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Please read the instructions below carefully before logging in to Renew Online.

1. When indicated, you will be required to submit attached documentation with your renewal application. This could apply in cases where you have been selected for a CME Audit, are required to submit evidence of lawful presence, or are required to submit additional documentation in relation to an application answer. Please follow the prompts throughout the on-line renewal process for instruction pertaining to when additional documentation is required.


Please Note: Should you be required to submit additional documentation, you must attach a copy of the on-line renewal confirmation page along with the additional documents in the same email to the Board staff at If the on-line renewal application is not included with your required supporting documents, your renewal will be considered incomplete and will not be renewed until properly submitted.


2. Check your online profile before beginning and verify its accuracy. Review your Physician Profile before starting process. To view your profile return to home page click on "Doctor Search" - You will then be able to enter your name or scroll down to enter your Arizona license number. If changes to your profile are required other than address and phone number, please email changes to


3. Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard and AMEX are accepted.


4. Upon successful renewal, you will not receive a wallet card as, effective February 14, 2012, the Arizona Medical Board (AMB) no longer issues them. A physician’s AMB website profile is the most reliable way to verify current license status.


Fingerprint Requirements

Beginning on September 2, 2014, all initial and renewal applicants are required to undergo a criminal background check according to A.R.S. § 32-1422(12) and A.R.S. § 32-1430(E). All initial and renewal applicants will receive a packet from the Board that will detail the steps the applicant must take to comply with the fingerprint process. Please note that the fingerprint card is specific and pre-printed for this Board; therefore, the applicant must use the fingerprint card provided by the Board or fingerprint card FD-258 to include the same pre-printed information within each blue box. Fingerprinting can be done at a local police department, sheriff’s office, or an entity that provides fingerprinting services. The applicant should call the entity that provides the fingerprinting service to confirm their availability and payment requirements. The applicant is required to return the fingerprint card along with a check or money order for $50.00 made out to “Arizona Medical Board” together in the return envelope. The fingerprint technician is required to fill out and date the identity verification form, place the identity verification form with the fingerprint card, seal and sign the envelope flap before returning the fingerprint card to the applicant. If applicant forgets to place the check or money order with the fingerprint card, do not reopen the sealed envelope. The applicant can include the check or money order in a separate envelope attached to the return fingerprint card envelope. Failure to return the sealed envelope with the fingerprint technician’s signature across the envelope flap, the fingerprint card, and identity verification form along with the check or money order will result in the delay in the process of your application.

Click here to begin the Online Renewal of your Arizona MD license.