M.D.Suspended08/15/2016 27652
Kasra Attaran Rezaei, M.D.Expired08/14/2016 45861
Fernando Jose Torres Tondato, M.D.Expired08/13/2016 42997
Stephen Morrell Lantz, M.D.Expired08/12/2016 4947
Michael Joseph Ferenc, M.D.Expired08/12/2016 34550
Eldon Sherman Reed, M.D.Expired08/12/2016 5239
Kirk William Foster, M.D.Expired08/12/2016 48342
Nicholas James Kroll, M.D.Expired08/12/2016 50514
John Haastrup, M.D.Expired08/11/2016 37733
Carlo Meola, M.D.Expired08/11/2016 24543
Junyi Lei, M.D.Expired08/10/2016 40127
Yen-Yi Peng, M.D.Expired08/10/2016 50114
Franz Ricky Hinojosa, M.D.Expired08/10/2016 51412
Sarika Rohatgi, M.D.Expired08/09/2016 51149
Thomas Scott Spencer, M.D.Expired08/09/2016 41026
Sue Beruti, M.D.Expired08/09/2016 46300
Andrew Timothy Sledd, M.D.Expired08/09/2016 49252
Bradly Jon Narr, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016Rochester, MN17491
Michael David Kirsch, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 40132
Richard William Casey, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 41134
Alan Scott Krimsley, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 13579
Mary Elizabeth King, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 24538
Colin Andrew Ross, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016Richardson, TX31979
Lisa Nguyen Kransdorf, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 47273
Mark Masahiro Kumamoto, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016Santa Ana, CA19231
Merri Beth Morris, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 16271
Richard Claude Huff, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 9982
Devyani Subhash Raval, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 19390
Charles Arthur Tommie Foreman, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 30951
Gregory Scott McNabb, M.D.Cancelled08/08/2016 46778
Carlos Alberto Ricotti, M.D.Expired08/08/2016Warren, OH30506
Oluwagbenga Serrano, M.D.Expired08/08/2016 29877
Ratan Dev Bhardwaj, M.D.Expired08/08/2016 44801
Scott Lindsay Mataoa, M.D.Expired08/08/2016 48759
James Alfred Schnur, M.D.Inactive08/08/2016Phoenix, AZ11405
Richard Lewis Donnerstein, M.D.Inactive08/08/2016 15414
William Louis Bunting, M.D.Inactive08/08/2016 3662
Sterling Wagner Simpson, M.D.Expired08/07/2016 45497
Barry David Birch, M.D.Expired08/07/2016Phoenix, AZ25717
Octavio Javier Vidal, M.D.Expired08/07/2016 32673
Gyoung Jae Park, M.D.Expired08/06/2016 34521
Michael Rooney Waldrum, M.D.Expired08/06/2016 47418
Jarron Israel Tilghman, M.D.Expired08/06/2016 47698
Jennifer Celesa Beaudreau, M.D.Cancelled08/05/2016 31002
Shakeel Aziz Kahn, M.D.Emergency Suspension08/05/2016 37896
Douglas Edward Borg, M.D.Expired08/05/2016 22498
Giuseppe Paul Tarulli, M.D.Expired08/05/2016Weston, ON21325
Janet Chie Nakamura, M.D.Expired08/05/2016 48379
Robert Michael Fisher, M.D.Expired08/05/2016 10123
Jose Antonio Sosa-Roche, M.D.Surrendered08/05/2016 18643
Edward Gilbert Blankstein, M.D.Surrendered08/05/2016Tempe, AZ10529
Bertrand Janne D'Othee, M.D.Cancelled08/04/2016 49768
Ned Stanley Stoughton, M.D.Cancelled08/04/2016 34791
Janice Bebe Dorn, M.D.Cancelled08/04/2016 15548
Gordon Silas Tekell, M.D.Deceased08/04/2016 7235
Ijaz Ibrahim Arshad, M.D.Deceased08/04/2016 45566
Peter D. Franklin, M.D.Deceased08/04/2016 28410
David Alan Rath, M.D.Deceased08/04/2016 17545
Kenneth Eugene Johnson, M.D.Deceased08/04/2016 7645
Rice Cowan Leach, M.D.Deceased08/04/2016 16050
Todd Edward Lang, M.D.Deceased08/04/2016 32370
Michael Rollin Manning, M.D.Deceased08/04/2016Tucson, AZ10137
Mohammad Yaseen Pathan, M.D.Expired08/04/2016 45377
Michael Stewart Spicer, M.D.Expired08/04/2016 25027
Ralph Charles Giorno, M.D.Expired08/04/2016 29917
Brian Emil Syska, M.D.Cancelled08/03/2016 42892
Anita P. Singh, M.D.Cancelled08/03/2016 24520
Joseph Sentef, M.D.Cancelled08/03/2016 46233
Craig Hampton Robson, M.D.Cancelled08/03/2016 49837
Kevin John Moore, M.D.Expired08/03/2016Zanesville, OH29955
Raoul Ben Berke, M.D.Expired08/03/2016 42780
Stanley Jerome Oliverius, M.D.Inactive08/03/2016 16120
Bryan Jeffrey Ebert, M.D.Expired08/02/2016 42421
Heidi A Kabler, M.D.Expired08/02/2016 42893
Peggy Anne Finston, M.D.Expired08/02/2016 14652
Annette My Ho, M.D.Expired08/02/2016 45390
Melvyn Alan Chase, M.D.Expired08/02/2016 8330
James Ross Taggart, M.D.Expired08/02/2016 35397
Diane Marie Park, M.D.Deceased08/01/2016 32107
David Price Kraft, M.D.Expired08/01/2016 43585
Sunil K Darbari, M.D.Expired08/01/2016 46416
Mandeep Kaur Kingra, M.D.Expired07/30/2016 43401
Thomas Mc Elroy Moote, M.D.Deceased07/29/2016Peoria, AZ13005
Rita Kapoor, M.D.Expired07/29/2016 48824
Heather Maude Linn, M.D.Expired07/29/2016 44881
Gary W. Langston, M.D.Expired07/28/2016 28907
Radha Inampudi, M.D.Expired07/28/2016 47371
Wenping Li, M.D.Expired07/28/2016 49580
Cynthia Marie Ripsin, M.D.Suspended E07/28/2016 48541
Preethi Sural, M.D.Expired07/27/2016 49689
Nicole Devon Johnson, M.D.Suspended E07/27/2016 45635
Marc Allen Sachs, M.D.Expired07/26/2016 45389
Huthayfa Afif Ateeli, M.D.Expired07/25/2016 49072
Thomas Eliot Bittker, M.D.Expired07/25/2016 7063
Harriet Kose Kayanja, M.D.Expired07/25/2016 46887
Saira J George, M.D.Expired07/24/2016 43245
John Joseph Houston, M.D.Expired07/24/2016 7442
Carol Lynn Barlow, M.D.Expired07/24/2016 16611
Spencer Scott Heaton, M.D.Expired07/23/2016 42957
Clifford Omar Brown, M.D.Expired07/23/2016Indio, CA37148
Christopher James Sorensen, M.D.Expired07/23/2016 46117
Wendy Anne Angelo, M.D.Expired07/23/2016 48304
Thomas J. La Placa, M.D.Expired07/22/2016 35856
Hani Hojjati, M.D.Expired07/22/2016 50756
Thomas Walter Bauch, M.D.Inactive07/22/2016 24557
Daniel Thomas Matulich, M.D.Cancelled07/21/2016 25349
David Ian Shapiro, M.D.Cancelled07/21/2016 22861
Shailesh Kumar Shankerbhai Patel, M.D.Cancelled07/21/2016 17376
John Randall Griffin, M.D.Cancelled07/21/2016 46997
Marla Anne Reckart, M.D.Cancelled07/21/2016 18709
Louis Joong Kim, M.D.Cancelled07/21/2016 35469
Sharon Steele Burton, M.D.Cancelled07/21/2016 47773
Howard Sherman, M.D.Expired07/21/2016 4601
Kevin David Gustafson, M.D.Expired07/21/2016Minneapolis, MN18448
Jean Raphael Schneider, M.D.Expired07/21/2016 44880
William Patrick Lawless, M.D.Inactive07/21/2016 25246
Jeffrey Earl Arnold, M.D.Inactive07/21/2016Cottonwood, AZ14852
John Lyle Jensen, M.D.Inactive07/21/2016 13293
Darryl Roland Stern, M.D.Inactive07/21/2016 7513
Maureen Elizabeth Mc Keighan Thompson, M.D.Inactive07/21/2016 15889
Milton Barry Randall, M.D.Expired07/20/2016 37537
Geoffrey Ansel Agrons, M.D.Expired07/19/2016 46950
Steven Schmidt, M.D.Expired07/18/2016 18140
Andrew Lewis Zak, M.D.Expired07/18/2016 44067
William Neelis Harrington, M.D.Expired07/18/2016 46384
Abbas Hussain A Alalawi, M.D.Expired07/17/2016 46895
Meekile Nathan Goya Mason, M.D.Expired07/17/2016 47729
David Lawrence Belding Eldredge, M.D.Expired07/17/2016 42612
Mina Magdy Zakhary, M.D.Expired07/17/2016 49633
David William Forest, M.D.Expired07/16/2016 27504
Andrea Michelle McGonigle, M.D.Expired07/15/2016 48648
Gaurav Tandon, M.D.Expired07/15/2016 40425
Don Charles Loomer, M.D.Expired07/15/2016 43944
Janis Bacon Petzel, M.D.Expired07/15/2016 47023
Echezona Anunobi, M.D.Expired07/15/2016 49707
Eileen McVey, M.D.Cancelled07/14/2016 47816
Marcia Hogeling, M.D.Expired07/13/2016 45620
Michael Robert Philipps, M.D.Expired07/13/2016 31626
William Samuel Stone, M.D.Expired07/12/2016 3626
Philip Burton Serlin, M.D.Expired07/12/2016 6383
Christopher David Nahm, M.D.Expired07/12/2016 11516
James William Melisi, M.D.Expired07/11/2016 43648
Imad Musa Al-Basha, M.D.Expired07/11/2016Rockford, IL16896
Charles Archibald Tompkins, M.D.Expired07/11/2016 6198
Patrick David Brady, M.D.Suspended E07/10/2016 45998
Kenneth Robert Fraser, M.D.Expired07/07/2016 7913
Jeffrey Shih-Wei Kuo, M.D.Expired07/07/2016 43950
Raymond Kuen Hung, M.D.Expired07/07/2016 35071
Alison Kara Adams, M.D.Expired07/06/2016 37373
Richard Lee Austin, M.D.Expired07/06/2016 49952
Rosa Ivelisse Colon Guzman, M.D.Expired07/05/2016 24405
Shannon Kathleen Gust, M.D.Expired07/04/2016 44887
Romeo Molo Abejuro, M.D.Expired07/04/2016 46866
Robert William Koepke, M.D.Suspended E07/04/2016 7706
Daniel Jonathan Brown, M.D.Expired07/03/2016 47621
Matthew Christian Niesen, M.D.Suspended E07/03/2016 48992

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