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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 10/29/2014 - 01/27/2015 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Mark Jay Vanden Bosch, M.D.Expired01/27/2015 47255
Stephen Richard Phillipp, M.D.Expired01/27/2015 32377
Jay Yung Lee, M.D.Expired01/27/2015 20824
Michael Seung Oh, M.D.Expired01/27/2015 46301
Rita R Perrella, M.D.Expired01/25/2015 46292
Eric T Chou, M.D.Expired01/25/2015 46473
Lee Frank Rogers, M.D.Expired01/25/2015 32273
Norman Francis Fee, M.D.Expired01/25/2015Phoenix, AZ4812
Philip Paul Metzger, M.D.Expired01/25/2015Jacksonville, FL18522
Melinda Merlie Tonelli, M.D.Expired01/24/2015 47123
Jeffrey Loren Johnson, M.D.Expired01/24/2015 42556
David Abram Pennington, M.D.Expired01/24/2015 42731
Todd Huntley Baron, M.D.Expired01/24/2015 28280
Albert Tom Su, M.D.Expired01/24/2015 34636
Richard Edwards Lloyd, M.D.Expired01/24/2015Fullerton, CA35941
Kevin Bertrand Tyson, M.D.Expired01/24/2015Pasadena, CA36872
Puangtong Jutabha, M.D.Deceased01/23/2015Quartzsite, AZ11855
Ahmed Nabil Abdelhalim, M.D.Expired01/23/2015 46023
Marc Philip Wakefield, M.D.Expired01/23/2015 16860
Kristin Marie Yeoman, M.D.Expired01/23/2015 30061
Jeanne Marie Finney, M.D.Expired01/23/2015 40133
Arash Radfar, M.D.Expired01/22/2015 45108
Jed Scott Shapiro, M.D.Expired01/22/2015 46464
Thomas Brian White, M.D.Expired01/22/2015 27910
George Frederick Gwinn, M.D.Emergency Suspension01/21/2015 25811
Rajeev Kumar Seth, M.D.Expired01/21/2015 43355
Ricardo Caceda, M.D.Expired01/21/2015 44116
Sara Panahandeh, M.D.Expired01/21/2015 43092
Hos Cyrus Loftus, M.D.Expired01/21/2015 41785
Anil Patel, M.D.Expired01/20/2015 42858
John Nelson Simons, M.D.Expired01/20/2015East Gull Lake, MN4362
Duncan Withall Lill, M.D.Expired01/20/2015 30868
Elaine Mai-Te Hsu, M.D.Expired01/20/2015 31483
Hong Wu, M.D.Expired01/19/2015 46126
Allan J. Adler, M.D.Expired01/19/2015 37502
Lynda Ken, M.D.Expired01/19/2015 46167
Marlyn Gerardino Sy-Eltanal, M.D.Expired01/19/2015 11099
Charles Robert Stanhope, M.D.Expired01/19/2015Rochester, MN18085
Kenneth David Beckman, M.D.Expired01/19/2015Milwaukee, WI31368
Ernesto Matos-Gonzalez, M.D.Expired01/19/2015 32771
Sinan Harith Sarsam, M.D.Expired01/19/2015 45892
Sophia Abaricia Sterner, M.D.Expired01/18/2015 47034
Lawrence Henry Lesser, M.D.Expired01/18/2015 12675
Megan Lindsay Brenner, M.D.Expired01/18/2015 43725
Yaya Su, M.D.Expired01/18/2015 35915
David Alan Coburn, M.D.Expired01/18/2015 37137
Robert William Astarita, M.D.Expired01/17/2015 22153
Derek Daniel Schumm, M.D.Expired01/17/2015 41299
Dafney Lubin, M.D.Expired01/17/2015 46172
Hemella L. Sweatt, M.D.Expired01/17/2015Cincinnati, OH33880
Steven Joseph Yousko, M.D.Expired01/16/2015Cottonwood, AZ34105
Kathleen Elizabeth Evans, M.D.Expired01/16/2015 21165
William Todd Goldman, M.D.Expired01/16/2015 43883
Ronald Victor Stallings, M.D.Expired01/15/2015 46429
Robert Thomas Keller, M.D.Expired01/15/2015 46393
Mike Minh Nguyen, M.D.Expired01/15/2015 37053
Kapauner Ramona Lewis, M.D.Expired01/14/2015 43988
Johanna Mary Di Mento, M.D.Expired01/12/2015 34063
Barry Scott Toy, M.D.Expired01/12/2015Flagstaff, AZ14015
Craig Dee Astle, M.D.Expired01/12/2015Saint George, UT15238
Steven Robert Lindheim, M.D.Expired01/12/2015 46498
Brad Blachly Swelstad, M.D.Expired01/12/2015 45123
Victor Sanoe Harrison, M.D.Expired01/12/2015 46802
Kevin Paul Feig, M.D.Expired01/11/2015 27767
Samuel Harris Paplanus, M.D.Expired01/11/2015Tucson, AZ7153
Zahra Marjan Ghazi-Askar, M.D.Expired01/11/2015 35303
Ali Azadi, M.D.Expired01/11/2015 38152
Molly Ann Szerlip, M.D.Expired01/11/2015 41864
Thomas Aquinas Moore, M.D.Expired01/10/2015 48122
William Andrew Haug, M.D.Cancelled01/09/2015 34744
Steven Richard Rettke, M.D.Cancelled01/09/2015Rochester, MN17854
Richard Steven Rose, M.D.Cancelled01/09/2015 35068
Andrea Lynette Green, M.D.Expired01/09/2015 44115
Mary Catherine Bull, M.D.Expired01/09/2015 37528
Kathy Anne Scott Deasy, M.D.Inactive01/09/2015 26566
Heather Ann Shelton, M.D.Inactive01/09/2015 23913
Johannes Anton Nurman, M.D.Inactive01/09/2015 9174
Angelo James Demis, M.D.Inactive01/09/2015 21912
Lawrence Max Pertcheck, M.D.Inactive01/09/2015Denver, CO31342
Lucyna Boyle, M.D.Inactive01/09/2015 24015
John Bramley Oldershaw, M.D.Inactive01/09/2015Burr Ridge, IL36870
Thomas Frederick Purdon, M.D.Inactive01/09/2015 18066
Marilyn J. Heins, M.D.Expired01/08/2015 11698
Roy Yaari, M.D.Expired01/08/2015 35353
William Sherman Smith, M.D.Expired01/07/2015 15186
James Edgar Huprich, M.D.Expired01/07/2015 45109
Stephen Michael Scappa, M.D.Expired01/07/2015Beverly Hills, CA10802
Robert Walker Beatty, M.D.Deceased01/06/2015East Liverpool, OH15000
John Richard Vaverka, M.D.Deceased01/06/2015 9163
Charles Austin Bryant, M.D.Deceased01/06/2015 8389
David George Hardy, M.D.Expired01/06/2015 26328
Suresh Nagindas Chavda, M.D.Expired01/06/2015Dallas, TX31954
Jay Seth Frankel, M.D.Expired01/06/2015 11260
Rafiul Sameer Islam, M.D.Expired01/06/2015 44224
Humberto Rosado, M.D.Expired01/06/2015 19978
Karl Moise Valcourt, M.D.Expired01/06/2015 37872
Romulo Edward Silva, M.D.Expired01/06/2015Phoenix, AZ8687
Robert Anthony Raschke, M.D.Renewal Deficient01/06/2015Phoenix, AZ19336
Robert Stephen Bricker, M.D.Cancelled01/05/2015 9590
Basil Eugene Smith, M.D.Deceased01/05/2015 23234
Freddie Joe Combs, M.D.Expired01/05/2015 28182
Michael Kevin Ruhoy, M.D.Expired01/05/2015Boston, MA23956
Suresh Thomas Maximin, M.D.Expired01/05/2015 42941
Stephen Russell Ellison, M.D.Expired01/05/2015 48298
Nelson Te Lim, M.D.Inactive01/05/2015 37111
Gabriel Peter Noble Lombard, M.D.Withdrawn01/05/2015Tamuning17232
Gil Manuel Narvaez, M.D.Expired01/04/2015 33388
Jeremy Rudd Hopkin, M.D.Expired01/04/2015 38071
William James Howard, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 31381
Harinath Vanmala Kumar, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 42643
Todd Steven Traub, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 46617
Margaret Webb King, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 45098
Sylvia Naval Dy, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 13292
Kenny-bao Thai Tran, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 47002
Carole Suzanne Cutter, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 46990
Steven Shankman, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 33115
Elizabeth Iju Tai, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 36159
Loretta Lynn Christensen, M.D.Expired01/03/2015 47638
Sardev Singh Sidhu, M.D.Deceased01/02/2015 23778
Mahvesh Khalid Mahmud, M.D.Expired12/31/2014 47779
Diana Tahereh Atashroo, M.D.Expired12/31/2014 44101
John Howard Brookhart, M.D.Expired12/30/2014 8498
Nalini A. Patel, M.D.Expired12/30/2014Perry, GA34028
David Welty Hockman, M.D.Expired12/30/2014 17014
Charles Edmond Basye, M.D.Expired12/29/2014 13994
Joanie Marie Columbia, M.D.Expired12/29/2014 43591
Kostaki George Bis, M.D.Expired12/28/2014 42799
James David Nowakowski, M.D.Expired12/28/2014 43588
David Adam Silverberg, M.D.Expired12/27/2014 36878
Kashif Iqbal Qureshi, M.D.Expired12/27/2014 46695
Baroon Rai, M.D.Expired12/24/2014 44550
Brian Mitchell Parnes, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 48211
Michael Aaron Brodsky, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 46826
Bernard David Rosenfeld, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 18076
David Ethan Bank, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 29385
Stephen Douglas Slauson, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 33494
Ruth Mary Berner, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 37084
Torri St. Clair, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 38179
Rodolfo Avelino Lopez, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 40502
Melissa Gill, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 42121
Melissa Eve Bednar, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 42287
Michel Paley, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 48411
Terry Richard Maxon, M.D.Expired12/23/2014Phoenix, AZ4717
Kent Jay Rossman, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 7663
Betty Joyce Ashley, M.D.Expired12/23/2014Santa Barbara, CA8637
Harold William Schneider, M.D.Expired12/23/2014Anchorage, AK13135
Bruce Michael Ruekberg, M.D.Expired12/23/2014 15669
Kenneth William Imerman, M.D.Expired12/20/2014 45227
Jack Roland Hoffman, M.D.Expired12/20/2014 16043
Antoine Milad Adem, M.D.Suspended E12/20/2014 28703
Sean Byron Dow, M.D.Expired12/19/2014 20299
Roland Sui-Hun Tio, M.D.Expired12/19/2014 44327
Arthur John Escamillo, M.D.Expired12/19/2014Phoenix, AZ32387
Thomas Beverly Jones, M.D.Expired12/19/2014 33033
Gheorghe Paul Ignat, M.D.Expired12/18/2014 32767
Christine Nicole Poach, M.D.Expired12/18/2014 45179
Ann Marie Reed, M.D.Expired12/18/2014 47361
Barbara Ann Nitsch, M.D.Expired12/17/2014 34855
Catherine Dorine Poterack, M.D.Expired12/17/2014 26028
Ahmet Tayfun Gurbuz, M.D.Expired12/17/2014 27546
Sudeep Jebaraj Ross, M.D.Suspended E12/17/2014 43366
Mary Ellen Joan Luchetti, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 28963
Laurie Grace Wright, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 44701
Matthew Joseph Kuhar, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 46157
Christopher Shane Sonnier, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 47089
Myur Srinivasan Srikanth, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 44605
Roger Mills Gilbert, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 12893
Betty Jane Pfefferbaum, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014Oklahoma City, OK16683
Christos Karabinas, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 13294
Bahman Mehdizadeh, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014West Hills, CA24712
Anthony Francis Philipps, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 17927
Lawrence William Stinson, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 27667
Harinarayan Balasubramanian, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 48367
Lawrence Klein, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 8128
Steven Ira Urken, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014Decatur, GA26309
Gerald James Mc Gowan, M.D.Cancelled12/16/2014 4407
Katie Prior Green, M.D.Expired12/16/2014 43684
Zhe Cai, M.D.Expired12/13/2014 42854
Param Maewal, M.D.Expired12/13/2014 43897
Keith William VanCuran, M.D.Expired12/13/2014 46415
Jason Frank Campbell, M.D.Expired12/13/2014 48577
Donald Ross Halliday, M.D.Expired12/13/2014 17919
Robert Herman Heise, M.D.Expired12/13/2014Rochester, MN18776
Andrea Nell Cookson, M.D.Expired12/13/2014 47024
Whitney Lyn Kalin, M.D.Expired12/12/2014 45430
Gary Michael Dosik, M.D.Expired12/11/2014Encino, CA8345
Paul Christopher Hicks, M.D.Expired12/11/2014 24811
Danny Ali Dursun, M.D.Expired12/11/2014 47758
Omolola Bolaji Olajide, M.D.Cancelled12/10/2014 33613
Roseanna Lee Perry, M.D.Expired12/10/2014Bellevue, WA21761
Nicholas R Hatch, M.D.Expired12/10/2014 48336
Manoj Kumar, M.D.Expired12/09/2014 46267
Gordon James Young, M.D.Expired12/09/2014 9437
Alejandro Peralta Soler, M.D.Expired12/08/2014 37143
Abigail F. W. Donnelly, M.D.Expired12/08/2014 44437
Shadi Yaghi, M.D.Expired12/08/2014 47814
Theresa Mae Tilton, M.D.Expired12/07/2014 27233
Lynn Douglas Meldrum, M.D.Expired12/07/2014Mesa, AZ10111
Patrick James Barr, M.D.Expired12/07/2014 46198
Stuart Mark Cohen, M.D.Expired12/06/2014 19998
Marilyn Sue Hamer, M.D.Expired12/06/2014Troy, MI21925
Shelli Lynn Collingham, M.D.Expired12/05/2014 21594
Michael Anthony Engel, M.D.Expired12/05/2014Muskegon, MI34936
Neeraj Bhagwan Shah, M.D.Expired12/05/2014 43938
Azhar Iqbal, M.D.Expired12/04/2014 46749
Kelley Woodruff Marshall, M.D.Expired12/03/2014 44148
Luis Eduardo Fayad, M.D.Expired12/03/2014Houston, TX27581
Tris Leonard Rieland, M.D.Expired12/03/2014 45902
Waqas Ali, M.D.Surrendered12/03/2014 47449
Georg Hernandez, M.D.Surrendered12/03/2014 13413
Peter Tsai, M.D.Surrendered12/03/2014 45470
Aimee Lorine Butel, M.D.Suspended12/03/2014 35660
Darryl R Pauls, M.D.Expired12/02/2014 47250
James Laree Werth, M.D.Expired12/02/2014 7450
Jan Fronek, M.D.Expired12/02/2014 44520
Troy Lawrence Wiedenbeck, M.D.Expired12/02/2014 40848
John William Rees, M.D.Expired12/01/2014 33987
Tarek Noel Hanna, M.D.Expired12/01/2014 45807
David Romney, M.D.Expired12/01/2014 10610
Ibrahim Mahmoud El-Ali, M.D.Expired11/30/2014 35357
Ben Hern Kaon, M.D.Expired11/29/2014 31023
Samar Aisha Jasser, M.D.Expired11/28/2014 43919
Justin Xavier Mussomeli, M.D.Expired11/28/2014 34047
Perwaiz Kahn, M.D.Expired11/27/2014 34691
Jeffrey Elliott Packer, M.D.Expired11/27/2014 34700
Raul Yu Malonzo, M.D.Expired11/27/2014Beckley, WV14413
Jared Troy Armstrong, M.D.Expired11/26/2014 47374
Johnny Yong Yi Mei, M.D.Expired11/26/2014 43259
Tracy Lynn Oberg, M.D.Expired11/26/2014 43676
Mark Zimmerman, M.D.Cancelled11/25/2014 34007
Ronald Stephen Grant, M.D.Expired11/25/2014 16604
Rhema Elizabeth Sayers, M.D.Expired11/25/2014 11936
Jeffrey Craig McManus, M.D.Expired11/25/2014 35573
Mike Hyun Lee, M.D.Expired11/25/2014 46151
Harmon Gene Harrison, M.D.Expired11/25/2014 4539
Asheesh Mehrotra, M.D.Expired11/24/2014 46109
Abdul-Sami Fawad Siddiqui, M.D.Expired11/24/2014 34975
Joseph Arthur Gerber, M.D.Inactive11/24/2014Nogales, AZ21674
Uma Devi Sopori, M.D.Inactive11/24/2014 10014
David Barry Solomon, M.D.Inactive11/24/2014 11510
Eugene Falk, M.D.Inactive11/24/2014 7456
Thomas Becker Wiltbank, M.D.Inactive11/24/2014 19100
Jimmy P Parikh, M.D.Inactive11/24/2014 46774
Jeffrey Sam Isen, M.D.Inactive11/24/2014 44066
Valerie Perks Donaldson, M.D.Expired11/23/2014 31808
Kimberly Elizabeth Monday, M.D.Expired11/23/2014 42101
Zahia Youssef Esber, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 45670
Darryl Chuck Ngin Leong, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 35526
Michael Lee Dansinger, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 25855
Michelle Marie McDonald, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 18521
Robert Patrick Rivera, M.D.Expired11/22/2014 18575
Sallu Mohamed Jabati, M.D.Expired11/21/2014 36200
Medgar Marcial Moya, M.D.Expired11/21/2014 41671
Eric A Hansen, M.D.Expired11/20/2014 42955
Jinel Angela Moore Scott, M.D.Expired11/18/2014 41406
Varoujan Kostanian, M.D.Expired11/18/2014 42505
Dina Eleni Paul, M.D.Expired11/17/2014Pittsburgh, PA37737
Mark Edward Oppenlander, M.D.Expired11/17/2014 45540
John Compagno, M.D.Expired11/17/2014 43130
Pamela Karla Kulback, M.D.Expired11/16/2014 42544
Richard Anthony Giuffre, M.D.Expired11/16/2014Tucson, AZ13607
Edward Joseph O'Neill, M.D.Expired11/15/2014West Hills, CA5373
Megan Kathleen Guffey, M.D.Expired11/15/2014 46659
Michele Marie Switzer, M.D.Expired11/15/2014 42573
Theodore Izhak Weitz, M.D.Expired11/15/2014 43427
Mark Alan Doyne, M.D.Expired11/14/2014 37862
Gretchen Schlosser Covell, M.D.Expired11/14/2014 44472
Atih Amanda Seif, M.D.Expired11/14/2014 47153
Ali Javed, M.D.Expired11/12/2014 45459
Jay Kenneth Mattheis, M.D.Expired11/12/2014 18921
Raul Juan Rodriguez Sora, M.D.Suspended E11/11/2014 21047
Isaac Michael Minehart, M.D.Expired11/09/2014 21059
Ikechukwu U Emereuwaonu, M.D.Expired11/09/2014 45327
Desiree Carola Spehn-Roland, M.D.Expired11/08/2014 46194
Howard Ian Molitch, M.D.Expired11/08/2014 21531
Molly Manning Roberts, M.D.Expired11/07/2014 30042
Thomas James Pokora, M.D.Expired11/07/2014 33646
Gregory LeGrande Horsley, M.D.Expired11/07/2014 42199
Howard Bruce Somers, M.D.Expired11/07/2014 11456
James Theodore King, M.D.Deceased11/06/2014 42646
Mark Joseph Russo, M.D.Expired11/06/2014 43715
Susan Rea Griffee, M.D.Expired11/06/2014 48083
Andrea Jane Boon, M.D.Expired11/06/2014Rochester, MN33145
Clark Davis Weidaw, M.D.Expired11/05/2014 37628
Laura Marie Carlson, M.D.Expired11/04/2014 34565
Herman Daniel Sloane, M.D.Expired11/03/2014Oak Brook, IL31304
Mohammad Raffat Kh.k Jaber, M.D.Expired11/03/2014 47706
Javier L. Beltran, M.D.Expired11/02/2014Brooklyn, NY32679
Gregory Klisch, M.D.Expired11/02/2014 40407
Allison Peasley Gauthier, M.D.Expired11/02/2014 46579
Chit-Kui Jean, M.D.Expired11/02/2014Bellaire, OH3980
Robert John Noecker, M.D.Expired10/31/2014 21029
Megan Rae Moran, M.D.Expired10/31/2014 48521
Kay Lynne Wood, M.D.Suspended E10/31/2014 44888
Shilpa Begur Shivakumar, M.D.Expired10/30/2014 42426
Norton Andrew Winer, M.D.Expired10/30/2014Beachwood, OH9060
Melina Fernandez Brandt, M.D.Expired10/30/2014 47166
David William McDonald, M.D.Expired10/29/2014 44151
Darin Takeo Okuda, M.D.Expired10/29/2014 30179

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