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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 12/22/2016 - 03/22/2017 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Marcelyn Ann Lepique, M.D.Expired03/22/2017 31971
Stacy Lynn Donlon, M.D.Expired03/22/2017 46273
Brittany Lee Shutes, M.D.Expired03/22/2017 48889
Drew Adam Harris, M.D.Expired03/22/2017 46088
Edward Emerson Edgar, M.D.Expired03/21/2017 35421
Sally Page Cargill, M.D.Expired03/21/2017 15526
Barnabas Newton, M.D.Expired03/21/2017 27379
Charles Little Echols, M.D.Expired03/20/2017 5022
Cheryl Lynn Hurd, M.D.Expired03/20/2017 30121
Daniel Lee Coulter, M.D.Expired03/19/2017 47270
James Edward Slattery, M.D.Expired03/17/2017 38188
David Ralph Alexander, M.D.Expired03/17/2017Phoenix, AZ10063
James Robert Cassady, M.D.Expired03/17/2017 15191
Craig Zane Hall, M.D.Expired03/16/2017 14179
Saeed Akhter, M.D.Expired03/16/2017Islamabad40188
Barbara Aileen Cooper, M.D.Expired03/16/2017 16603
Wallace Carleton Fisher, M.D.Deceased03/15/2017 4917
Aileen Frances Har, M.D.Expired03/15/2017 44049
Shih Hao Lin, M.D.Expired03/15/2017 49509
Robert Henry Page, M.D.Renewal Deficient03/15/2017Tempe, AZ7689
Neil Aaron Russakoff, M.D.Deceased03/14/2017Tucson, AZ23015
Ronald Wayne Johnson, M.D.Expired03/14/2017Sells, AZ37033
Meaghan Lynn Khan, M.D.Expired03/14/2017 42237
Julia Lynn Bruce, M.D.Expired03/14/2017 47103
Michael Lee Adix, M.D.Expired03/14/2017 50010
Tamir Abraham Miloh, M.D.Expired03/13/2017 43973
Robert Kevin Kakehashi, M.D.Expired03/13/2017 47229
Tom Jing Lin, M.D.Expired03/12/2017 45012
Chitra Safaya, M.D.Expired03/12/2017 47794
Soofia Mohammad Khan, M.D.Expired03/12/2017 50284
Lyle Dean Vierthaler, M.D.Expired03/11/2017Wichita, KS18093
Shahid Latif, M.D.Expired03/11/2017 30940
Jonathan Andrew Altman, M.D.Expired03/11/2017 49038
Suzanne Beth Harris, M.D.Expired03/10/2017 51245
Lloyd Calhoun Meeks, M.D.Expired03/09/2017 49599
Daniel Edward Laurie, M.D.Expired03/09/2017 50194
Stephen Victor Savran, M.D.Expired03/09/2017 18815
Carrie Ann Hayek, M.D.Renewal Deficient03/09/2017 41734
Lionelle Dudley Wells, M.D.Cancelled03/08/2017 15164
Aristides Paul Assimacopoulos, M.D.Cancelled03/08/2017 45650
Steven Carl Quay, M.D.Expired03/08/2017 45761
Michelle Lynn Cordoba Kissee, M.D.Expired03/08/2017 41885
Truman Doon Wong, M.D.Expired03/07/2017 46275
Edward Bronson Diethrich, M.D.Deceased03/06/2017 6034
Suresh Chandra Bangara, M.D.Expired03/06/2017 37942
Fernando A. Gonzales-Portillo, M.D.Expired03/06/2017 29251
Samuel Rueben Devlin, M.D.Inactive03/06/2017 21500
Sandra Elizabeth Bendeck, M.D.Expired03/05/2017 46581
Janice White Brooks, M.D.Expired03/05/2017 47100
Scott Garret Baginski, M.D.Expired03/04/2017 44200
Francisco Javier Gonzalez, M.D.Expired03/04/2017 34516
Michele Rene Mohr, M.D.Expired03/04/2017 50477
Albert Cecil Diddams, M.D.Expired03/04/2017 25211
Christine Bonah Koo, M.D.Expired03/03/2017 46254
Chung Lee Wong, M.D.Expired03/03/2017 31418
Kenneth Barry Fleisch, M.D.Surrendered03/03/2017 28922
Tristram Glyn Horton, M.D.Surrendered03/03/2017 45637
Ellis Bradley Norsoph, M.D.Expired03/02/2017 44300
Kelly Joseph Zach, M.D.Expired03/02/2017 46048
Rosemarie Anna Matte, M.D.Expired03/02/2017 45812
Mani Ehteshami, M.D.Cancelled03/01/2017 23313
Sarabjit S Bedi, M.D.Expired03/01/2017 47907
Sara Taroumian, M.D.Expired03/01/2017 43546
Bradley Alan Andrews, M.D.Expired03/01/2017 45010
Harold Isenberg, M.D.Expired03/01/2017 12430
Harvey Brumberger, M.D.Expired03/01/2017 24974
James Allen Coil, M.D.Expired03/01/2017 28527
Robert Denton Shaffer, M.D.Expired03/01/2017 35031
Galen Mark Eversole, M.D.Expired03/01/2017 29881
Pallavi Dhirendra Purohit, M.D.Expired02/28/2017 34675
Leland Kehm Reeck, M.D.Expired02/28/2017Show Low, AZ10585
Scott Brennan Hoefer, M.D.Cancelled02/27/2017 36301
Katherine Hennesy McDonnell, M.D.Cancelled02/27/2017 47714
Keith Allen Bengtson, M.D.Cancelled02/27/2017 22781
Carol Tieva Watts, M.D.Cancelled02/27/2017 52789
Eugene Koshkin, M.D.Cancelled02/27/2017 47732
Rodney Shigeo Matsubara, M.D.Cancelled02/27/2017Olympia, WA34697
Ana Maria Vaughan, M.D.Cancelled02/27/2017 47885
Evan Manuel Hersh, M.D.Cancelled02/27/2017 16041
Alice Hai-Ping Fang, M.D.Expired02/27/2017 51273
William Nathan Oates, M.D.Expired02/27/2017 6184
Robert Deane Seaton, M.D.Inactive02/27/2017 45134
Blaine Michael Hannafin, M.D.Expired02/26/2017 35799
Changjun Yue, M.D.Cancelled02/24/2017 48450
Merav Sendowski, M.D.Expired02/23/2017 44267
Rachel Helen Braunstein, M.D.Expired02/22/2017 34365
Lance Keith Runion, M.D.Expired02/22/2017Little Rock, AR36452
Babatunde Gbolade Okuleye, M.D.Expired02/22/2017 45443
Eric August Eason, M.D.Expired02/21/2017 47085
Corliss Cho Yuen Chun, M.D.Expired02/20/2017 20930
Irwin Steinberg, M.D.Expired02/20/2017 6396
Leland Lowell Fairbanks, M.D.Expired02/19/2017 7529
Brian Michael Camazine, M.D.Expired02/19/2017 35301
Gregory Douglas Gessay, M.D.Expired02/19/2017 25240
Kevin Edward Schmidt, M.D.Expired02/18/2017Springfield, MA24091
William Bruce Ethridge, M.D.Expired02/18/2017Yuma, AZ12956
Daniel John Martin, M.D.Expired02/18/2017 48738
Kenneth Lee Kaylor, M.D.Expired02/18/2017 44932
Theodore Denver Coonrod, M.D.Expired02/18/2017 36696
Rebecca Ann Wilkinson, M.D.Expired02/18/2017 50578
Shereaf Walid Talaat Walid, M.D.Expired02/17/2017 47059
Harmohina Bagga, M.D.Expired02/17/2017 41664
Nancy Gogan Beer, M.D.Expired02/17/2017 22183
John Edward Sadler, M.D.Expired02/16/2017 25199
Tala Ramzi Nasr, M.D.Expired02/16/2017 38020
Eun Young Kim, M.D.Expired02/15/2017 48412
Allison Lynn O'Brien, M.D.Expired02/15/2017 43761
Dylan James Witt, M.D.Expired02/15/2017 43979
Kathleen Chen, M.D.Expired02/15/2017 48837
Arnold Ira Roth, M.D.Expired02/15/2017 12898
Erik Anthony Elam, M.D.Expired02/15/2017 17720
Danny Bruce Kilpatrick, M.D.Expired02/14/2017Phoenix, AZ10978
Mahmoud Mohamad Ali El-Sayed, M.D.Expired02/14/2017 48701
Gitakrishna Balakumar, M.D.Expired02/14/2017 35351
Michael Carl Christopher, M.D.Expired02/14/2017Phoenix, AZ27106
Lewis Garvey Smith, M.D.Expired02/13/2017 29277
Jules Eli Harris, M.D.Expired02/13/2017 37960
Liza Maria Rodriguez Jimenez, M.D.Expired02/13/2017 47167
Brenden John Balcik, M.D.Expired02/13/2017 49274
Timothy Howard Trone, M.D.Expired02/13/2017 49726
John David Pflug, M.D.Expired02/13/2017 14826
Richard Stanley Burns, M.D.Expired02/12/2017 32649
Amy E Henkel, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 45356
Christina Isacson, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 45756
Jason Aaron Sokol, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 48514
Roger Paul Bowers, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 37445
Brian Winston Rich, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 42849
Daniel James Murray, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 34985
Joy Nielsen, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 50138
Brent Elwood Saunders, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 16278
Maximilian Samuel Lee, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 42889
Christopher Scott Krejci, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 36431
Brian Gorman, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017Rochester, MN25059
Richard Thomas Blaszak, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 51056
Reed M. Horwitz, M.D.Cancelled02/10/2017 22962
Marvin Bruce Dratler, M.D.Deceased02/10/2017 47857
Manmohan Lall Khurana, M.D.Deceased02/10/2017Torrance, CA19502
Ali Javed, M.D.Deceased02/10/2017 45459
John Franklin Carroll, M.D.Deceased02/10/2017 3914
Gautham Krishna Mallampati, M.D.Expired02/10/2017 36435
Robert Louis Rietschel, M.D.Expired02/10/2017 33463
Craig Eugene Nelson, M.D.Inactive02/10/2017 10418
Linda Lee Granath, M.D.Inactive02/10/2017 34128
Richard Stanley Popeski, M.D.Inactive02/10/2017 11811
William Christian Bucher, M.D.Inactive02/10/2017 6875
David John Francis, M.D.Inactive02/10/2017 7644
Harold Norman Walgren, M.D.Deceased02/09/2017 15798
Anjali Parajuli, M.D.Expired02/09/2017 50817
Glen Henry Strohm, M.D.Expired02/09/2017 11239
Harry Papasozomenos, M.D.Expired02/07/2017 51963
Mark Nathan Rubin, M.D.Expired02/07/2017 43872
John Culver Donaldson, M.D.Deceased02/06/2017Sun City, AZ10489
Mark Foster Hansen, M.D.Expired02/06/2017 30407
Artur De Sa Neto, M.D.Expired02/06/2017 11865
Michael Kane Taylor, M.D.Cancelled02/05/2017 41733
Pamela Susan Lotke, M.D.Expired02/05/2017 30503
Ian Dykins Thomas, M.D.Expired02/05/2017 50526
Ashley Elizabeth Wofford Leong, M.D.Expired02/04/2017 51214
Patrick Bryan Garvey, M.D.Expired02/04/2017 30531
Sandra K. Clapp, M.D.Expired02/04/2017 31961
Walter William Mc Earchern, M.D.Expired02/03/2017 7467
James Timothy Mc Carthy, M.D.Expired02/03/2017Rochester, MN17776
Cheryl E. Heidelberger, M.D.Expired02/03/2017 25142
Victor Leslie James Scott, M.D.Expired02/02/2017 32596
Darko Vucicevic, M.D.Expired02/02/2017 44225
Sandra Shaker Zaky, M.D.Expired02/02/2017 43269
Mark Edward Logan, M.D.Surrendered02/02/2017 22621
Kathryn Lisa Cook, M.D.Surrendered02/02/2017Paradise Valley, AZ23642
Mamta R Gupta, M.D.Expired01/31/2017 50358
Gary Ross Scherr, M.D.Expired01/30/2017 46041
Leslie Lynn Popplewell, M.D.Expired01/30/2017Duarte, CA30378
Geoffrey Alan Trivax, M.D.Expired01/30/2017 13524
Rony Dekermenjian, M.D.Expired01/30/2017 50132
Claire Damecour, M.D.Expired01/29/2017 26975
Marie Susan Gessel, M.D.Expired01/29/2017 49889
Eric Ursic, M.D.Expired01/28/2017 45751
Nuri Ozden, M.D.Expired01/27/2017 45729
Joseph Lawrence Hunt, M.D.Expired01/27/2017 50236
Yuliya Yuryevna Yurko, M.D.Expired01/26/2017 49825
Amy Michelle Salerno, M.D.Expired01/26/2017 46632
Benhoor Khalpari, M.D.Expired01/26/2017Irvine, CA34612
Brian King Zebrowski, M.D.Expired01/25/2017 35955
Denil Nanji Shekhat, M.D.Expired01/25/2017 48769
Adeel Ahmed Abbasi, M.D.Expired01/25/2017 48876
Sohail Reza Abdi-Moradi, M.D.Expired01/25/2017 44439
Barron Justin Reyes, M.D.Expired01/25/2017 48907
Fernando Prunes-Carrillo, M.D.Expired01/25/2017 9504
Dean Alvin Harvey, M.D.Expired01/24/2017 48456
Jeffrey Michael Zeckser, M.D.Expired01/24/2017 48511
Varsha Mohan Dandavate, M.D.Expired01/24/2017 36885
Walter Jackson Lovern, M.D.Expired01/24/2017 49861
Mark Frederick Johnson, M.D.Expired01/22/2017 23674
Radoslaw Jakub Czajkowski, M.D.Expired01/21/2017 46701
William Johnson Mangold, M.D.Deceased01/20/2017 12183
Gordon George Wingard, M.D.Deceased01/20/2017Prescott, AZ28441
Katrina Angela Mears, M.D.Expired01/20/2017 52090
Gorgun Akpek, M.D.Expired01/19/2017 46852
Kathleen Flores-Dahms, M.D.Expired01/19/2017San Diego, CA32591
Mark David Osterloh, M.D.Expired01/19/2017 22712
Jack Anthony Porrino, M.D.Expired01/18/2017 41533
Max James Kartchner, M.D.Deceased01/17/2017 3130
Glenville Anthony March, M.D.Expired01/16/2017Los Angeles, CA36649
Angela Adesuwa Asemota, M.D.Expired01/16/2017 49513
Lynn Sandra Baker, M.D.Expired01/15/2017 29058
Anna V. Nikachina, M.D.Expired01/15/2017 47233
Jaime Upegui-Gomez, M.D.Expired01/15/2017 41715
Joel L Grow, M.D.Expired01/13/2017 46841
Abdullah Haroon Lakhani, M.D.Expired01/13/2017 50153
Harvey Donald Zeligman, M.D.Deceased01/12/2017 8173
Lisa Marie Carbonell, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 50952
Galina Ivanovna Bannykh, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 37293
Ian Joseph Alexander, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 46066
Jonathan W Juco, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 45694
Milton Murray Schild, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 22747
Gail Norman Shultz, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 6192
Joseph David Gibeault, M.D.Expired01/10/2017 13121
Thomas Anthony Vetto, M.D.Expired01/10/2017 15826
Jon Neal Dalton, M.D.Expired01/08/2017Jacksonville, FL19255
Aurelio Abraham Duarte-Amaya, M.D.Expired01/08/2017 9762
John Harold Raife, M.D.Expired01/08/2017Phoenix, AZ9460
David James Domin, M.D.Expired01/08/2017 30234
Jarrod David Friedman, M.D.Expired01/08/2017 36781
Albert Clarke Darlington, M.D.Expired01/07/2017 30036
John David Mark, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 29365
Gregory Michael Sterne, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 36670
Sundeep Adusumalli, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 50336
Victoria Ann Nessel, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 37493
Cameron James Seibold, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 36310
Donna Madayag Hufana, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 43708
Stephen Louis Brenneke, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 29243
James Bernard Seward, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 34962
Allen Paul Erenberg, M.D.Deceased01/06/2017 23854
Elana Svoren, M.D.Expired01/06/2017 37147
Terry Kent Hargrove, M.D.Inactive01/06/2017 10875
Mark Melson Stevenson, M.D.Inactive01/06/2017 18735
Christiana Marie Lietzke, M.D.Surrendered01/06/2017 48554
Betsy S Card, M.D.Expired01/05/2017 42476
Vernon Raymond Morris, M.D.Expired01/04/2017 38037
Radoslaw Filip Bieniek, M.D.Expired01/02/2017 44518
Gowen Bisram Nirmul, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 30953
Siddharth Kishore Bhende, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 43428
Steven Victor Rouzer, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 43642
Joseph Michael Mack, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 37052
Caroline Cade Reynolds, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 47069
Paul John Evans, M.D.Expired12/31/2016 47921
James Clarence Dunn, M.D.Expired12/31/2016Tucson, AZ10159
Nancy Uebler Yokois, M.D.Expired12/31/2016 28444
Dai Thi Hoang, M.D.Expired12/28/2016 40859
Dezso Tamas Kohn, M.D.Expired12/28/2016Montreal, QC13597
Kim Lari Poteet-Schwartz, M.D.Expired12/27/2016 31320
Albert James Cook, M.D.Expired12/27/2016Kent, OH34089
Andrea Loiselle, M.D.Expired12/27/2016 36048
Trevor Charles McIver, M.D.Expired12/27/2016 49034
John Rutherford Thompson, M.D.Expired12/26/2016 11726
Irwin M. Freundlich, M.D.Expired12/26/2016Tucson, AZ6296
Raymond Louis Hilsinger, M.D.Expired12/24/2016 11850
Faiyaaz Ahmad Kalimullah, M.D.Expired12/24/2016 49582
Emelia Animah Annoh, M.D.Expired12/23/2016 36796
Nicolas Alfonso Villa Guillen, M.D.Expired12/23/2016 48995

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