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The following is a list of licenses that have become non-active within the last 90 days. Licenses may become non-active for a variety of reasons: failure to renew (expiration), surrender of license, suspension, revocation, or licensee-requested inactivation or cancellation.

This list only includes changes from active to non-active license status - if such a change to a license is subsequently reversed, that license will no longer be listed here. Please note the disclaimer below.

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License Status Changes: 10/25/2016 - 01/23/2017 (most recent first)
Licensee NameLicense StatusEffective as of:Licensee City, StateLicense No.
Mark Frederick Johnson, M.D.Expired01/22/2017 23674
Radoslaw Jakub Czajkowski, M.D.Expired01/21/2017 46701
Gordon George Wingard, M.D.Deceased01/20/2017Prescott, AZ28441
William Johnson Mangold, M.D.Deceased01/20/2017 12183
Katrina Angela Mears, M.D.Expired01/20/2017 52090
Kathleen Flores-Dahms, M.D.Expired01/19/2017San Diego, CA32591
Gorgun Akpek, M.D.Expired01/19/2017 46852
Mark David Osterloh, M.D.Expired01/19/2017 22712
Jack Anthony Porrino, M.D.Expired01/18/2017 41533
Max James Kartchner, M.D.Deceased01/17/2017 3130
Glenville Anthony March, M.D.Expired01/16/2017Los Angeles, CA36649
Angela Adesuwa Asemota, M.D.Expired01/16/2017 49513
Lynn Sandra Baker, M.D.Expired01/15/2017 29058
Anna V. Nikachina, M.D.Expired01/15/2017 47233
Jaime Upegui-Gomez, M.D.Expired01/15/2017 41715
Abdullah Haroon Lakhani, M.D.Expired01/13/2017 50153
Joel L Grow, M.D.Expired01/13/2017 46841
Harvey Donald Zeligman, M.D.Deceased01/12/2017 8173
Galina Ivanovna Bannykh, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 37293
Ian Joseph Alexander, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 46066
Jonathan W Juco, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 45694
Lisa Marie Carbonell, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 50952
Milton Murray Schild, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 22747
Gail Norman Shultz, M.D.Expired01/12/2017 6192
Joseph David Gibeault, M.D.Expired01/10/2017 13121
Thomas Anthony Vetto, M.D.Expired01/10/2017 15826
Jon Neal Dalton, M.D.Expired01/08/2017Jacksonville, FL19255
David James Domin, M.D.Expired01/08/2017 30234
Aurelio Abraham Duarte-Amaya, M.D.Expired01/08/2017 9762
John Harold Raife, M.D.Expired01/08/2017Phoenix, AZ9460
Jarrod David Friedman, M.D.Expired01/08/2017 36781
Albert Clarke Darlington, M.D.Expired01/07/2017 30036
John David Mark, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 29365
Gregory Michael Sterne, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 36670
Donna Madayag Hufana, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 43708
Sundeep Adusumalli, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 50336
James Bernard Seward, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 34962
Victoria Ann Nessel, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 37493
Stephen Louis Brenneke, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 29243
Cameron James Seibold, M.D.Cancelled01/06/2017 36310
Allen Paul Erenberg, M.D.Deceased01/06/2017 23854
Christiana Marie Lietzke, M.D.Expired01/06/2017 48554
Elana Svoren, M.D.Expired01/06/2017 37147
Terry Kent Hargrove, M.D.Inactive01/06/2017 10875
Mark Melson Stevenson, M.D.Inactive01/06/2017 18735
Betsy S Card, M.D.Expired01/05/2017 42476
Vernon Raymond Morris, M.D.Expired01/04/2017 38037
Radoslaw Filip Bieniek, M.D.Expired01/02/2017 44518
Gowen Bisram Nirmul, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 30953
Siddharth Kishore Bhende, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 43428
Steven Victor Rouzer, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 43642
Joseph Michael Mack, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 37052
Caroline Cade Reynolds, M.D.Expired01/01/2017 47069
Paul John Evans, M.D.Expired12/31/2016 47921
James Clarence Dunn, M.D.Expired12/31/2016Tucson, AZ10159
Nancy Uebler Yokois, M.D.Expired12/31/2016 28444
Dai Thi Hoang, M.D.Expired12/28/2016 40859
Dezso Tamas Kohn, M.D.Expired12/28/2016Montreal, QC13597
Kim Lari Poteet-Schwartz, M.D.Expired12/27/2016 31320
Albert James Cook, M.D.Expired12/27/2016Kent, OH34089
Andrea Loiselle, M.D.Expired12/27/2016 36048
Trevor Charles McIver, M.D.Expired12/27/2016 49034
John Rutherford Thompson, M.D.Expired12/26/2016 11726
Irwin M. Freundlich, M.D.Expired12/26/2016Tucson, AZ6296
Faiyaaz Ahmad Kalimullah, M.D.Expired12/24/2016 49582
Raymond Louis Hilsinger, M.D.Expired12/24/2016 11850
Emelia Animah Annoh, M.D.Expired12/23/2016 36796
Nicolas Alfonso Villa Guillen, M.D.Expired12/23/2016 48995
Fangxiang Chen, M.D.Expired12/21/2016 43769
Susannah Irene Taylor, M.D.Expired12/21/2016 49203
Craig Wallis Tolleson, M.D.Expired12/20/2016 36928
Emily Dianne Ashmore, M.D.Expired12/20/2016 34769
Mark Ole Reed, M.D.Expired12/20/2016 17546
Cheryl Ann Hollingsworth, M.D.Expired12/19/2016Invercargill17568
Samuel Allen Mc Conkey, M.D.Expired12/19/2016 27424
Timothy William Odell, M.D.Expired12/19/2016Park City, UT36960
Michail M. Orlov, M.D.Expired12/18/2016 34678
Agnieszka Kubica Thompson, M.D.Expired12/18/2016 50947
Marco Antonio Garcia, M.D.Expired12/17/2016 47842
Dieter Bloser, M.D.Expired12/17/2016 28787
Michael Frederick Schafer, M.D.Expired12/17/2016 33696
Duncan Mc Dougal Johnston, M.D.Expired12/17/2016 51164
Chan Hyung Park, M.D.Expired12/16/2016 28108
Dalton Remell Carpenter, M.D.Suspended E12/16/2016 32356
Pedro Luis Escobar, M.D.Expired12/15/2016Tucson, AZ15071
Eric Charles Trefelner, M.D.Expired12/15/2016 31083
Kevin Neil Johnson, M.D.Expired12/15/2016 44476
Jason Bryant Pond, M.D.Expired12/14/2016 50459
Ruth Yorkping Liu, M.D.Expired12/14/2016Dixon, CA15775
Kristina P Tansavatdi, M.D.Expired12/14/2016 49727
Emily Rose Ann Squyer, M.D.Expired12/14/2016 49236
Robert David Segal, M.D.Deceased12/13/2016 22132
Ahmad Bali, M.D.Expired12/13/2016 30820
Walter Stephen Hoffhines, M.D.Expired12/13/2016Ontario, OR12745
Kiran Kumar Allam, M.D.Deceased12/12/2016 49809
Lawson Charles Richter, M.D.Expired12/12/2016 26154
Alan Bruce Litwak, M.D.Expired12/11/2016 28822
Hector Lawrence Garcia, M.D.Expired12/10/2016Tucson, AZ4079
James Scott Deasy, M.D.Expired12/09/2016 26565
David Joshua Sloss, M.D.Expired12/09/2016 44486
Frank Pallares, M.D.Surrendered12/09/2016 41363
Gavin Ira Awerbuch, M.D.Surrendered12/09/2016 43610
Laura K Sherman, M.D.Surrendered12/09/2016 34716
Charles Wood Howard, M.D.Deceased12/08/2016 4935
Brion J. Gross, M.D.Expired12/08/2016 31416
Robert Keller Parkinson, M.D.Expired12/08/2016 37965
Ashley Wentworth Kernan, M.D.Expired12/06/2016 47977
Thomas Stewart Headlee, M.D.Expired12/06/2016 26532
Tracy Irene George, M.D.Expired12/06/2016 47923
Francis James Barnett, M.D.Expired12/05/2016Mesa, AZ7833
Graciano Asuncion Patague, M.D.Expired12/05/2016Burbank, CA12570
Ranil Shanaka Pathirage Gajanayaka, M.D.Expired12/05/2016 51461
Dana Marie Porter, M.D.Expired12/05/2016 31358
Christopher Nicholas Simopoulos, M.D.Expired12/04/2016 44363
Voislav Filip Ognyanov, M.D.Expired12/04/2016 10581
Jeffrey Patrick Guay, M.D.Expired12/04/2016Denver, CO32008
Jeremy Coleman Strom, M.D.Expired12/03/2016 51265
Jaime Alkon, M.D.Expired12/03/2016 45054
John Wesley Heaton, M.D.Expired12/03/2016 5946
Petra Jasmin Ketterl, M.D.Expired12/02/2016 42755
Brian Kaoru Nagai, M.D.Expired12/01/2016 44241
Kyle Jeffrey Hazelwood, M.D.Expired12/01/2016 46201
Gregory Robert Beyer, M.D.Expired12/01/2016 47454
Jack Armin Marks, M.D.Expired12/01/2016 3245
Natalya Azadeh, M.D.Expired12/01/2016 49514
Betre Menigistu Workie, M.D.Expired11/30/2016 48890
Marlin Lee Dimond, M.D.Cancelled11/29/2016Glendale, AZ14226
Jon Allison Reed, M.D.Cancelled11/29/2016 44417
James Christopher Wilkinson, M.D.Expired11/29/2016 50577
Marvin Wray Silvey, M.D.Cancelled11/28/2016 8258
Lucas Edward Redd, M.D.Cancelled11/28/2016 48814
Anthony Nguyen Khuu, M.D.Expired11/28/2016 50777
Melissa Laura Ray, M.D.Inactive11/28/2016 29234
William Sam Cornish, M.D.Expired11/27/2016 27277
Jose Meliton Lopez Medrano, M.D.Expired11/26/2016 29274
Subbarayudu Koppera, M.D.Expired11/25/2016 50223
Samuel Polen Freedman, M.D.Expired11/25/2016Portland, OR31538
Evbu Omoyemwen Enakpene, M.D.Expired11/24/2016 50134
David Richard Samson, M.D.Expired11/23/2016Anchorage, AK34646
Alfred Carl Rice, M.D.Expired11/23/2016 15703
Scott Douglas Palmer, M.D.Expired11/22/2016 10582
James Frank Buttke, M.D.Expired11/22/2016 13713
Daniel Shifteh, M.D.Expired11/22/2016 40289
Harjot Kaur Bassi, M.D.Expired11/22/2016 46523
Daniel Albert Schual-Berke, M.D.Expired11/21/2016 37594
Carl Anthony Violano, M.D.Expired11/21/2016 50598
Simona Nichita, M.D.Expired11/20/2016 41214
Mark Antony Kraus, M.D.Expired11/19/2016 50156
Steven Lytle Crawshaw, M.D.Expired11/19/2016 48706
Susan Elizabeth Klinefelter, M.D.Expired11/18/2016Scottsdale, AZ23467
Alan Joel Dessen, M.D.Deceased11/17/2016 10426
Thomas Cassedy Davis, M.D.Deceased11/17/2016 8115
Steven Walter Thorpe, M.D.Expired11/17/2016 46638
Ramesh Chandra Tandon, M.D.Expired11/17/2016 35696
James Franklin Gruden, M.D.Expired11/17/2016 33278
Paul Henry Mc Clain, M.D.Expired11/17/2016Chantilly, VA15591
Richard Dennis Anderson, M.D.Expired11/16/2016 15344
Jay Narendra Sampat, M.D.Expired11/16/2016Suwanee, GA13269
Ronald Lee Bousman, M.D.Expired11/16/2016 30903
Stephen J Neu, M.D.Expired11/15/2016 46340
Alaaedin Alhomosh, M.D.Expired11/14/2016 49854
Molly Ann Feely, M.D.Expired11/14/2016 41703
Patrick Reed Finkbone, M.D.Expired11/13/2016 51264
Hemant Chatrath, M.D.Expired11/13/2016 47800
Benjamin D. Vanlandingham, M.D.Expired11/13/2016 28438
Edward David Wright, M.D.Expired11/12/2016 29569
Clarence James Hindman, M.D.Expired11/11/2016 7646
Anthony Binh Nguyen, M.D.Expired11/11/2016 49559
Larisa Ravitskiy, M.D.Expired11/11/2016 41743
John Joseph Mentel, M.D.Expired11/11/2016 43357
Subramania Krishnaswami, M.D.Expired11/10/2016 40821
John Franklin Hoy, M.D.Expired11/10/2016 36556
Brian Wyche Hurley, M.D.Expired11/10/2016 20755
Wallace Edward Radtke, M.D.Expired11/10/2016 22352
Laurance Silverman, M.D.Surrendered11/10/2016 20780
Jeffrey Allen Mossler, M.D.Expired11/09/2016Indianapolis, IN36078
Heather N Boakye-Wenzel, M.D.Expired11/09/2016 50505
Sima Banerjee, M.D.Expired11/08/2016 49939
Thomas Lee Earwood, M.D.Expired11/08/2016 43548
Jessica Noelting, M.D.Expired11/08/2016 47386
Michael Gerard Corneille, M.D.Expired11/07/2016 46604
Stuart Dale Flynn, M.D.Expired11/07/2016 40082
Jacqueline Carter, M.D.Expired11/07/2016 45317
Shireesha Reddy Carse, M.D.Expired11/07/2016 49262
Simon Behnam Isaac, M.D.Suspended E11/07/2016 46865
Teresa Ann Goldin, M.D.Expired11/06/2016 48041
Ivana Dzeletovic, M.D.Expired11/06/2016 40607
Ahmed Farag, M.D.Expired11/06/2016 33468
Bruce Arnon Mallin, M.D.Expired11/06/2016 5226
Stephen Patrick Adley, M.D.Expired11/06/2016Omaha, NE23938
Golnar Parvizi, M.D.Expired11/05/2016 49805
Michael Tofani, M.D.Expired11/05/2016 48285
Mason A Bragg, M.D.Expired11/04/2016 48896
David Mark Edward Llewellyn, M.D.Expired11/04/2016 47274
Paul Edgar Palmer, M.D.Expired11/04/2016Phoenix, AZ3686
Dalal Ahmed Ali Hamad Alromaihi, M.D.Expired11/04/2016 45353
Arthur Samuel Brown, M.D.Expired11/04/2016Moorestown, NJ30947
Ravichandra Reddy Boyella, M.D.Expired11/04/2016 42122
Herbert Saul Rigberg, M.D.Expired11/03/2016Phoenix, AZ9383
Kendall Louis Capecci, M.D.Cancelled11/02/2016 47173
John William Schleifer, M.D.Cancelled11/02/2016 45745
Thomas Theodore Kason, M.D.Cancelled11/02/2016 48526
Francisco Ng Chan, M.D.Cancelled11/02/2016 32294
Kenneth Lynn Raessler, M.D.Cancelled11/02/2016 8254
Nuria Perez-Reyes, M.D.Cancelled11/02/2016 46159
Kenneth Charles Scholz, M.D.Cancelled11/02/2016 18603
Thuy-Anh Thi Le, M.D.Expired11/02/2016 46135
Helen Ann Markowski, M.D.Expired11/02/2016 49589
Alyssa Michelle Feiner, M.D.Expired11/02/2016 44132
Joyce Denise Schroeder, M.D.Expired11/02/2016 50048
Joseph John Williams, M.D.Expired11/02/2016Saint Louis, MO9093
Jean Marie Bove Goerss, M.D.Expired11/02/2016 27411
Francisco De Leon, M.D.Inactive11/02/2016 13212
Virginia Anne Li Volsi, M.D.Expired11/01/2016Philadelphia, PA7857
Jack Darryl Kyman, M.D.Expired11/01/2016 8619
Matthew John Frankovsky, M.D.Expired11/01/2016 47051
Kyoo Hwan Rhee, M.D.Expired11/01/2016 19711
Lisa Michelle Johnson, M.D.Expired10/31/2016 44806
Christopher Lawrence Kramer, M.D.Expired10/31/2016 43320
Luis Alfonso Padilla Paz, M.D.Expired10/30/2016 33673
Sandra Kay Garrard, M.D.Expired10/29/2016 35607
Jennifer Jill Amen, M.D.Expired10/29/2016 36672
Jaemi Rhea Victoria Keith, M.D.Expired10/29/2016 43285
James Bradley Macdonald, M.D.Expired10/29/2016 43502
Andrew Michael Courson, M.D.Expired10/29/2016 44467
Paul Edmund Reinholtz, M.D.Expired10/29/2016 10087
Rodney Douglas Altman, M.D.Cancelled10/27/2016 48240
William Shriver Dabbs, M.D.Expired10/27/2016 47067
Lee Duncan Cranmer, M.D.Expired10/27/2016 29291
Roberto Daniel Calderon, M.D.Expired10/27/2016 34221
Matthew Elliot Apel, M.D.Expired10/27/2016 50335
Heather Rae Merrill, M.D.Expired10/26/2016 49721

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