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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 08/24/2014 - 11/22/2014 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Michael Lee Dansinger, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 25855
Michelle Marie McDonald, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 18521
Robert Patrick Rivera, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 18575
Darryl Chuck Ngin Leong, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 35526
Zahia Youssef Esber, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 45670
Sallu Mohamed Jabati, M.D.Expired11/21/2014 36200
Medgar Marcial Moya, M.D.Expired11/21/2014 41671
Eric A Hansen, M.D.Expired11/20/2014 42955
Varoujan Kostanian, M.D.Expired11/18/2014 42505
Jinel Angela Moore Scott, M.D.Expired11/18/2014 41406
John Compagno, M.D.Expired11/17/2014 43130
Dina Eleni Paul, M.D.Expired11/17/2014Pittsburgh, PA37737
Mark Edward Oppenlander, M.D.Expired11/17/2014 45540
Pamela Karla Kulback, M.D.Expired11/16/2014 42544
Richard Anthony Giuffre, M.D.Expired11/16/2014Tucson, AZ13607
Edward Joseph O'Neill, M.D.Expired11/15/2014West Hills, CA5373
Michele Marie Switzer, M.D.Expired11/15/2014 42573
Theodore Izhak Weitz, M.D.Expired11/15/2014 43427
Megan Kathleen Guffey, M.D.Expired11/15/2014 46659
Mark Alan Doyne, M.D.Expired11/14/2014 37862
Gretchen Schlosser Covell, M.D.Expired11/14/2014 44472
Atih Amanda Seif, M.D.Expired11/14/2014 47153
Jay Kenneth Mattheis, M.D.Expired11/12/2014 18921
Ali Javed, M.D.Expired11/12/2014 45459
Raul Juan Rodriguez Sora, M.D.Suspended E11/11/2014 21047
Isaac Michael Minehart, M.D.Expired11/09/2014 21059
Ikechukwu U Emereuwaonu, M.D.Expired11/09/2014 45327
Desiree Carola Spehn-Roland, M.D.Expired11/08/2014 46194
Howard Ian Molitch, M.D.Expired11/08/2014 21531
Howard Bruce Somers, M.D.Expired11/07/2014 11456
Gregory LeGrande Horsley, M.D.Expired11/07/2014 42199
Molly Manning Roberts, M.D.Expired11/07/2014 30042
Thomas James Pokora, M.D.Expired11/07/2014 33646
James Theodore King, M.D.Deceased11/06/2014 42646
Andrea Jane Boon, M.D.Expired11/06/2014Rochester, MN33145
Mark Joseph Russo, M.D.Expired11/06/2014 43715
Susan Rea Griffee, M.D.Expired11/06/2014 48083
Clark Davis Weidaw, M.D.Expired11/05/2014 37628
Laura Marie Carlson, M.D.Expired11/04/2014 34565
Herman Daniel Sloane, M.D.Expired11/03/2014Oak Brook, IL31304
Mohammad Raffat Kh.k Jaber, M.D.Expired11/03/2014 47706
Javier L. Beltran, M.D.Expired11/02/2014Brooklyn, NY32679
Gregory Klisch, M.D.Expired11/02/2014 40407
Allison Peasley Gauthier, M.D.Expired11/02/2014 46579
Chit-Kui Jean, M.D.Expired11/02/2014Bellaire, OH3980
Robert John Noecker, M.D.Expired10/31/2014 21029
Megan Rae Moran, M.D.Expired10/31/2014 48521
Kay Lynne Wood, M.D.Suspended E10/31/2014 44888
Shilpa Begur Shivakumar, M.D.Expired10/30/2014 42426
Norton Andrew Winer, M.D.Expired10/30/2014Beachwood, OH9060
Melina Fernandez Brandt, M.D.Expired10/30/2014 47166
Darin Takeo Okuda, M.D.Expired10/29/2014 30179
David William McDonald, M.D.Expired10/29/2014 44151
Andrew Henry Morchower, M.D.Expired10/28/2014 45295
Michael Matthew Hummel, M.D.Expired10/28/2014 40948
Diane Ruth Newton, M.D.Expired10/28/2014 41451
Kathryn Ann Kelly McQueen, M.D.Expired10/28/2014 21290
Sean O Bryant, M.D.Expired10/28/2014 47269
Jesse C. Selber, M.D.Expired10/27/2014 46620
Mark Everett Boulware, M.D.Expired10/27/2014 44770
Paul Afek, M.D.Expired10/26/2014 23108
John Chervenak, M.D.Expired10/26/2014 9926
Benjamin James Blow, M.D.Expired10/26/2014 48290
Anil Vinay Ravi Date, M.D.Expired10/26/2014 46302
Susan Echt Ritter, M.D.Expired10/23/2014 47613
MohamadSalim Makhdumali Saiyed, M.D.Expired10/23/2014 47372
Jeffrey Todd Allgaier, M.D.Expired10/22/2014 33414
Kanokrat Suksompoth, M.D.Expired10/22/2014 35749
Hena Zafar Khan, M.D.Expired10/22/2014 37383
Kristine Sue Ziemba, M.D.Expired10/22/2014 42179
Alexander Arkadievich Krakovsky, M.D.Expired10/22/2014 41148
Sajish Eapen Jacob, M.D.Expired10/22/2014 47419
Manan Sureshbhai Shukla, M.D.Expired10/21/2014 44248
Joel Osler Brende, M.D.Expired10/21/2014Kansas City, MO29002
Thomas Edward Rachner, M.D.Expired10/20/2014 33842
Shamik Bhadra, M.D.Expired10/20/2014 34335
Kristoffer Richard West, M.D.Expired10/20/2014 45617
Esther Eunhye Oh-Beck, M.D.Expired10/20/2014 44368
Emmanuel Aguilar Nierva, M.D.Expired10/20/2014 48021
Stephanie Colleen Smith, M.D.Expired10/20/2014 46714
Lakshmi Kudalore, M.D.Expired10/20/2014 22742
Matis Aaron Fermaglich, M.D.Expired10/19/2014 6648
James Jefferson Kennedy, M.D.Expired10/19/2014 9790
Tracy Michelle Tomlinson, M.D.Expired10/19/2014 46764
Susan Elizabeth Hoover, M.D.Expired10/19/2014 35363
Anand Velliyur-Nott Rao, M.D.Expired10/18/2014 44374
Mario Fernando Rubin, M.D.Expired10/18/2014 46061
Marjorie Gayle Murphy, M.D.Expired10/18/2014 23955
Reynold Louis Rimoldi, M.D.Expired10/18/2014 46893
Kurtland Ma, M.D.Deceased10/17/2014 45777
Steven Arthur Greenberg, M.D.Expired10/16/2014 37688
Andrzej Thaddeus Dmowski, M.D.Expired10/15/2014 36376
Sterling Rudolph Williamson, M.D.Expired10/15/2014 6420
Rita Lynn Leavell, M.D.Expired10/15/2014 14769
Robert De Mar Anderson, M.D.Expired10/14/2014 29808
Keisha Gaselle Bell, M.D.Expired10/14/2014 43360
Lawrence Norman Frazin, M.D.Expired10/13/2014 3305
Claudio Gustavo Zamorano, M.D.Expired10/13/2014Payson, AZ10019
Robert Joseph Brown, M.D.Expired10/12/2014Chandler, AZ31262
Edwin Harold Kroon, M.D.Expired10/12/2014 43653
Shirisha Rani Janumpally, M.D.Expired10/12/2014 43271
Penina Louise Segall-Gutierrez, M.D.Expired10/12/2014 46641
Angelika Priestley, M.D.Expired10/11/2014 41901
Ajaipal Singh Gill, M.D.Expired10/11/2014 22698
Peter Eugene Christian Forrest, M.D.Expired10/10/2014 12379
Stephen Woodrow Jenkins, M.D.Expired10/09/2014 46664
Leonard Thomas Fielding, M.D.Expired10/08/2014 16697
Richard Tytus, M.D.Expired10/08/2014Hamilton, ON20121
Jason Daniel Michaels, M.D.Expired10/08/2014 44434
Rudy Rodriguez, M.D.Expired10/07/2014 45279
Gaurav Nayyar, M.D.Expired10/07/2014 47390
Adam H Bauer, M.D.Expired10/06/2014 43881
Thomas Paul Evans, M.D.Expired10/06/2014 12687
George Shanlikian, M.D.Expired10/06/2014 47168
David Alan Engelsberg, M.D.Expired10/05/2014 7812
Mary Julia Roach McGee, M.D.Expired10/05/2014Waddell, AZ8474
Alfred Parkhill Hand, M.D.Expired10/05/2014 43457
Michael Eugene James, M.D.Emergency Suspension10/03/2014 24537
Mirela Gramatovici, M.D.Expired10/03/2014 41560
Rashi Varma, M.D.Expired10/03/2014 44740
Jabraan Sajjaad Pasha, M.D.Expired10/03/2014 44466
Janis K. Johnson, M.D.Expired10/03/2014 9603
Kara Beth Marcantel, M.D.Expired10/02/2014 43568
Barbara Marie Rohland, M.D.Expired10/02/2014 46916
David Schwartzwald, M.D.Expired10/02/2014 20434
Saad M. Alsaab, M.D.Expired10/02/2014 46675
Jamilah Laith Farhan Shubeilat, M.D.Expired10/01/2014 46726
Rexford Allan Peterson, M.D.Expired10/01/2014Cerrillos, NM2931
Ryan Samuel Jacobson Vitali, M.D.Expired10/01/2014 46228
Paul Singh Sarai, M.D.Expired10/01/2014 35507
Nirmalji Prahladji Odedra, M.D.Expired09/30/2014 43730
Greg Michael Schroeder, M.D.Expired09/30/2014 21968
Stephen Christiaan Jacobs, M.D.Expired09/29/2014 34704
Paul Edward Stanslaw, M.D.Expired09/28/2014 42587
Eric Joseph Bieber, M.D.Expired09/28/2014 42682
Heidi Lynn Brown, M.D.Expired09/28/2014 27114
Donald Richard Mackay, M.D.Expired09/28/2014Las Vegas, NV8391
Howard Ian Friedman, M.D.Expired09/27/2014Emeryville, CA35372
Gordon Kinsella Ahlers, M.D.Expired09/26/2014 45340
Sisinio T. Lim, M.D.Expired09/25/2014Morton Grove, IL36218
Mae Martinez Dumlao, M.D.Expired09/25/2014 37211
Ismar Cintora, M.D.Expired09/25/2014 10195
Judith Deborah Snell Noel, M.D.Expired09/24/2014 9428
Marlene Grenon, M.D.Expired09/24/2014 41320
Andrew Clark Kronenberg, M.D.Expired09/24/2014 43498
Justine Marion Macneil, M.D.Expired09/24/2014 46235
Tony Joe De Martini, M.D.Expired09/24/2014 47052
Jennifer Anne Theoharis, M.D.Expired09/23/2014 32411
Erol Mario Dalpiaz, M.D.Expired09/22/2014 42991
Itzhak Avital, M.D.Expired09/22/2014 45639
James Harvey Hill, M.D.Expired09/22/2014 47586
John Anton Vidrih, M.D.Expired09/21/2014 44001
Stanley Morton Goldberg, M.D.Expired09/21/2014Minneapolis, MN16909
Robert Theodore Ferrell, M.D.Expired09/20/2014Oakland, CA23810
John James Witek, M.D.Expired09/20/2014 25292
Ludwig Michael Deppisch, M.D.Expired09/19/2014 21254
Henry John Wedig, M.D.Expired09/19/2014Willcox, AZ34978
Laila Wang Holmes, M.D.Expired09/19/2014 40111
David Row, M.D.Expired09/18/2014 43087
Lola Jean Loeb, M.D.Expired09/17/2014 37575
Sherman Michael Axel, M.D.Deceased09/16/2014 4892
Marnie Gibson Lamm, M.D.Expired09/16/2014 43547
Jody Allan Sanchez Junia, M.D.Expired09/15/2014 46935
Jeremy Clyde Racey, M.D.Expired09/14/2014 43215
Meghana Vivek, M.D.Expired09/14/2014 45060
Leo Ivan Wolansky, M.D.Expired09/13/2014 45582
Cecil Cyrus Vaughn, M.D.Expired09/13/2014 3898
Barry Ross Gorlitsky, M.D.Expired09/12/2014 46400
Richard Webster Crowley, M.D.Expired09/12/2014 45687
Gregg Adam Soifer, M.D.Expired09/12/2014 34809
Ralph Tinghan Ho, M.D.Renewal Deficient09/12/2014 36993
Elias Anand Nalli, M.D.Expired09/11/2014 17326
Abram Rafael Mozes, M.D.Expired09/11/2014 44830
Richard Kiraly, M.D.Deceased09/10/2014 4705
Christopher Wood Pergrem, M.D.Expired09/10/2014 30838
William H. Hardesty, M.D.Expired09/10/2014 36734
Mehulaben R Patel, M.D.Expired09/10/2014 47305
Casandra J Rosenberg, M.D.Expired09/09/2014 46794
April Marie Landry, M.D.Expired09/08/2014 42186
Marc Jeffrey Novom, M.D.Expired09/08/2014Milwaukee, WI31417
Gretchen Ann Mc Coy, M.D.Expired09/08/2014Washington, DC16671
Bryan Neil Auerbach, M.D.Expired09/07/2014Tucson, AZ8238
Michael Howard Arredondo, M.D.Expired09/07/2014 40855
James Gilbert Quinn, M.D.Expired09/06/2014 43395
Cheryl Kelly Giles, M.D.Expired09/06/2014 40262
Mona A. Zawaideh, M.D.Expired09/05/2014 33794
Uzma Alam, M.D.Expired09/05/2014 43422
Gerry Banez Copiozo, M.D.Inactive09/05/2014Scottsdale, AZ35288
Young Sin Park, M.D.Inactive09/05/2014 44002
Nubia Porras, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 20242
Kartik Jitendra Shah, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 37719
Michael Steven Mancina, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 33485
Timothy Carl Schwab, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014Long Beach, CA37542
Hessam Mahdavi, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 33814
Sara Elizabeth Jones, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 42793
Zulfiqar Ahmed, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 23620
Steven Bruce Smith, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 24984
Roger Leon Jorgensen, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 5477
Katiuska Dos Santos, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 45711
Mary Ellen Rimsza, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 9987
David H. Dungan, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014Englewood, CO22697
Sanford Jed Holland, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 31184
Harry Prosen, M.D.Cancelled09/04/2014 25353
Edward Jack Sayegh, M.D.Emergency Suspension09/04/2014 40787
Loman Phillip Crutch field Trover, M.D.Expired09/04/2014 46976
Natasa Mihic, M.D.Expired09/04/2014 42520
Hassanain Ali Jassim, M.D.Expired09/04/2014 42178
Alex Ian Fraser, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 46365
Troy Williams, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 8327
Steven Yousuf Karsh, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 23303
Sergei Snegireff, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 7025
Jean Joseph Cadet, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014Ardsley, NY36538
Angelica Paola Duarte, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 48137
John Paul Wohler, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 25661
Alexander V. Kaplan, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014Bronx, NY35892
Stephen Edward Vanourny, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 40799
Franklin Earnest, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 18000
Christina E Kendrick, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 45656
James Walter Howatt, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 30774
Constantine Demetrios Morros, M.D.Inactive09/04/2014 29822
Thomas Blair Matheson, M.D.Expired09/03/2014 19052
Howard Lawrence West, M.D.Expired09/03/2014 46173
Aarti Kaul, M.D.Expired09/03/2014 46404
Richard Lindley Scholl, M.D.Renewal Deficient09/03/2014Mesa, AZ18885
Frances A. Owl-Smith, M.D.Expired09/02/2014Clyde, NC21133
Brian Jeffrey Burns, M.D.Expired09/02/2014 40565
Rakesh Kumar Arora, M.D.Renewal Deficient09/02/2014 40131
Jose Antonio Carrion, M.D.Renewal Deficient09/02/2014 14604
Syed Asad Ali, M.D.Renewal Deficient09/02/2014 44355
Andreas Schilling, M.D.Expired08/31/2014Phoenix, AZ32206
William Albert Deruso, M.D.Expired08/31/2014 44212
David Benn Crawford, M.D.Expired08/31/2014 9099
Cosmin Dobrescu, M.D.Expired08/31/2014 42255
Terry Tyrone Brown, M.D.Expired08/31/2014 45138
Davesh Kumar Sharma, M.D.Expired08/30/2014 45372
Attique Rahman, M.D.Expired08/30/2014 47572
Dominic Alexander Moore, M.D.Expired08/29/2014 44546
Kurt Joseph Griffin, M.D.Expired08/29/2014 35348
Devyani Subhash Raval, M.D.Renewal Deficient08/29/2014 19390
Steven Philip Mann, M.D.Renewal Deficient08/28/2014 43572
Ronald Wain Barnet, M.D.Expired08/27/2014 4674
Mark Lawrence Moody, M.D.Expired08/26/2014 21142
Lynn Damaris Butvidas, M.D.Expired08/26/2014 46844
Sarah Elhag Elhadi, M.D.Expired08/25/2014 46179
James Douglas Anderson, M.D.Expired08/25/2014Tucson, AZ15189
David R. Barron, M.D.Expired08/25/2014Cincinnati, OH34934
Linda Louise Strand, M.D.Expired08/24/2014Wenatchee, WA16874
Sharon Ann Wattley, M.D.Expired08/24/2014San Carlos, AZ32406
Richy Agajanian, M.D.Expired08/24/2014 45450

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