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Arizona Medical Board
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Arizona Medical Board
The Board's mission is to protect public health and safety.

About the Arizona Medical Board

The Arizona Medical Board is committed to serving the public through the honest, fair, and judicious licensing and regulation of allopathic physicians (MDs). This commitment spans over a century of changing healthcare delivery systems and methodologies. During this time, the Board has witnessed the altering roles of healthcare providers and the implementation of futuristic health services. Throughout these changing times, the Board has been a proactive leader in the regulation of medical professionals by implementing laws on the forefront of new medical practices. Additionally, the Board made public information a priority by creating one of the top physician profiling systems in the country, enabling the public to make informed healthcare decisions. As it has in the past, the Arizona Medical Board will continue to gain public respect and trust by focusing on the issues that will shape positive healthcare environments. It is committed to streamlining the laws that regulate the medical profession by clarifying existing regulations and creating new laws to address the future needs of the community